• Local Legend - Sandra Pizzinato

    Sandra Pizzinato, from the 56th Rescue Squadron, is our Local Legend for this week.
  • Wyvern Warrior - SSgt Andrew Burke

    This week’s Wyvern Warrior is SSgt Andrew Burke, dedicated crew chief at the 555th Aircraft Maintenance Unit! Originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan, Burke joined the Air Force eight years ago and oddly enough has been at Aviano for 5.55 years. Since arriving at Aviano, Burke has distinguished himself from others in many ways. For example, he designed
  • Local Legend - Elena Iacono Quarantino

    Elena Iacono Quarantino is our Local Legend this week.
  • 31st Fighter Wing Annual Award winners

    The 31st Fighter Wing Annual Awards were held Feb. 22, 2019, at Aviano Air Base, Italy. Wyverns were recognized for their hard work in 2018 at the awards ceremony. Winners are slated to compete at the U.S. Air Forces in Europe and Air Forces Africa level. Winners by category are:  Airman of the Year
  • Wyvern Warrior - SrA Judah Wine

    This week’s Wyvern Warrior is Senior Airman Judah Wine.
  • Reenlistment aboard KC-135 honors father-in-law

    Reenlisting in the United States Air Force is a special occasion for many Airmen. Wingmen, friends, and family gather to celebrate as Airmen reaffirm their oath to protect and defend the constitution for several more years. Master Sgt. William Hinchcliff, 31st Security Forces Squadron operations non-commissioned officer in charge, says reenlistments have been particularly special occasions for him.
  • Legal Office Tax Center opens at Aviano

    This year’s tax season has officially begun and the Aviano Legal Office is here to help.
  • 57th RQS Parachute Rigger Earns Save

    Senior Master Sgt. Maurice Muro, Operations Superintendent for the 57th Rescue Squadron, had completed more than 1,100 successful parachute jumps in his Air Force career before taking off for a joint exercise in Spain.
  • Wyvern Warriors stay rapidly ready

    When it comes to sustaining lethal and combat ready forces, the 31st Fighter Wing stays ready, even when called to perform at short notice.
  • Slovenian military leaders 1st visit to Aviano AB

    SlovenianArmed Forces leaders visited Aviano Air Base, Italy, Jan. 22, 2019.The visitfamiliarized Slovenian military leaders with the 31st Fighter Wing mission inorder to strengthen the U.S. and Slovenian partnership. “Thewillingness of our Slovenian counterparts to visit Aviano and continue thediscussions of shared military training opportunities