All inspections that coming up expired or are expired will be extended to 31 May 2020. Vehicles that have not had their initial vehicle inspection are required to gain an inspection. Personnel will also be allowed to update their gas rations.

Inspection Tent is open by appointment only for initial inspections. Call 0434-30-8378/8353 for appointment.

AFI-AFI transfers will not be required a vehicle inspection within 60 days, is as long as the vehicle has a valid inspection within a year. If the inspection is over a year old, the transfer will not be allowed.


Personnel affected by the PCS stop-loss will be allowed to extend their AFI License and their gas rations to 31 May 2020. Personnel must come to the Pass and Registration office gain the extension.

Personnel affected by the PCS stop-loss who don’t have a vehicle, will be given temp rations for rental vehicles as long as they have a rental agreement. Personnel "borrowing" AFI plated vehicles from friends will not be authorized gas rations.

The Vehicle Processing Center (VPC) will accept vehicles for processing. The only vehicles that will be shipped at this time are personnel who are separating or retiring, all others will be on standby until the DOD stop movement is lifted.

All Car Base dealerships are closed for the next two weeks.


Road taxes will still need to be paid as we cannot waive Italian Law. Personnel affected by the PCS Stop-loss will have the option to either pay month-to-month or pay for two months. By doing this, personnel will have the ability to drive their secondary POV’s without having their vehicle registration be expired. This will also prevent personnel from being fined and their vehicles be towed away by the Carbs for not paying their road taxes.