• Leadership at a Geographically Separated Unit

    Air Force bases are designed to be self-contained communities with everything Airmen need to live and raise their families. Especially overseas, base amenities such as shopping centers, libraries, chapels, education centers, automotive centers and vet clinics help improve the quality of life for Airmen.
  • Innovation at its finest: MJ-1 STEP

    Munitions Airmen often use the MJ-1 series bomb lift truck to help transport, load and unload a wide variety of munitions and other supplies. Typically, a ladder is used to make small adjustments for precise positioning of supplies during loading. But now, members from the 31st Maintenance Squadron are innovating a locally manufactured platform called the MJ-1 STEP. It’ll be attached to the front wheel area of the MJ-1, where the weapon troops can step up on, eliminating the need for a ladder.
  • Seamless 31st Medical Group and patient partnership

    Every month the Patient and Family Partnership or PFPC comes together to discuss one unique topic that is brought to the Patient Advocate on Aviano Air Base, Italy.
  • Exceptional Leader Spotlight: Senior Master Sgt. Jeremy Schoneboom

    Life isn’t always about starting off perfect, sometimes it’s the challenges that build our character, or maybe it’s about finding out what our purpose is that inspires us.
  • Exceptional Leader Spotlight: Master Sgt. Richard Duken

    Some of us don’t go where the path leads, but instead blaze our own trail. When U.S. Airmen choose to be the difference, they are making themselves, the Wing, and the Air Force better.
  • Aviano releases the 2018 drinking water report

    The 31st Aerospace Medicine Squadron Bioenvironmental Engineering flight recently released the 2018 Drinking Water Consumer Confidence Report.
  • Aviano AB Develops Exceptional Leaders

    U.S. Air Force leaders are often individuals who demonstrate what’s possible. They’re the individuals that deliberately invest in and develop highly skilled and professional Airmen.
  • “The Line is Ready” – CATM Revives Firing Range

    “You guys better be excited right now because we are going to fire today,” said Staff Sgt. Brandee Hahn, combat arms instructor from the 31st Security Forces Squadron, to her class before she explained that the firing range was running again.
  • CGO Spotlight: Captain Jheremy Perkins

    As an assistant staff judge advocate, U.S. Air Force Capt. Jheremy Perkins, 31st Fighter Wing Legal Office, assists with bilateral agreements, contracts, ethics, fiscal law, disciplinary hearings and a variety of other legal issues that our Airmen and families deal with while stationed at Aviano Air Base.
  • Working together accomplishes the mission

    Members from the 111th Attack Wing at Horsham Air Guard Station, Pennsylvania had the opportunity to work alongside members from the 31st Fighter Wing at Aviano Air Base, Italy, at the beginning of May.