This is an emerging, rapidly evolving situation and the 31st Fighter Wing will provide updated information each day at 5 p.m.

The safety of Team Aviano is our highest priority. 


Update 4/8/2020 @ 5 p.m.
Italian national COVID-19 numbers are available here ( and are updated at 1800 daily by Italian government. 

Virtual Town Hall Tonight
Tune in at 1700 tonight as the 31st FW Leadership host a Virtual Town Hall on the Aviano AB Facebook. During the Town Hall, please only comment with questions for leadership to answer. Administrators will be actively monitoring the Facebook feed. Stay tuned after the Town Hall for a list of Virtual Events the Aviano community is hosting you can join!

FVG Regional Ordinance (Dated April 7, 2020)
Articles for note from the FVG Ordinance:

  • Article 1: requires that all commercial activities will be closed on 13 April 2020.  As with the past ordinance, it allows the following to remain open: pharmacies, para-pharmacies, news agents, and certain shops along the autostrada or at ports, including commercial airports.
  • Articles 2 and 3: combine to require that anyone who uses public transport services of any type, including taxi services, (1) maintain the prescribed interpersonal safety distance and (2) to wear a protective covering over the nose and mouth.

FAQs Italian #ImStayingHome Decree
See for frequently asked questions and additional details from the last decree.

La Pasquetta (Easter Monday) Hours
Monday, April 13 is an Italian Holiday. Grocery stores in the local community will be closed. On base, Commissary, BX, and both Shoppettes will be closed in accordance with Italian decree. Please be patient if longer lines form as people prepare for the extended closure. Review your shopping schedule and adjust as needed so we don’t over load the Commissary on April 14 causing longer lines and wait time. Remember to continue physical distancing and the wearing of a face covering and gloves (disposable, single-use) while in the BX, Commissary and both Shoppettes.

Post Office Road Closure
The 31 CES Plumbing shop will be closing the road in front of the Post Office 09 April 2020, to perform some work at a manhole. This will be from 0800-1600. The road will be opened as soon as work is finished.

Post Office Email Notifications
In order to provide continued excellent service to Wyvern Nation, the Post Office has updated the email notification system for packages/parcels. This should help alleviate the longer than normal wait times. If a member needs to just check their mailbox or go to customer service they are allowed to go straight inside.

Please read emails carefully. Messages will read:

  • “Delivered to Postal Box” – go straight to mailbox for package
  • “OMC Trunks/Tires”  - go to the Official Mail Center located next to the theater
  • “Delivered to Shelf”- go to Parcel Pickup (as normal)

If a member has different emails - one that states delivered to postal box and another that says delivered to shelf - they need to go to Parcel Pickup.  The line outside of the post office is for parcel pickup only. 

Domestic Abuse Victim Advocate (DAVA) Support Services
DAVA supportive services are available and ongoing through COVID-19. Through this especially challenging time reach out to the DAVA on the 24/7 crisis line (+39) 335-801-4927. We are here to listen and explain options available to you. A national hotline is also available call 1800-799-7233 or if you are unable to speak safely visit

Chaplain Corps Resiliency
Two inspirational messages from our Ramstein AB Team are available on the Aviano Chaplain Corps webpage for faith groups not represented by our base Chaplain Corps office. Other resiliency resources are added daily here as well.

Congratulations to Ana Laura Merkel and her family on winning with the most likes for Aviano Chapel's #ResiliencyChallenge #andratuttobene
Check out the video they made on Aviano Chapel's Facebook page: 

Wyvern Fitness
Looking for ways to stay fit while you're at home? The Aviano Fitness Center has you covered. Fitness is a key component of resiliency. This quick and easy workout can help you stay active! Be on the lookout for more home workouts each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. How are YOU staying fit?

Socially Connected, Physically Distant!

COVID-19 symptoms & Aviano AB Screening

31st MDG Public Health Call Center Screening
Call Center Open: 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. Daily, Commercial: 0434-30-3998
Call Nurse Advice Line (outside this time) at 800-979-721 or 0434-30-5000 option 1.

FVG Region, call 800-500-300 for first aid and triage information.

Given the COVID-19 situation in Northwest Italy, 31 MDG/Public Health recommends that any individual with flu like symptoms (listed below) stay home and not attend work if possible to help prevent the spread of any sickness. Additionally, please ensure proper precautions are used such as social distancing, hand washing, and proper cough etiquette. It is recommended that common surfaces/objects be sanitized twice a day with Clorox or bleach solution. Symptoms include:

  • Fever, 100.4 or higher

  • Cough

  • Shortness of breath

If you have had contact with anyone who has been confirmed positive for COVID-19, contact Public Health Immediately. CDC believes symptoms may appear in as few as 2 days or as long as 14 days after exposure.


Visit the 31 MDG COVID-19 Response webpage for the most up-to-date information.

Questions and Answers from Town Halls

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Due to the unforeseen increase in demand for hand sanitizers, face masks, disposable gloves, rubbing alcohol, thermometers, paper towels, toilet paper, bleach, disinfecting wipes and cleaners, AAFES is limiting the purchase of these items to ONE item per customer. Base Exchange: 0434-38-8811 / Commissary: 0434-30-7647

Colleges are going virtual. Spring 2 is going on and you can meet with a counselor virtually. Call your university and get that scheduled.

The Passport office is unable to process Tourist Passport applications currently due to the State of New Hampshire Stay at home order, which is where the Processing Center is located. Passports will however resume the processing of Official and No fee passports by appointment only. If you have any questions, please email the passport office at


To avoid spreading respiratory illnesses like the flu or COVID-19, customers at the commissary are asked to not bring personal shopping bags

The Soggiorno office is closed until 3 April. All dependents, contractors, and civilian employees who possess a Soggiorno that has will expire between 31 January and 15 April will be given an automatic extension until 15 June 2020 (Reference: Italian decree dated 17 March 2020 art. 130, 1 & 2). The Soggiorno Office will receive further instructions on 3 April, pertaining to Soggiornos expiring after 15 April. For questions or concerns, call 0434-30-4806, 0730-1630, Tuesday – Thursday.

The Legal Office continues to run the tax program during COVID-19.  The program is open to single Airmen and Officers, limited to the grades of E-1 through E-4, and O1 and O2; and spouses of deployed military members. The Federal filing time has extended to 15 July. If your state has not extended the filing deadline and you need assistance, please make an appointment.

To set up an appointment, please call 0434-30-8901 or e-mail SSgt Schrock, SSgt Taylor, or Ms. Boone

**IMPORTANT: For spouses, we will provide an e-mail to print and carry for proof of necessity, if needed.

If you or your family is in Italy on a tourist visa and approaching the 90-day limit, the legal office confirmed today with the Ministry of Interior that tourists may overstay their visa for “objective reasons,” which in this case is the lockdown and lack of flights.  Due to the closure of government offices, no formal actions are necessary.  Anyone who overstays their visa should depart as soon as the “objective reasons” are over (for example, when you are able to get a flight to the US), and announce the “objective reasons” for overstaying the visa to Italian customs officers upon departure. 



The Air Force Services Center will make a system wide adjustment suspending Club membership dues temporarily due to COVID-19. Payments will be pushed out 30 days including those who have already prepaid. If the current conditions still exist after the allotted time, the payment date will continue to be pushed out until a time when operations can return to normal.

Gate Access


All non-IACS registered personnel must complete the Declaration Statement form to gain entry onto Aviano AB, Italy. The Declaration Statement form is valid for one day only. To avoid additional delays during the gate entry process, please print, fill out completely, and sign the Declaration Statement form linked below.

Declaration Statement revision as of 3/12/2020


No changes at this time for military and civilian personnel permanently assigned to Aviano (IACS Registered).

Military personnel from other units (TDY or leave), visitors, visiting family members, and temporary local workers must complete the Declaration Statement, in addition to standard procedures, to have access on base (any area), The paperwork will be left with security personnel upon entry.


Aviano AB

  • Public Health Screening: 0434-30-3998
  • Command Post: 0434-30-3100
  • Base Operator: 0434-30-1110
  • Chapel: 0434-30-5211
  • Medical Appointments: 0434-30-5000
  • American Red Cross: 0434-30-5576
  • Patient Liaisons: 632-5408
  • Patient Advocate: 0434-30-5002
Other Numbers:
  • International SOS: +(44) 20-8762-8384 (option 1)
  • International SOS Toll Free (from Italy): 800-915-994
  • 24hr Nurse Advice Line (from Italy): 800-877-660
  • 24hr Translation Service (from Italy): 800-915-994

Social Media:



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