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Construction will bring new neighbors to Area F

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Kevin Sommer Giron
  • 31st Fighter Wing Public Affairs

New neighbors are scheduled to move into Area F by the end of next year.

Military working dog kennels will be built next to the veterinary clinic on Aviano Air Base, Italy.

The facility will be home to the 31st Security Forces Squadron military working dog unit as part of their move from Area E to Area F. The move will give MWDs easier and more immediate access to medical assistance when needed.

Veterinary staff see MWDs several times a year for shots, checkups and dental appointments.

“Our [current] facility is more than 60 years old and rumored to have been a horse stable before becoming the home of Aviano’s MWDs,” said Staff Sgt. Matthew McCarty, 31st SFS military working dog trainer. “Although building 620 has acted as sufficient home for a number of years, it’s time for an upgrade. The new kennels will meet the USAF MWD Kennel Facility Standard.”

A new obedience yard will accompany the kennels. Wyverns can expect to see frequent dog training there to include basic obedience tasks, maneuvering obstacle courses and patrol (bite) work.

The new kennels will also have sound proofing to dampen barking.

“Contractors have given a one-year timeline from the day they break ground on the facility,” said McCarty. “The estimated completion date is fall 2020.”