• First dollar

  • Tobacco users can 'Smoke Out' Nov.16

    For most people, quitting smoking can be the hardest thing they will ever have to do. Fortunately, Aviano members don't have to do it alone. The Health and Wellness Center will have a tobacco informative booth from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Nov. 16 at the Base Exchange. The booth coincides with The Great American Smoke Out, a nationally recognized day that
  • Fines, restrictions imposed for ‘five finger discount’

    The Army Air Force Exchange Service security branch monitors all activity within the base exchange. With more than 25 cameras, security personnel are trained to spot anything out of the ordinary. Plain clothes workers also walk around the exchange to key in on any suspicious or inappropriate behavior. In many instances people who have attempted to
  • 712th Red Horse Flight rides off into the sunset

    The 712th Red Horse Flight at Camp Darby, Italy, was deactivated Oct. 23. The flight, which had been at Camp Darby for 16 years, provided assistance to Assissi after an earthquake in September 1997 which left 4,000 people homeless. The flight also cleared 500 tons of mud after the May 1998 mudslide in Siano. "This is a unique Red Horse unit. The
  • Chill out: Avoiding sports injuries during the colder season

    As the temperature drops during the long winter months, people may find it harder to stay fit to fight. Exercising can become more difficult and physical injuries may occur. "In colder weather, your body wants to keep your core body temperature regulated at 98.6 degrees," said Capt. Megan Brandt, 31st Aerospace Medicine Squadron human performance
  • AFA chairman visits Aviano

    The Air Force Association chairman visited Aviano Oct. 25. Bob Largent visited the base to learn what Airmen's concerns are so he could share those concerns to Air Force leaders, members of Congress and the public. "(I am here) to learn the issues first hand from the Airmen that are serving in (U.S. Air Forces in Europe), what's important to them,
  • New shoppette opens in Area F

    Airmen visiting the flightline area have spent months watching it being built and now it's finally open. Aviano's Main Shoppette, next to the commissary and the base exchange, opened today at 8 a.m. and will remain open until midnight. "This shoppette is more convenient for the people on this side of the base," said Lorraine Davis, Aviano Main
  • Aviano Airmen receive non-judical punishment

    The following is non-judicial punishment Aviano Airmen received during September: 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron · An airman 1st class was charged with Article 92 for failure to obey a regulation. For this misconduct, the Airman received a suspended reduction to E-2, suspended forfeiture of $200 pay for two months and a reprimand. · An airman
  • Airmen can improve Air Force through IDEAs

    Airmen with insight on how to increase productivity or work efficiency can use their ideas to improve their workplace and earn extra money through the Innovative Development through Employee Awareness program. The IDEA program rewards Airmen for ideas that save Air Force money and resources. Someone who has an idea that isn't within their job
  • Airmen can make a difference in the AAAC

    Airmen who want to make a difference in the community have an opportunity in the Aviano Airmen Advisory Council. The council recently held elections and its new goals are to improve more things on base for Airmen and more volunteer involvement. "The co-chairman [Airman 1st Class Bryan Crowley] and I hope to make this council even stronger," said