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The Aviano FOIA Office services the 31st Fighter Wing. Customers who have questions concerning the processing of their requests with the Aviano FOIA Office should call DSN: 632-5804/Comm: 0039 0434 30 5804/U.S.: 011-39 -0434 305804 or via e-mail at aviano.foia@aviano.af.mil. If you are not satisfied with the response, you may contact the FOIA Public Liaison at DSN: 478-2545/Comm: 06371-47-2545/U.S.:011-49-6371-47-2545 or via e-mail at usafe.foia@ramstein.af.mil.

tabWho can submit a FOIA request? 
Any person, (U.S. or foreign) organization or business that either explicitly or implicitly invokes the FOIA may request records in writing.

Air Force-affiliated requesters, to include military and civilian employees, should not use government equipment, supplies, stationery, postage, telephones or official mail channels to make FOIA requests.

Federal agencies and fugitives from the law cannot request documents under the FOIA.
tabSubmit a Request 
To submit (or track) a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, click here.

Please ensure the following are included to make it a valid FOIA request:

  • Identify the record(s) sought
  • Provide a thorough description of the desired records to enable the government to locate the record with a reasonable amount of effort
  • Description of records sought should include specific details such as dates and locations; this information will assist in expeditiously locating the records sought
  • Indicate a willingness to pay fees associated with the processing of the request, or justify a waiver of fees
  • Provide a postal mailing address, even if the request is faxed or electronically sent, and submit the FOIA request to the Air Force office responsible for the records sought.
  • Provide your fee category (See Processing Fees tab on this page)
tabRequestor Appeal Rights 
  • Requestors have the right to appeal all denial decisions
  • Appeals must be submitted within 60 days of the Initial Denial Letter
  • Appeals must be sent to the Secretary of the Air Force through the office that initially denied the information
  • tabRelease of E-mail Addresses 
    Air Force policy is to deny requests for lists of e-mail addresses (both personal and organizational) using FOIA exemption (b)(2)(high). We also rely on FOIA exemption (b)(6) when denying lists of personal e-mail addresses. High (b)(2) protects internal information, the disclosure of which would risk circumvention of a statute or agency regulation. Because DoD e-mail systems are to be used only for official and authorized purposes, the addresses are considered primarily internal. The regulations at issue that could be circumvented include DoD and AF regulations that require us to limit use of e-mail to authorized purposes, and to protect the security of your computer and information systems. Exemption (b)(6) protects information that if released would permit a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy. This does not prohibit an organization from including a single e-mail address on a Web page of in correspondence.
    tabAviano FOIA Reading Room 
    In accordance with DoD 5400.7/AF SUP 1, Section C2.1.2, The FOIA requires that records described in 5 U.S.C. 552(a)(2)(A), (B), (C), and (D) (reference (a)) shall be made available electronically, as well as in hard copy in the FOIA Reading Room for inspecting and copying unless such records are published and copies are offered for sale. 

    Personal privacy information, that if disclosed to a third party requester, would result in an invasion of the first party's personal privacy, and contractor submitted information, that if disclosed to a competing contractor, would result in competitive harm to the submitting contractor shall be deleted from all 5 U.S.C. 552(a)(2)(reference(a)) records made available to the general public.

    There are currently no records available for placement in the Aviano FOIA Reading Room.
    tabProcessing Time Limits 
  • Normally a statutory 20-working-day time limit applies, upon receipt of a valid or corrected FOIA request.
  • DoD components with a significant number of pending requests that prevent a response determination from being made within 20 working days, may institute a multi-track processing system, based on the date of receipt and the amount of work and time involved in processing the request (i.e. a first-in, first-out concept).
  • tabProcessing Fees 
  • Hourly search and review: Clerical: $20.00, Professional: $44.00
  • Duplication fees are 15ยข per page (no charge if total processing cost is $15.00 or less)

  • Commercial requesters who seek information for a use or purpose that furthers their commercial, trade or profit interest are considered commercial requesters. (Pay search, review and duplication.)
  • Educational or non-commercial scientific institutions or news media, institutions of education, including preschools, elementary or secondary schools, and institutions of higher learning. The records must be sought in furtherance of scholarly research. (Pay duplication charges only, unless it is determined that fees are waived or reduced in the public interest. First 100 pages are free.)
  • Non-commercial scientific institutions operated solely for conducting scientific research. The records must be sought in furtherance of scientific research. (Pay duplication charges only, unless it is determined that fees are waived or reduced in the public interest. First 100 pages are free).
  • News media or a representative of the news media -- a person actively gathering news for an entity organized and operated to publish or broadcast news to the public. (Pay duplication charges only, unless it is determined that fees are waived or reduced in the public interest. First 100 pages are free.)
  • Other requesters who do not qualify in another category, normally making requests for agency records for their personal use. (First two hours of search, review and first 100 pages are free. Requesters in this category may also be eligible for a waiver or reduction of fees if disclosure of information is in the public interest.)
  • tabPurpose of the FOIA Program 
    The public has a right to information concerning the activities of its Government. DoD policy is to conduct its activities in an open manner and provide the public with a maximum amount of accurate and timely information concerning its activities, consistent always with the legitimate public and private interests of the American people. 

    A record requested by a member of the public who follows rules established by proper authority in the DoD shall not be withheld in whole or in part unless the record is exempt from mandatory partial or total disclosure under the FOIA. As a matter of policy, DoD Components shall make discretionary disclosures of exempt records or information whenever disclosure would not foreseeable harm an interest protected by a FOIA exemption, but this policy does not create any right enforceable in court. 

    In order that the public may have timely information concerning DoD activities, records requested through public information channels by news media representatives should be encouraged to eliminate the need for these requesters to invoke the provisions of the FOIA and thereby assist in providing timely information to the public. 

    Similarly, requests from other member of the public for information that would not be withheld under the FOIA should continue to be honored through appropriate means without requiring the requester to invoke the FOIA.

    DoD Policy

    It is DoD policy to make records publicly available, unless the record qualifies under one or more of the nine exemptions and/or under one of the three exclusions.

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    tabFOIA Contact
    Mailing Address:
    31 CS/SCOK (FOIA) 
    Unit 6115 Box 165
    APO AE 09604

    Comm from CONUS:

    Comm from Within Europe:

    Comm from Within Italy:

    FAX:  632-5774

    FAX Comm from CONUS:

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    Aviano FOIA E-mail: aviano.foia@aviano.af.mil
    USAFE FOIA E-mail: usafe.foia@ramstein.af.mil
    Other USAFE FOIA Offices
    U.S. Air Force FOIA
    tabFOIA Requester Service Center
    To submit or track a Freedom of Information Act  request, visit the Contact Us page and select "FOIA request."
    NOTE: This office handles requests for the 31 Fighter Wing only 

    Please ensure the following are included in your FOIA Request:

    - Name
    - Mailing Address
    - Brief description of records being sought
    - Willingness to pay processing fees
    - Must mention FOIA in the request 

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