COVID-19 symptoms & Aviano AB Screening

31st MDG Public Health Call Center Screening
Call Center Open: 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Daily, Commercial: 0434-30-3998
Call Nurse Advice Line (outside this time) at 800-979-721 or 0434-30-5000 option 1.

FVG Region, call 800-500-300 for first aid and triage information.

Given the COVID-19 situation in Northwest Italy, 31 MDG/Public Health recommends that any individual with flu like symptoms (listed below) stay home and not attend work if possible to help prevent the spread of any sickness. Additionally, please ensure proper precautions are used such as social distancing, hand washing, and proper cough etiquette. It is recommended that common surfaces/objects be sanitized twice a day with Clorox or bleach solution. Symptoms include:

  • Fever, 100.4 or higher

  • Cough

  • Shortness of breath

If you have had contact with anyone who has been confirmed positive for COVID-19, contact Public Health Immediately. CDC believes symptoms may appear in as few as 2 days or as long as 14 days after exposure.

Medical Group Updates


The 31st Medical Group teams are working to ensure there are no delays in your care by transitioning to a virtual platform. We encourage all patients who have non-urgent symptoms, are quarantined, currently teleworking, and those practicing social distancing to utilize this service.

Provider teams will work with patients to utilize the best platform to conduct the visit (telephone, telehealth/video chat, or in-person). Virtual appointments may be scheduled through the medical appointment line at 0434-30-5000 from 0700-1600, Monday through Friday. Additionally, patients can contact their provider teams via Secure Messaging at


Domestic Abuse Victim Advocate (DAVA) Support Services:
DAVA supportive services are available and ongoing through COVID-19. Through this especially challenging time reach out to the DAVA on the 24/7 crisis line (+39) 335-801-4927. We are here to listen and explain options available to you. A national hotline is also available call 1800-799-7233 or if you are unable to speak safely visit


Pregnancy and COVID-19:
There is no current evidence that suggests infection with COVID-19 during pregnancy has a negative effect on the fetus. At present, there is no evidence of transmission of COVID-19 from mother to baby during pregnancy.
Pregnant women should continue to follow the same general precautions for the prevention of COVID-19, including regular handwashing, avoiding individuals who are sick, self-isolating in case of any symptoms, and consulting your provider for advice.
If you must travel or work, please check with your current OB provider for medical guidance and precautions. For more information and the most current updates on pregnancy and COVID-19, please visit


Daily operations have changed significantly based on new regulatory guidance. New Dental Clinic Check-In Procedures:

  • Prior to the scheduled appointment, the clinic may email forms to you which are appointment specific.  Please complete the forms and bring them to the appointment.
  • When arriving on Area 1, please stay in the car and call the dental front desk at 0434-30-5060 (or the department you will be seen in) to inform our personnel of arrival.
  • As soon as the provider/tech team is ready we will call the patient to the clinic and you will be screened at our entry control point and then escorted to the treatment room.
  • The waiting room will generally not be available for patients to remain in prior to or after their appointment.

Walk-in appointments are not recommended, please call ahead. For pediatric/orthodontic care, the 31st DS asks that parents only bring the child that is scheduled for treatment, if possible. Waiting room space will be limited. For any urgent or emergent concerns, please contact the dental clinic.

FLIGHT MEDICINE -- Reliability Operations Clinic:

  • New Hours of Operation: M-F 0730-1330 (closed every Tuesday at 12)
  • Sick call M-F 0730-0800 and 1300-1330 (no sick call every Tuesday afternoon)
  • While we encourage virtual appointments, to make in person or virtual appointment please call 0434-30-5101 or visit


  1. Refractive surgery is suspended for the foreseeable future.
  2. Flyers tracked by the Aircrew Contact Lens Program will not become delinquent at this time.
  3. To reschedule your routine exam, call 0434-30-5000. If you need to reach Optometry directly, call 0434-30-5062. 
  4. Emergency and Mission Essential services are being provided, including:
  • Color vision testing for flight line driving
  • Distance vision IMR update
  • Ordering and pick up of spectacles or gas mask inserts (AD only)

~ Please note you will be screened via telephone prior to entering bldg. 1466, so be sure to have your cell phone.


Audiology Clinic is open for full patient appointments starting 12 May 2020 with the following guidance:

  • Patient safety and protective protocol will be kept #1
  • Patients can wait in their cars but call our office when they arrive to check-in
  • Patients will be screened over the phone accordingly when they arrive
  • Patients will be required to wear masks into the clinic


  • Stress Phone Line: 335-632-8254 or 335-124-6022
  • Available Monday – Friday from 1000 to 1400.
  • Discuss stress reactions to include health anxiety, isolation/quarantine stress, and other stressors associated with COVID-19 and the current situation.
  • Stress Response Team will provide solution-focused recommendations that can help you and your family during this unique and stressful time.
  • Strategies for Managing COVID-19 Stress and Anxiety


  • Walk-in services continue to be available from 0730-1600 for emergent/urgent mental health concerns (i.e., risk of harm to self or others).
  • Call the MH Flight during normal business hours with questions or concerns at 0434-30-5321 and to make appointments with Mental Health.
  • Routine appointments are being deferred until current restrictions are lifted.
  • Virtual appointments (i.e. telephone) are being conducted on an as-needed basis.
  • Patients currently prescribed medications can call the MHC if they have questions or need refills.
  • For afterhours or weekend MH emergencies, please go to the Pordenone ER, call 112, and/or notify your chain of command
  • National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255 ext. 1


  • Physical therapy continues to support mission essential, emergency, and immediate post-surgical cases.
  • Virtual appointments are being scheduled (telephone) on an as-needed basis.
  • Routine appointments are being deferred until current restrictions are lifted.
  • Public access physical therapy gym is closed.
  • Call Physical Therapy during normal business hours if you have questions or concerns at 0434-30-4068.


  • Due to restrictions in travel associated with the Italian decrees, if you or a family member are due for medication refills in the next 30 days, we will be authorizing early refills in an attempt to reduce the number of necessary trips to the pharmacy. Please call ahead and speak with one of our pharmacy staff to request your refills at DSN: 314-632-5214 or Comm: 0434-30-5214.
  • In order to facilitate social distancing, the Pharmacy will begin a ‘Parking Lot Pickup’ service.  The following steps should be completed to ensure smooth operation of this service:

Step 1:  Call the pharmacy at DSN: 632-5214 or Comm: 0434-30-5214 to activate any new or refill prescriptions.
Step 2:  Report to designated parking spots in front of the MDG on Area 1.  There will be signs to direct you to the correct area.
Step 3:  Once you arrive at a parking spot, call the pharmacy to relay which parking spot number you are in, and your prescription will be delivered to your car! 


  • Currently, the only scheduled appointments in pediatrics are newborn follow ups, circumcisions, 2 week, and 2,4,6,12,18 month old children who are due for vaccines.  These visits may be pushed back. Parents should call Public Health if the child or family members have cough, congestion, or fever.
  • All sick visits/med refills will be booked for a virtual (phone call) appointment with a nurse or provider who will determine the need to be seen in person in the clinic.
  • All other routine appointments are deferred until the movement restrictions are lifted.
  • All of these well child appointments will enter the MTF through the side door near the large parking lot entrance near the immunization clinic.  Signs are in place to direct.
  • Patients will call the front desk upon arrival to inform the technicians they have arrived and will be met at the side door to help prevent any waiting/congregating at the entrance.


  • Immunizations will be manned from 0730-1230 Monday-Friday.


  • All administrative TRICARE services remain open during clinic hours by calling the following numbers below:
  • For Referral Management & Benefits Coordination, please call 0434-30-5792.
  • For Translation Service Support of Pharmacy translations and status of reports, please call 0434-30-5408.
  • For Medical Records, manned hours are limited to 0730-1230. For any medical record requests, please try Secure Messaging first prior to visiting the clinic due to social distancing.
  • All services can also be provided via Secure Messaging by visiting and translation support is available 24/7 by calling International SOS at +44-20-8762-8384.


  • The Behavioral Health Consultant in PCBH (formerly known as BHOP) is available to provide telephonic consultation at this time to the Aviano community. Please contact the appointment line at 0434-30-5000 to request a telephone appointment.


  • EFMP-M operations will begin operating on a half day schedule. The EFMP-M will remain open from 0730-1230 Monday – Friday. While we remain open & continue operations, we are encouraging members to use electronic channels & phone (0434-30-5674) as much as possible.


  • ACSM continues to dedicate support and promotion of health through physical activity. Amid the concerns of being home with limited activity to outdoor public parks, gyms, and training environments, ACSM has compiled many resources to help encourage all individuals to stay physical active at home.
  • Visit and select "Tips: Staying Active at Home: under the What's New section.


  • Family Health, Pediatrics and Women’s Health

Laboratory and Radiology are open
Appointment line: 0434-30-5000

Common Virus Symptoms

In an effort to rule out common viruses that have similar symptoms to COVID-19, our 31st MDG medical team is conducting tests on individuals who In an effort to rule out common viruses that have similar symptoms to COVID-19, 31 MDG is conducting tests on individuals in isolation.

As we continue to update the public we want to keep you abreast that there are multiple viruses which may cause the symptoms of:

  • Scratchy or sore throat
  • Sneezing
  • Stuffy nose
  • Cough

The most common is the rhinovirus, which is thought to be responsible for at least 50% of common colds. Other viruses that can cause colds include coronavirus (typical) not COVID-19, respiratory syncytial virus, influenza and parainfluenza.
The COVID-19 has been found to have these three common symptoms Fever, Cough and Shortness of Breath.  The Travel history is also very important. Learn more at Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Mental Health

10 Recommendations to help Wyvern Nation thrive during COVID-19

  1. Focus on your sphere of influence, the things you can control. Set daily, simple goals of what you want to accomplish
  2. Strive to have an attitude of hopefulness and positivity
  3. Use your connections with others to help you cope (In light of the limitations on face-to-face social gatherings, there are many ways to stay connected with modern technology). Make daily connections with Family, friends, your faith community and others. Be mindful of your children and their need for connection. Teenagers, in particular, need social connection and this can be an especially challenging time for them due to feeling disconnected from their friends.
  4. Avoid over exposure to media coverage of COVID-19. This does not mean avoid all coverage. It is important to stay informed with accurate information. One recommendation is to check for updates only a few times daily (e.g., when you wake up and at 5pm each day when the 31 FW posts updates). Talk with your children in a way that is developmentally appropriate and not fear inducing. Let them ask questions and help them understand the connection between what we have been asked to do (lockdown) and how this supports Italy’s efforts to save lives and not overwhelm their healthcare system. This can nurture a sense of solidarity and meaning during this unique time. Bottom line: stay informed, but avoid overexpose as this could increase anxiety and fear.
  5. Be intentional about the information you share. Encourage resilience and strength in conversations with family, friends, and others. Share positive messages that promote hopefulness and overcoming. Share accurate, reliable, encouraging information. Share your COVID-19 life-hacks. Are you or your family doing things that are helping you be resilient right now? Share those ideas with others.
  6. Establish a consistent daily schedule for you and your family. Children thrive when there is a degree of structure and predictability in their lives. Every family’s schedule will be different based on many different factors (e.g., age of children). In addition to academic time, here are some other things to consider including in your schedule:
    1. Creative time (painting, crafts, building, etc.)
    2. Play time
    3. Relaxation & reflection time (deep breathing, meditation, stretching, listening to music, journaling)
    4. Alone time (be intentional about this. It can be recharging to have alone time, even for children)
    5. Exercise time
    6. Outside time (exposure to sunlight will help improve your mood)
    7. Chore time (that cluttered garage is calling your name)
    8. Screen time (American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a max of 2 hours daily)
      1. Do the best you can with the screen time. Make allowance for online school
    9. Game time (break out those board/card games and have fun/connect as a family)
  7. Avoid being sedentary. You will need to be intentional and creative in how you ensure regular physical activity. If you have any ideas for other families (for example, workouts for all ages that can be done in limited space), please share those with others.
  8. Eat healthy. Grocery stores are open and healthy food is available. Increase consumption of fruit, vegetables and other non-processed, fresh food options.
  9. Be intentional about your sleep. Go to bed early, wake-up early; be consistent with your schedule.
  10. Avoid alcohol/drugs as a way to cope. Limit alcohol consumption at this time of increased stress.


Alcoholics Anonymous

There are three AA groups in Veneto and Friuli, one in Vicenza, one in Aviano, and one in Venice; following is contact information for each group and information on how to access a multitude of ZOOM and Skype online AA English speaking meetings.

  • Aviano AA contacts: Barry M – 338-543-2123   Kit K – 349-817-5178
  • Vicenza AA contacts:  Nancy O -  320-942-6321  Jason V – 348-352-3051
  • Venice AA contacts: Barry M – 338-543-2123  Sneder – 334-331-5310 Siobhan O – 333-139-0098

There are ZOOM meeting available on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday for the Vicenza/Aviano groups. The meetings are at 19:00 local and last for one hour. The Monday night meeting is a Beginners Meeting. To access the meeting, download ZOOM, and enter this meeting code: 6571556760. Or click on this link:

*Alcoholics Anonymous in not affiliated with the DoD or USAF. No federal endorsement is intended or implied.

Additional Medical Information

COVID-19 Prevention

CDC Prevention Recommendations

◾Know How it Spreads

◾Take steps to protect yourself

◾Avoid close contact

◾Take steps to protect others

Learn more from CDC Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)


Aviano AB

  • Medical Appointments: 0434-30-5000
  • Dental Appointments: 0434-30-5060
  • Referral Mgmt: 0434-30-5792/5782
  • HBA/BCAC/DCAO: 0434-30-5067
  • TRICARE Service Cntr: 0434-30-5133
  • Patient Liaisons: 632-5408
  • Patient Advocate: 0434-30-5002
Other Numbers:
  • International SOS: +(44) 20-8762-8384 (option 1)
  • International SOS Toll Free (from Italy): 800-915-994
  • 24hr Nurse Advice Line (from Italy): 800-877-660
  • 24hr Translation Service (from Italy): 800-915-994
  • DAVA 24/7 Crisis Line: +(39) 335-801-4927

Social Media:

Useful Websites:

  • TRICARE Overseas Program
  • TRICARE Europe
  • TRICARE Online
  • Wisconsin Physician Services (WPS) Claims Processor

Recommended Apps:

  • Aviano App: Aviano AB information and directory for medical service numbers and directions to local hospital
  • International SOS: TRICARE translation services
  • 112: GPS capability/provides emergency patient locations to call center agents
  • Emergenze FVG: displays local ER room wait times

Medical Questions

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Yes, the pharmacy is operating at normal hours. Please call the Pharmacy for more specific questions, 0434-30-5214.

The 31st Medical Group is evaluating patients and testing on a case by case basis. Any local testing involves sending samples directly to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC), the designated DoD testing site for this region. Please direct specific medical questions to Public Health at 0434-30-3998.

It is recommended that those needing to go to veterinary appointments go through their individual chain of command for approval or clarification.

Quarantine and isolation help protect the public by preventing exposure to people who have or may have a contagious disease. Not all contagious diseases are COVID-19. Not all people quarantined or isolated have COVID-19.

Quarantine: can be used to separate and restrict the movement of people who were exposed to a contagious disease to see if they become sick and to prevent the possible spread of that disease to others.

Isolation: used to separate people with a contagious disease from people who are not sick in order to stop the spread of that illness. 

When a person meets defined parameters (travel locations, symptoms, contact with a person with contagious disease) it is in the best interest of the general public to either quarantine or isolate, even though there are no known COVID-19 cases.

During COVID-19, when someone tests positive for COVID-19 they are placed in isolation.

To travel, ensure you carry an official form of photo ID and the Declaration of Movement and Self Declaration forms (signed by Sq/CC). They can be found here: and on the Aviano App under the Covid-19 tab.

31 MDG has reached out to various host nation facilities, please be prepared, our host nation partners are conducting screening processes similar to the 31 MDG. Some will conduct phone screening and some have triage areas at the entrance of the facility.

We ask all patients to be prepared and to contact the facility prior to their appointment to determine if guests and children can accompany any patient on their appointment.

In cases where the 31 MDG Referral Management staff are booking your appointments, they will conduct a pre-screening to determine if they can schedule your appointment. If you meet any criteria for being symptomatic we will refer you to Public Health.

This is not mandated nor clinically indicated as necessary at this time per CDC and local public health recommendations. Depending on one's personal situation, they can leave the area/fly home, but only at their preference.

Masks are not recommended if you're without symptoms. If you feel symptomatic, please contact 31 MDG for screening at 0434-30-3998.

Yes, the virus can be transmitted both during the incubation period and while symptoms have been exhibited. Information is continually updating about the spread of the virus. Updates will be posted as new information is acquired.

No change in the precautions you would normally take for your child during flu season. Avoid contact with people showing signs of illness, practice proper hand hygiene, Restrict travel to affected communities and report any flu-like symptoms and illnesses within the household as outlined by public health.

Interpretation services offered at Pordenone Hospital will change as follows:

Availability of on-site services: 7:00 a.m. Monday - 7:00 a.m. Saturday. For assistance call the Command Post at DSN 632-3100 or commercial +39 0434-303100.

International SOS will supplement these services during weekend hours (7:00 a.m. Saturday - 7:00 a.m. Monday) thru their real time Telephonic Language Assistance Service. Beneficiaries can call collect or ask to be called back. There are phones in the Pordenone Hospital, which can be used to make contact.

TOP Regional Call Center: +(44)-20-8762-8384 (option 1)
Toll free number from Italy: 800-915-994

Please remember this service is for TRICARE Prime beneficiaries ONLY.

Print both documents and carry on your person to present to Law Enforcement if requested.

If active duty members need new eyewear during current operations, please use the link below. It will allow members to order glasses and have them mailed to an APO Box with their most current prescription. This service will also be available to retirees for regular lenses and frames.