• Therapist soothes away tension

    Sometimes after a tough week on the job or a particularly grueling workout, nothing feels better than a soothing massage. Here to rub Aviano's tensions away is the 31st Services Squadron massage therapist, Shawn Hamilton. "Massage can help ease muscle pain caused by an accident, strain or tension," said Mrs. Hamilton, who has been practicing at Air
  • Jo Dee Messina rocks Aviano

    Country music star Jo Dee Messina rocked the house for more than 1,200 fans during a free concert in Hangar One Jan. 6. "It was incredible entertainment and it was definitely well worth volunteering to set up for the show," said concert-goer Staff Sgt. Jason Beeney, 31st Communications Squadron. "It was the best USO show I've seen in my seven years
  • Program supports new, expecting parents

    New and expecting parents can feel overwhelmed when dealing with the demands of a newborn or a pregnancy, especially when living overseas. Having a deployed spouse or other children in the home can only increase the stress a parent already feels. That's where the New Parent Support Program can help alleviate some concerns. "The purpose of the
  • Protecting homes, cars from theft

    The winter season brings an increase of Airmen and dependants who have reported cases of theft. The majority of larceny incidents have involved private property from homes and vehicles. These incidents seem to occur primarily at night, although there have been cases reported during daylight hours. Cases usually involve tampering of doors and
  • Aviano member returns POW/MIA bracelet after 17 years

    A silver bracelet, worn by an Aviano team member, is now being returned after 17 years of wear and remembrance. Paula Rabon has been wearing a POW/MIA bracelet every day for almost two decades to remember the inscribed name of Air Force Maj. Benjamin Danielson, a F-4C Phantom pilot who had been missing in action since the Vietnam War. As the
  • Fill 'er up: On base bottle water usage limited

    Recently there has been an increase of bottled water approval requests flooding into the 31st Aerospace Medical Squadron Bioenvironmental Engineering Flight. While bioenvironmental is the approval authority, there are certain criteria taken into account prior to approving the use of the Government Purchase Card to purchase bottled water for a work
  • Serbian delegation visits Aviano

    A delegation of Serbian military officers and the defense advisor to the Serbian president Boris Tadic visited the World's Finest Sunday and Monday. The Serbians were here as allies observing the 31st Fighter Wing's organization and readiness while strengthening international relations for the first time since the two faced off in Operation Allied
  • Sky patrol

  • Aviano area tap water safe to drink

    The 31st Aerospace Medicine Squadron's bioenviron-mental engineering flight tested Aviano's drinking water for lead in November. The annual drinking water test is required by the Italian Final Governing standards as part of the federal safe drinking water program. Forty-one samples were collected from all base areas, and results indicated that all