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  • Aviano NCO receives top watch award

    An Aviano technical sergeant closes the door on his Aviano tenure but not without clinching top honors at the Air Force level.Tech. Sgt. Corey Bowen, 31st Operations Support Squadron watch supervisor, received the Air Force Watch Supervisor of the Year award.“As a watch supervisor, you have to monitor all the [aircraft and tower] frequencies and
  • Smooth move: Members contribute to PCS success

    As Aviano members gear up for PCS season, it’s important to keep a few things in mind.As soon as orders are received, departing members should stop by the Transportation Management Office. There, members can be scheduled for a household goods briefing which is when they’ll sign shipment documents and confirm desired pack and pick-up dates.Dates
  • Aviano kicks off 101 Critical Days of Summer

    It’s that time of the year again, the time period between Memorial Day and Labor Day, commonly known as the 101 Critical Days of Summer.Air Force safety statistics have shown that this period has traditionally been a period of increased mishaps, especially those occurring in off-duty activities.The leading causes of fatal mishaps have been in
  • Aviano unit honors fallen Airmen

    The 603rd Air Control Squadron held a remembrance ceremony May 19 to honor the five ‘Scorpions’ who lost their lives since the squadron began operating here in 1994.The remembrance ceremony focused on the friendships and the lives of the fallen Airmen.“Today is a day of celebrating and joy, not a day of sadness. I think it’s appropriate to remember
  • EDIS helps ease parents’ worries

    Discovering a child may have developmental disorder can be tumultuous time for a parent. Parents worry about how their child will get along at school and how to ensure they learn necessary skills.Helping ease Aviano parents from the weight of worry is the Educational and Development Intervention Services clinic.The EDIS clinic helps by identifying
  • Body art must fit military image

    The history of tattoos can be traced back thousands of years. Archaeologists discovered tattoos on Italy’s very own 5,200 year old “Iceman.” Tattoos disappeared from Western society for many years, but re-emerged in the 1760s. Sailors from the ship of Capt. James Cook returned from the Polynesians proudly sporting their new body art. The royal
  • Military bases tighten up on Internet chitchat

    Operation security experts across the Air Force are focusing more attention on the idle chitchat that now runs rampant among Internet blogs.Typically a mix of what is happening in a person’s life and what’s occuring on the Web, blogs are the public diaries of the 21st century. The activity of updating a blog is “blogging” and someone who keeps one
  • Wing plans to dine out "MASH" style

    Military life revolves around traditions. The way we salute, address each other and celebrate career milestones all have deep roots. Now the Aviano community as a whole will have the opportunity to experience another unique military tradition.The 31st Fighter Wing is hosting a MASH Bash-themed combat dining out at 6 p.m. May 19 in Hangar One.A
  • Aviano gains national recognition

    For the past 50 years, the National Restaurant Association and the Hennessy Travelers Association have honored the special achievements of Air Force food service facilities worldwide. This year, they are recognizing one of Aviano’s own.Tech. Sgt. Derrick Wells, 31st Services Squadron La Dolce Vita dining facility manager, was one of five U.S. Air