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Wyvern Warriors

Organizations and leadership within the 31st Fighter Wing have a variety of programs through which they highlight base personnel for their outstanding contributions to the mission. This page features four of those programs including Wyvern Warrior of the Week (provided through the wing commander), Aviano's Finest (provided through base leadership), the Chiefs' Choice Awards (provided through the Aviano Chiefs' Group), and the Diamond Sharp Awards (provided through the Aviano First Sergeants' Council).
tabAviano Diamond Sharp Award 
Aviano Diamond Sharp Award
The Diamond Sharp Award is designed to recognize Aviano's best individuals and organizations. There is no preparation required to earn the award, one must only be noticed by their first sergeants as being among the best and brightest performers. This award also recognizes the "un-sung" hero -- Airmen or organizations that go above and beyond the call of duty and epitomize service before self by working until the job is done. These Airmen or organizations strive for excellence both on and off duty.

Organization Recipients
2014 Recipients:

2nd Quarter
Chaplain's Office

1st Quarter
Aviano Air Base Community Center

Individual Recipients
2014 Recipients:

Airman 1st Class Brandee Robinson

Airman 1st Class Deana Heitzman

Staff Sgt. Elizabeth DeHaven, 31st Force Support Squadron

Staff Sgt. Christina Anders, 724th Air Mobility Squadron

Tech. Sgt. Natalie Thompson, 31st Operational Support Squadron

Airman 1st Class Victoria Loneman, 31st Dental Squadron
Tech. Sgt. Sarah Cawrse, 31st Maintenance Group

Senior Airman Roger Delacey, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Airman 1st Class Maxwell Levey, 31st Maintenance Squadron

2013 Recipients:
Senior Airman Marquel Green, 31st Communications Squadron
Airman 1st Class Joseph Schmidt, 31st Civil Engineer Squadron

Airman 1st Class Troy Brown, 31st Medical Group

Senior Airman Cameron Kidd, 731st Munitions Squadron
Airman 1st Class Justin Nalley, 724th Air Mobility Squadron

Airman 1st Class Deidra Hawkins, 31st Security Forces Squadron

Airman 1st Class Zachary Szalay, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Senior Airman Alan Pulido, 31st Maintenance Squadron

Staff Sgt. Meagan Olah, 31st Operations Support Squadron

Airman 1st Class David Langlois, 31st Civil Engineer Squadron

Staff Sgt. Michael Galindo, 31st Security Forces Squadron
tabWyvern Warrior of the Week 
Tech. Sgt. Tawjia Simpson
Tech. Sgt. Samuel Cruz
Staff Sgt. Staff Sgt. Luis Lopez
Staff Sgt. Luke Luallin
Staff Sgt. Shamira Bowden
Staff Sgt. Sabrina Budney
Tech. Sgt. Christopher Stewart
Airman 1st Class Alan Barraza
Senior Airman Caroline Leonard
Staff Sgt. Justin Pribble
Airman 1st Class Joseph Lyon
Staff Sgt. Steven Slosser
Tech. Sgt. Jessica Blace
Staff Sgt. Megan Burnett
Senior Airman Bryan White
Tech. Sgt. Michelle Mattison
Staff Sgt. Christopher Ewing
Airman 1st Class Jedadiah Floyd
Tech. Sgt. May Scimone
Staff Sgt. Crispin N. Gonzales Jr.
Airman 1st Class Danielle Belanger
Staff Sgt. Tarah Roth
Tech. Sgt. Justin Herbert
Staff Sgt. Mark Olsen 
Staff Sgt. LeCricia Usher 
Josiah Fallot
Staff Sgt. Kasim Playfair
Tech. Sgt. Billy Graham
Senior Airman Mychael Perry
Staff Sgt. William Dowling
Senior Airman Rachelle Turner
Staff Sgt. Rachael Hooker
Airman 1st Class Andrew Harris
Staff Sgt. Andrew Berroth
Tech. Sgt. Matthugh Crosby
Tech. Sgt. Darcy Crismon
Staff Sgt Steven Acevedo
Staff Sgt. Jose Lujan
Staff Sgt. Lindsey Rath
Angela Fowler
Tech. Sgt. John Perez
Staff Sgt. Brian DiPasquale
Maj. Mari Metzler
Senior Airman David Gould
Senior Airman Jeff Oberschlake
Tech. Sgt. Derek Pace
Staff Sgt. Cathrina Alarcon
Staff Sgt. Michael Winship
Staff Sgt. Alberto De Hoyes
Tech. Sgt. Ann Gwaltney
2nd Lt. Ross Lovett
Airman 1st Class Jesse Johns
Tech. Sgt. Korey Pickett
Staff Sgt. Tamekqua Smith
1st Lt. Kyle Moses
Staff Sgt. Gretchen Songer
Airman 1st Class Shayla Hasbrouck
Staff Sgt. Maxwell Evans
Airman 1st Class Bradley Byrne

Capt. Janis Lewis  
Staff Sgt. Mark Lavigne
Airman Justin Moechnig
Staff Sgt. Evelyn Chavez
Staff Sgt. Joseph Peruche
Airman 1st Class Ashley Torres
Staff Sgt. Tyler Brown
Staff Sgt. Amanda Gilbert
Tech. Sgt. Rita Hooks
Staff Sgt. Cass Williams
Airman 1st Class Jacob Ernst
Staff Sgt. Patrick Corbeil
Staff Sgt. Mia Rice
Airman 1st Class Zachary Justice
Senior Airman Nathan Rogers
Tech. Sgt. Brian Bland
Senior Airman Adam Pires
Senior Airman Joseph Maiella
tabAviano Chiefs' Choice Award 
Aviano Chiefs' Choice Award Program
The Aviano Chiefs' Group recognizes outstanding enlisted members of the 31st Fighter Wing and associate units on a monthly basis. The purpose of the program is to publicly recognize those individuals in the grade of technical sergeant and below who clearly exceed Air Force standards in the areas of dress and appearance, bearing, and exceptional behavior in performance of their duty activities and in relationships with others.

2016 Recipients:
March: Staff Sgt. Monteceo Perry, 31st Force Support Squadron

2015 Recipients:
January: Senior Airman Nicole McClelland, 31st Maintenance Squadron
February: Staff Sgt. Mishon Montgomery, 31st Force Support Squadron

2014 Recipients:
January: Staff Sgt. Geoffrey Noplis, 31st Munitions Squadron
February: Staff Sgt. Errol Gibbs, 31st Logistics Readiness Squadron
March: Airman 1st Class Kyle Gill, 31st Aerospace Medicine Squadron
April: Airman 1st Class Monique Penn, 31st Maintenance Group
June: Tech. Sgt. Lizandra Taylor, 31st Force Support Squadron
July: Airman 1st Class Sylvia Zamora, 31st Surgical Squadron
August: Airman 1st Class Darien Hackett, 31st Operations Support Squadron
September: Tech. Sgt. Nicholas Meier, 31st Maintenance Squadron
October: Staff Sgt. Luis Delgadillo-Arroyo, 31st Civil Engineer Squadron
November: Airman 1st Class Jesse Johns, Aerospace Medical Squadron
December: Senior Airman Matthew Lotz, 31st Fighter Wing

2013 Recipients:
December: Tech. Sgt. Kristi Croft, 31st Comptroller Squadron
November: No recipient
October: Staff Sgt. Preston Castillo, 31st Civil Engineer Squadron
September: Airman 1st Class Corey Schreffler, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
August: Staff Sgt. Crystal Campbell, 31st Medical Operations Squadron
July: Tech. Sgt. Leonard Collins, 31st Civil Engineering Squadron
June: Staff Sgt. Brandon Arrington, 31st Force Support Squadron
April: Staff Sgt. Eldridge Jones, 31st Logistic Readiness Squadron
February: Staff Sgt. Marreese Blunt, 31st Security Forces Squadron

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