The 31st Fighter Wing will provide updated information as needed dependent upon changes to the Italian National Decree and Regional Ordinance, and DoD, EUCOM, USAFE and 31 FW policy.

The safety of Team Aviano is our highest priority. 


Updated 8/10/2021 @ 5 p.m.

Current HPCON Level: HPCON Bravo

Current FVG Regional Status: WHITE

Current Veneto Regional Status: WHITE

DOD Policy Section
On 9 August 2021, the Secretary of Defense announced his intention to ask President Biden to approve making COVID-19 vaccines mandatory for all Service members no later than mid-September, or immediately upon the U.S. Food and Drug Administration licensure, whichever comes first. To read the Secretary’s Message to the Force, go to

On 28 August the Ministry of Health passed a new ordinance updating the rules for travel from or through List D countries. A complete overview of List D countries is found on the travel guidelines page. According to the ordinance:

- Anyone who traveled from or through a list D country (other than the US/Japan/Canada) within the 14 days prior to entering Italy must:

  1. Have a COVID Green Certificate (or equivalent document like a CDC card) showing proof of completed COVID vaccination &
  2. Have a negative COVID test that was taken within 72 hours prior to entering Italy (48 hours if coming from the UK) &
  3. Complete the digital passenger locator form

If a traveler cannot present proof of vaccination and/or a negative COVID test, then the traveler must ROM for 5 days and then undergo a COVID test. Outside of that scenario, there is no ROM requirement associated with travelers from list D countries.

- Anyone who traveled from or through the US/Japan/Canada within the 14 days prior to entering Italy must:

  1. Regardless of vaccine status, have a negative COVID test that was taken within 72 hours prior to entering Italy &
  2. Complete the digital passenger locator form &
  3. Have either: A) a COVID-19 Green Certificate (or equivalent document, like a CDC vaccine card) showing proof of COVID vaccination; or B) proof recovery from COVID.

If a traveler from the US/Japan/Canada cannot present proof of vaccination/recovery or a negative COVID test, then the traveler must ROM for 5 days and then undergo a COVID test. Outside of that scenario, there is no ROM requirement associated with travelers from these countries.


The Council of Ministers has published a new decree regarding situations where presentation of the COVID-19 green certification is required and specified capacity limitations for cultural performances and sporting events. 

Effective 6 August 2021, COVID-19 green certifications (or CDC vaccination cards) will be required for all individuals older than 12 to participate in the following activities:

  • Eating at a restaurant, when the table is located indoors;
  • Attending shows, sporting events, and competitions which are open to the public;
  • Visiting museums, places of culture, exhibitions, and amusement parks;
  • Going to gyms, swimming pools, and wellness centers and engaging in team sports, when these activities are located inside;
  • Attending festivals, fairs, and conferences;
  • Visiting cultural centers, social and recreational centers (when conducted indoors and with the exception of educational centers for children, summer centers and related catering activities); and
  • Going to gaming rooms, betting rooms, bingo halls and casinos.

NOTE: As an alternative to the above requirement, individuals may engage in the listed activities with either documentation showing recovery from COVID-19 (valid for 6 months from issuance) or documentation showing a rapid molecular or antigen test with a negative result for COVID-19 (valid for 48 hours). Business owners and customers are both liable for violations of this rule- violations can incur fines between €400-€1000 for both operators and users.

The Council’s measures do not change the current color status of any region in Italy. All of Italy, including FVG, remains a White zone.

*Newest updates below in red. 

White Zone Rules Reminder:

  • The wear of face coverings is required whenever you are indoors in places other than your home. You must also wear a face covering when using public transport and when driving with non-cohabitants.
  • Outdoors, the wear of face coverings is required whenever interpersonal distancing cannot be guaranteed or where gatherings/crowds are possible (for example when you are in a queue or in a market or fair).
  • Indoors or outdoors, the wear of face coverings is not required of 1) children under 6 years of age or 2) people who, due to their disability or pathology, cannot wear a face covering.
  • In addition to the wear of face coverings, you must continue to observe one meter of social distance with non-cohabitants at all times.



  • No changes.
  • You must wear a face covering at all times when you are outside your home (in both indoor and outdoor locations), unless you can guarantee continued isolation from non-cohabitants.
  • Maintain a meter distance with non-cohabitants.


  • There is no curfew in white zones.


Restaurants, Bars, and Similar Establishments

  • Any establishment can offer indoor and outdoor service.
  • Discos and clubs can be open, but dancing is not permitted.


  • Private parties can be held indoors and outdoors. Participants must have either proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test from within 48 hours of the event or proof of having recovered from COVID within the last six months.
  • Dancing is not permitted


  • Shopping centers, malls, and similar establishments are open weekdays and weekends on their own normal schedules.


  • Museums and libraries are open on weekdays and weekends on their own normal schedules.
  • Fairs & local festivals are permitted.
  • Recreation Centers can be open.          
  • Theme parks can be open.


  • Capacity cannot exceed 50% of the maximum capacity authorized outdoors (when there are more than 5,000 spectators) or  25% of the maximum capacity authorized indoors (when there are more than 2,500 spectators).
  • Shows open to the public in theatrical and concert halls, cinemas, entertainment venues, and live music in clubs or other spaces must:
    • Use pre-assigned seating, even when held outdoors.
    • Ensure an interpersonal distance of 1 meter between all non-cohabiting individuals.
    • Require a COVID-19 green certification (or CDC vaccination cards), recovery documentation, or a negative COVID-19 test for access.


  • Capacity at sporting events cannot exceed 50% of the maximum capacity authorized outdoors or 25% of the maximum capacity authorized indoors.
  • Any sporting activity, including team and contact sports, is allowed indoors and outdoors.    
  • Gyms can be open, operations are subject to protocols.
  • Pools (both indoor and outdoor) can be open.
  • Ski lifts can be open.

To see the most up to date information on various measures in place, including quarantine and testing requirements for travelling throughout Europe. visit: The information is updated frequently and available in 24 languages. This should help you plan your travel in Europe, while staying safe and healthy.

If you're traveling to other regions in Italy, check the Travel Restrictions tab for a map of the current regional conditions.

Persons entering Italy from the United States, Japan, and Canada:

  1. Are no longer required to ROM if they present a green COVID-19 certification.  Certifications issued by respective U.S. health authorities are recognized and must be exhibited in digital or paper form.  The certification must show:
    1. COVID-19 vaccination course has been completed for at least 14 days;
    2. That you have recovered from COVID-19 (the validity of the certificate of recovery is 180 days from the date of the first positive swab);
    3. That you have undergone a molecular or antigenic swab carried out in the 48 hours before entering Italy with negative results.  Minors under the age of 6 are exempted from taking the pre-departure swab and are exempted from ROM if traveling with at least one parent or with a companion who is in possession of one of the certifications mentioned.
  2. Fill in the Passenger Locator Form before entering Italy.  This digital localization form replaces the self-declaration made to the carrier.

Note: Certification regarding the completion of the vaccination cycle must refer to one of the four vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency: Pfizer-BioNtech's Comirnaty, Moderna, Vaxzevria, Jansen (Johnson & Johnson). 

Persons entering Italy from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland including Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Channel Islands and bases on the island of Cyprus (stayed in or passed through in the 14 days prior to entering Italy)

  1. Regardless of the outcome of COIVD testing, must undergo a 5 day period of isolation at home
  2. Must carry out another molecular or antigenic test after the 5 days of isolation


Covid Vaccine Home Page

Self Declaration

Print & Complete the Self-Declaration
This form is required if traveling outside your home between the hours of 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. Reasons for travel include: proven work needs and health reasons

Self-Declaration Form Nov. 6


Base Access

The following BASE ACCESS procedures have been implemented In accordance with Italian Air Force Policy under the current COVID conditions, and local agreements with the Italian Base Commander.



Aviano AB

  • Public Health Screening: 0434-30-5000
  • Command Post: 0434-30-3100
  • Base Operator: 0434-30-1110
  • Chapel: 0434-30-5211
  • Medical Appointments: 0434-30-5000
  • American Red Cross: 0434-30-5576
  • Patient Liaisons: 632-5408
  • Patient Advocate: 0434-30-5002

Other Numbers:

  • International SOS: +(44) 20-8762-8384 (option 1)
  • International SOS Toll Free (from Italy): 800-915-994
  • 24hr Nurse Advice Line (from Italy): 800-877-660
  • 24hr Translation Service (from Italy): 800-915-994

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