• Combined Federal Campaign ends, donations still accepted

    Today is the last day to donate to the 2006 Combined Federal Campaign and help the base and U.S. Air Forces in Europe reach their goals. As of press time, the 31st Fighter Wing had raised nearly $266,000 of its $270,000 goal, pushing the campaign thermometer to 98 percent. The base and most Air Force units typically exceed CFC goals, but this year
  • Aviano legal office explains adoption process, reimbursements

    Adoption is the process of legally substituting a new parent or parents in the place of a biological parent or parents. Adoption has significant legal consequences since it usually terminates any and all rights a biological parent may have, absolutely and forever, and transfers those rights without exception to the adopting parent. Any person,
  • 712th MUNS Airmen save time, money

    Airmen in the 712th Munitions Squadron, located at Camp Darby, are saving the Air Force time and money through several Air Force Smart Operations 21 initiatives. The Airmen have come up with three innovative ideas that greatly lessen wear and tear on their unit's earth-covered buildings, speed up shipment processing, and eliminate excess waste
  • Cycling club challenges riders

    For some people, there's nothing better than the hum of bike tires on the open road, a strong breeze to stay cool, and the burning of leg muscles pumping relentlessly toward the finish line.For bicycling enthusiasts, the Aviano Draghi Cycling Club can offer that experience plus the added benefit of years of collective biking knowledge. A mix of
  • SECAF visits Aviano

    Secretary of the Air Force Michael Wynne visited Aviano Tuesday and spoke to base personnel about issues affecting today's Airmen. Some of the things Secretary Wynne discussed were Air Force Smart Operations 21, deployments and the new cyber command. "I am capitalizing on the innovated nature of our Airmen," he said. "Air Force Smart Operations is
  • AFSO 21 special assistant visits Aviano

    The Secretary of the Air Force's special assistant for Air Force Smart Operations 21 visited here Nov. 29. Dr. Ron Ritter is responsible for developing and coordinating the Air Force's AFSO 21 transformational efforts. An early leader in understanding and applying lean manufacturing methods in U.S. operations, the Rhodes Scholar has direct,
  • Martial artists compete in tournament, take home medals

    Aviano's Kuk Sool Won students took home 19 medals during Thanksgiving weekend at the United Kingdom's Kuk Sool Won championship tournament in Birmingham, England. Fourteen competitors received medals placing from first to fourth in their events and categories. Competitors from age 8 to over 40. Dylan Mejia was named the grand champion in the
  • Decorate with pet safety in mind

    Pets are naturally curious and are driven to explore. During the holiday season, this can mean big trouble. Pet owners need to take certain measures to protect animals from substances and materials that can be harmful to them. Decorations - Don't allow pets to drink water from under the Christmas tree. Some solutions used to make trees stay fresh
  • AFI update: Aviano creates annual license re-test policy

    Gone are the days of the "test once and you're done for the rest of your tour" Armed Forces Italy driver's license rules. Beginning in October, all active duty members and license-holding dependents at Aviano are now required to complete an annual AFI driver's license test. "The requirement to have personnel test annually was implemented after an
  • Recognizing signs, symptoms of holiday blues

    While the thought of Christmas carols, holiday parties and presents under the tree bring excitement and fun to some people, for others it's an excuse to crawl into bed until the holidays are over. This lack of interest and anticipation of the holiday season, known as the holiday blues, isn't uncommon, especially for military members stationed