• Exceptional Leader Spotlight: Master Sgt. Richard Duken

    Some of us don’t go where the path leads, but instead blaze our own trail. When U.S. Airmen choose to be the difference, they are making themselves, the Wing, and the Air Force better.
  • Aviano releases the 2018 drinking water report

    The 31st Aerospace Medicine Squadron Bioenvironmental Engineering flight recently released the 2018 Drinking Water Consumer Confidence Report.
  • Aviano AB Develops Exceptional Leaders

    U.S. Air Force leaders are often individuals who demonstrate what’s possible. They’re the individuals that deliberately invest in and develop highly skilled and professional Airmen.
  • “The Line is Ready” – CATM Revives Firing Range

    “You guys better be excited right now because we are going to fire today,” said Staff Sgt. Brandee Hahn, combat arms instructor from the 31st Security Forces Squadron, to her class before she explained that the firing range was running again.
  • CGO Spotlight: Captain Jheremy Perkins

    As an assistant staff judge advocate, U.S. Air Force Capt. Jheremy Perkins, 31st Fighter Wing Legal Office, assists with bilateral agreements, contracts, ethics, fiscal law, disciplinary hearings and a variety of other legal issues that our Airmen and families deal with while stationed at Aviano Air Base.
  • Working together accomplishes the mission

    Members from the 111th Attack Wing at Horsham Air Guard Station, Pennsylvania had the opportunity to work alongside members from the 31st Fighter Wing at Aviano Air Base, Italy, at the beginning of May.
  • Full Spectrum Readiness exercise keeps 31st Fighter Wing lethal, rapidly ready

    In an ever-evolving security environment, it’s crucial for the 31st Fighter Wing to remain prepared for anything. As U. S. Air Forces in Europe’s only fighter base south of the Alps, and boasting the Air Force’s most diverse operational mission set, the 31st FW represents an important strategic advantage against potential adversaries.
  • Construction will bring new neighbors to Area F

    Military working dog kennels will be built next to the veterinary clinic on Aviano Air Base, Italy.
  • 123rd Air Control Squadron augments Astral Knight 19 with personnel, experience

    The 606th Air Control Squadron’s radar site for Astral Knight 19, a joint, multinational exercise designed to test integrated air and missile defense in Europe, sits nestled up against the runway of a small airport just outside Pula, Croatia. For the members of the 123rd ACS an Air National Guard unit based at Blue Ash Air Station in Cincinnati, the journey to augment the 606th ACS during the exercise was nearly 5,000 miles. But despite the distance, not much has changed for the 123rd ACS, from how they approach the mission to the look of the surrounding landscape.
  • Wyvern Warrior- A1C Alexys St. Charles

    This week’s Wyvern Warrior is A1C Alexys St. Charles, a 31st Medical Operations Squadron mental health technician at Aviano AB, Italy. Originally from Joshua Tree, California, St. Charles has been in the Air Force for 15 months. She has consistently gone above and beyond the call of duty as an Airman and a Wingman. In December, after receiving a message from a friend stating they wanted to harm themselves, she quickly sprang into action notifying the first sergeant, rushing to the member’s house, and getting them the help they needed. Additionally, her favorite movie is “She’s the Man” starring Amanda Bynes and her favorite musician is Drake. A hardship that she has faced was losing partial vision in her right eye which has reinforced her personal motto “Everything happens for a reason.” St. Charles’s inspiration is her supervisor Tech. Sgt. Augustine Defreitas, because “No matter what time of day, or what she is doing she always makes time for the people that she is in charge of,” said St. Charles. Finally, if you know St. Charles you know that she is extremely stubborn and she never backs down from a fight or a challenge. St. Charles you are doing a remarkable job! Keep up the great work!