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  • 510th FS F-16s showcase air superiority

    A U.S. Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcon assigned to the 510th Fighter Squadron performs a training sortie at Aviano Air Base, Italy, Aug. 8, 2022. The 510th FS performs air and space control and force application roles, such as counter-air, strategic attack and counter-land, interdiction and close-air

  • Dirt Boyz: it’s a tough job, but they dig it

    Within the 31st Civil Engineer Squadron are specialized sections that take on their own unique nicknames to describe their duties, such as the pavements and heavy equipment section, better known as the “Dirt Boyz.” The Dirt Boyz are responsible for any CE project that involves construction and

  • Vicini Americani Program unites Aviano AB Wyverns with local community

    Vicini Americani (VA), directly translating to "American neighbors", partnered with various organizations and agencies from around the 31st Fighter Wing to bring the installation and local Italian communities together in all new ways.Established in 2019, VA is a purely volunteer-based organization

  • MXG reorganizes, stands up 3 new squadrons

    The 31st Maintenance Group commemorated the deactivation of the 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron (AMXS) and the activation of three new squadrons during the 31st MXG reorganization ceremony held at Aviano Air Base, Italy, May 26.As of this ceremony, the 31st AMXS is officially reorganized into the

  • 31st CES, CEMIRT, supply power to 31 FW

    In order for the U.S. Air Force to provide the airpower needed to fly, fight, and win around the globe, electrical power is needed to keep each base and their operations running no matter the hour.

  • 31st MXS AGE team saves time, money, fuel

    Whenever mechanical equipment from Aviano Air Base needs to be deployed abroad to support the mission, it goes through a multiple day process to drain the fuel for safe transportation.Aviano AB Airmen have many processes to support U.S. and allied nation missions throughout the region. Whenever