Update 3/25/2020

Effective through the period of the current decree the Aviano Chaplain Corps will provide the following and also seeks input on other needs and ways to provide for them. We encourage everyone to check on their neighbors virtually. A kind text message or call; a funny joke or meme can sometimes change the direction of someone’s day. We know there are many who are already helping one another with personal needs. Please reach out for help. If you don’t know who to reach out to, call the Chaplain Corps office and we will help or get you the help you need.

  1. Aviano AB Virtual Services – All are welcome at any of these events regardless of faith preference. We are constantly experimenting with new services and ways to bring them to you.
    1. (Catholic) Sunday 0900: Glorious Mysteries of the Holy Rosary followed by Holy Mass via the St. Joseph Catholic Community Facebook page (
      1. Scripture readings for the Holy Mass can be found on the St. Joseph Catholic Community Page
    2. (Protestant) Sunday 1100: Worship/Prayer Service offered by a rotation of 31 FW Protestant Chaplains via the Aviano Chapel Facebook page (
      1. Send prayer requests the Aviano Chapel Facebook page via FB messenger before 1030. Prayers will all be anonymous
      2. Lord's Supper will be conducted on the 1st Sunday of the month. Bring your own bread and juice/wine.
    3. (Catholic) Sunday 1800; Evening Prayer from the Liturgy of the Hours (timed with families especially in mind) via the St. Joseph Catholic Community Facebook page (
      1. A link to the readings can be found on the St. Joseph Community page.
    4. (Catholic) Sunday 2000: Night Prayer from the Liturgy of the Hours (timed with families especially in mind) via the St. Joseph Catholic Community Facebook page (
      1. A link to the readings can be found on the St. Joseph Community page
    5. (Protestant) Wednesday 1500: Protestant Women of the Chapel (PWOC) Meeting. Zoom Meeting ID: 704 971 6448
    6. (Protestant) Wednesday 1900: Protestant Youth of the Chapel (PYOC) Meeting. Interested youth or parents contact Ch Capt Michael McDonald 0434-30-5211.
    7. (Protestant) Wednesday 1930: Protestant Adult Bible Study. Zoom Meeting ID: 915 914 8268
    8. (Catholic) Thursdays 1500: Catholic Women of the Chapel meeting. They are listening to the Abiding together Podcase prior to meeting. Then they will meet virtually for four weeks starting March 26 and discuss the Podcast on Thursdays.
      1. Meet at Google classroom: "Aviano CWOC" To get classroom code, please email
      2. Podcast: Abiding Together
      3. Google classroom:
    9. (Catholic) Days Vary (See St. Joseph Community page for details) 1900: Religious Education - Study of upcoming Sunday Mass readings. Led by our Seminarians online via Google Hangouts Meet. sessions will be recorded and posted on the St joseph's Catholic Community, Aviano Facebook for later viewing.
      1. Join Hangouts Meet
      2. Watch live stream
      3. Join by phone +1 413-998-6001 PIN: ‪632 470 229#
    10. (Catholic) Days Vary (See St. Joseph Community page for details) 1900: Religious Education - Study of upcoming Sunday Mass readings. Led by our Seminarians online via Google Hangouts Meet. sessions will be recorded and posted on the St joseph's Catholic Community, Aviano Facebook for later viewing.
      1. Join Hangouts Meet
      2. Watch live stream
      3. Join by phone +1 413-998-6001 PIN: ‪632 470 229#
  2. Prayer for the Community - Send any prayer request to us at the Aviano Chapel FB page ( to have the staff pray for that need. Mark your prayer "Private Prayer." Prayers marked "private prayer" will not be included in the Sunday 1100 prayer service, but will be prayed for by our chaplain corps staff.

Additional Chaplain Corps Support

Unitarian Universalist

Ch, Capt Greg Dubow, Ramstein AB: Finding stories of resilience during troubled times. (2:09).



Ch, Capt Atajanow, Ramstein AB: An Islamic perspective on trial and tribulation. (1:07).

Ramadan 2020

Ramadan began the evening of Thursday, April 23 and ends the evening of Saturday, May 23. Resources and information are available from the following links:

Ramadan Air Force Memo

Ramadan Booklet

Ramadan Planner

Ramadan Pocket Guide

Ramadan Information 2020


Religious / Spiritual / Philosophical Resources

A variety of resources are available for all religious, spiritual ,and philosophical beliefs at the following websites.

(Astaru, Neo-Norse, Paganism) These religions have a wide umbrella of belief. The following are some keywords to use when researching these belief systems. "Heathen Talk" "Asatru’s Greatest Hits or Links for Newbies" "Real Heathenry" "A World Full of Gods" "Our Troth - Kveldulf Gundarsson" "Runelore" "Way of the Heathen" "The Norse Myths" "Teutonic Mythology" "Urglaawe Terminology""

(Buddhism) Zencast podcast - An extension of Can be found on most podcast services. This is a Buddhist podcast sharing a new Dharma lesson each Sunday.

(Buddhism) Free Guided Meditations -
This website provides mindful mediation podcasts that are free. They are offered in English and Spanish.

(Catholic) Free Religious Education - "The Eucharist in Scripture" by renowned scholar Scott Hahn. Six segments of about 30 minutes. Gives parents and children excellent insights into the Eucharist which can help your own deeper understanding of this sacrament. -

(Catholic) Faithmag -
A digital magazine of inciteful articles to enhance your spiritual fitness from the Catholic diocese of East Lansing, Michigan.

(Catholic) Word on Fire -
Dedicated to understanding the Catholic faith and the world today, this site has thoughtful videos, blogs and other resources.

(Catholic) Catholic Christian Outreach -
A university student movement dedicated to providing resources on spiritual growth. Their lessons focus on how to live in the fullness of the Catholic faith, with a strong emphasis on leadership.

(Catholic) The Understanding the Scriptures Podcast:

(Catholic) Bishop Robert Barron’s theological studies:

(Catholic) Busted Halo: faith shared joyfully:

(Ecumenical) Pray as You Go -
Podcast - currently has a special feature called "Pray as You Stay." Follows the Ignatian method. Provides general prayer resources such as the "Lectio Divina."  The website also offers various prayers such as a "Prayer for Loneliness."  An app is available via Apple and Google stores.

(General Spirituality) Service-Growth -
This general spirituality portal contains over 600 resources linking you to the wide range of groups, initiatives, and resources engaged in supporting a quantum shift in human consciousness as well as individual spiritual growth.

(Humanism) Church of Spiritual Humanism -
This website has many resources to aid a practice and enrich the life of anyone who identifies with humanism.

(Jewish) JWB Jewish Chaplains Council –
A website supporting Jewish personnel of the Armed Forces with resources and information and advocacy concerning Jewish life.

(Multi-faith) Labyrinths or
Labyrinths of various kinds are available both online and for print.

(Multi-Faith) Patheos -
This website provides a wide variety of spiritual and religious resources. Many different faiths are represented on this site.

(Multi-Faith) Spirituality and Practice -
Serves people of all the world’s religions and spiritual paths and those with no tradition to provide the wisdom and practices of spiritual traditions from across the globe.

(Multi-Faith) Religion Facts - This website provides free information on the world’s major religions, as well as the rituals and customs that go along with them.

(Multi-Faith) Beliefnet -
Beliefnet helps people find and walk a spiritual path that instills comfort, hope, strength and happiness. It is through this discovery that their readers are empowered to live a more meaningful life.

(Protestant) Eternal Leadership podcast -
An extension of Can be found on most podcast services. This is a Protestant Christian based podcast dedicated to equip and inspire leaders to accomplish what God has created in them!

(Yoga) Yoga Alliance -
A website that explains what yoga is and how it can be beneficial for one’s health and mind. The website allows one to find yoga instructors near them and different yoga’s practiced within their community.


Resiliency Resources

Painting with the Pastor: Painting Piancavallo
Engage where you are! This YouTube art tutorial invites you to paint/draw a local landmark, Piancavallo. Painting with the Pastor is a deliberate effort by our Chaplain Corps to care and connect through art, offering a free, positive and fun activity for Airmen and families. This art tutorial is open and free for everybody with access to YouTube, although is more suited to older children, youth and/or adults. Upload a photo your or your family’s project to the YouTube comments for the opportunity to receive a Ch Ramos original oil painting. Random selection on 30 April 2020 (must have APO).
Find the instruction on YouTube at

Real Warriors Campaign:
Provides resources to service members, veterans, military families, and health professionals affected by obstacles that prevent them from seeking the care they require.

After deployment:
A website that provides wellness resources for the military community. The website provides self-assessments for a variety of needs including life stress, anxiety, anger, spirituality and work adjustment. It also provides additional websites for families and service members seeking other resources.

Sesame Street for Military Families:
Recognizes the need for first-rate media-based resources to support military families. For that reason, it launched bilingual, multimedia outreach initiatives that help military families and their young children cope with the challenges of deployment and build resilience in times of separation and change. www.sesamestreetformilitaryfamilies.orgs

Happiness Lab Podcase:
In the "Happiness Lab" podcase, Yale professor Dr. Laurie Santos will take you through the latest scientific research and share some surprising and inspiring stories that will forever alter the way you think about happiness. -- Coronavirus Bonus Episodes -- "Beat Your Isolation Loneliness."

Exercises to Increase Inner Personal Strength

Filling Your Spiritual Tank
Write down three or more activities/actions that bring you joy, brighten your day, or give you a great deal of fulfillment. These are things that "fill your spiritual tank."

Some examples are: going on a hike with my daughter, eating interesting foods at new restaurants, listening to my favorite band’s music, or reading crime novels. Spiritual/religious activities might include singing worshipful songs, praying daily, meditating each morning, fellowshipping/conversing with people who are a part of my beliefs, principles or values community, or serving those in need.

Taking a Daily Vacation

  • Researchers have learned that the number of positive emotions we have are more important than the intensity of those positive emotions. This means more frequent positive emotions are more likely to help you than more intense positive emotions. Daily vacations give opportunities for frequent positive emotions.
  • Even when your life is in the fast-lane you can find time to actively enjoy and appreciate the experiences in your life as they happen.
  • Taking a small "vacation" every day helps us enjoy experiences as they happen. For example, take a walk, chat with friends, take a hot bath, or watch the sunrise with a mug of tea. The only limit is your imagination. Most importantly, choose something you enjoy.
  • Daily vacations can last just a few minutes and still let you relax and set aside your worries and fears.
  • During your daily vacation, note how you are feeling. What positive emotions are you experiencing? Take note of them.
  • Daily vacations are most effective when you plan them in advance so you can look forward to them. Consider putting your daily vacation on your schedule.

Gratitude Letter

  1. Choose an individual that has been especially kind to you but has never heard you express your gratitude.
  2. Write a gratitude letter describing in concrete terms why you are grateful.
  3. If possible, deliver the letter in-person and have the recipient read the letter in your presence (if in-person is not possible, then send the letter to them and follow it up with a phone call).

Gift of Time
Think of a person for whom you care. What might you be able to do for this person that entails nothing more than the giving of your time and indeed that takes time? Certainly, there are acts of kindness that entail gifts of money or goods, but in this exercise, time is of the essence. Plan a gift of time for this person and give it freely, whether it means doing something with them or something for them. Spend as much time as needed to do the favor well and do not take any shortcuts. Finally, do not tell the recipient of your gift how much time you spend—let the gift speak for itself.

Two Good Things

  1. At the end of each day, write down three things that went well during the day. Do this every night for one week. The three things you list can be relatively small in importance ("my husband picked up my favorite ice cream for dessert on the way home from work today.") or relatively large in importance ("My sister just gave birth to a healthy baby boy").
  2. After each positive event on your list, answer in your own words the question, "Why did this good thing happen?" For example, you might speculate that your husband picked up ice cream "because he can be really thoughtful" or "because I remembered to call him from work and remind him to stop by the grocery store." When asked why your sister gave birth to a healthy baby boy, you might explain, "God was looking out for her" or "She did everything right during her pregnancy."



Aviano Air Base Chaplain Corps Virtual Counseling Available 24/7
During duty hours: 0434-30-5211
After hours: 0434-30-3100 Command Post will patch you to duty chaplain
Chaplains available to units during duty hours.

Contact/Online Resources
General Info Page:

The Refuge @ Area F
Open during duty hours for personal use, but closed after hours.
Relaxation Room (massage chairs, max 2 people at a time)

Protestant Women of the Chapel (PWOC)

Protestant Men of the Chapel (PMOC)

St Joseph Catholic Community

Catholic Women of the Chapel (CWOC)

Mobile Applications

Virtual Hope Box: Helps reduce symptoms of depression with a digital version of hope box therapy

Mindfulness Coach: Learn to practice mindfulness meditation to live in the present

Moving Forward: Learn problem-solving techniques that help you make better decisions

CBT-I Coach: Improve sleep habits

Concussion Coach: Identify concussion symptoms and cope with related problems

CPT Coach: Support for those in cognitive processing therapy

Mood Coach: Boost your mood with positive activities

Parenting2Go: Strengthen your relationships with your children

PE Coach: Supports the tasks associated with prolonged exposure treatment for PTSD

PTSD Coach: Get support in managing PTSD symptoms

PTSD Family Coach: Helps family members living with someone with PTSD

Stay Quit: Helps prevent relapse after smoking cessation

Call Center Resources

Be There Peer Assistance Line
Peer support call and outreach center at (844) 357-7337 or (480)-360-6188 (text).

Psychological Health Resource Center
24/7 center providing information/referrals about psychological health at (877)995-5247.

DOD Safe Helpline
24/7 sexual assault support at (877) 995-5274.

Military OneSource
24/7 comprehensive information on every aspect of military life at (800) 342-9647

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