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DODEA Questions

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We are asking that parents reach out to the School Liaison Office. Their role is to act as a community facilitator: connecting schools, families, and community services to address education issues impacting military children. They can be contacted by calling 0434-30-6084 or through their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/avianoschoolliaisonofficer/.

From Aviano School Liaison Office Facebook:

“Families with Children in Italian Schools -

I encourage you to email your schools for information about their individual policies regarding making up school, catching children up, etc. However, please keep in mind that many schools may not be in office during school closures.

Once school resumes, these policies and procedures will be communicated via your school. There are still a lot of variables that can affect what these procedures look like. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s education, please contact me for assistance.

My DSN is 632-6084. I can also be reached via email at aviano.slo@us.af.mil.”

Since Italy has declared a national public health emergency, the decision to reopen schools and other facilities will happen at the national level. Once the President of Italy along with his council of ministers feels the emergency has subsided, the decision will be made to return to normal. Until such time, we will continue to work with our Italian partners and abide by any decrees set down by the Italian government.

DoDEA leadership is engaging with teachers and staff directly.

No. DODEA has a policy that says that no students are allowed in the school during the time of closure due to supervision and health concerns.

If you need assistance with DoDEA classes, please contact the teachers at: first.last@dodea.edu or first.last@student.dodea.edu

DoDEA will determine the school schedule. As decisions are made school administrators will pass the information to parents.

Yes. Italy has declared a national public health emergency, and as such these decrees have the force of law.