Updated 05/01/2022 

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Update – Italy lifts major COVID-19 restrictions 

Italy is relaxing its COVID-19 rules. Starting 1 May 2022:

  • No Green Pass of any kind is required to use services within Italy. This means you no longer need to show an original or super green pass to do things such as eat inside restaurants; go to museums; visit cinemas, spas, or gyms; or travel within Italy.*

From 1 May through 15 June 2022, the wear of face coverings is no longer required, except for those over the age of six in the following circumstances:

  • In medical, mental health, and dental treatment areas;
  • At cinemas/theaters (requires an FFP2 mask);
  • For spectators at indoor sports events (requires an FFP2 mask);
  • On public transportation (requires an FFP2 mask);
  • This includes travel on airplanes, trains, interregional ships and  ferries, buses (including school buses);
  • In rented or contracted buses;
  • In U.S. Government cars, vans, or other low occupancy transportation vehicles driven on the installation. (Per Department of Defense Force Health Protection Guidance)
  • The wear of face coverings is recommended (but not required) in all other indoor facilities open to the public.
  • Schools, child and youth care facilities: Through the end of the school year, host nation law requires students over the age of six and staff to wear a surgical or FFP2 face covering while in school (individuals with medical conditions or disabilities preventing wear of a mask are exempt).

*Before traveling outside Italy, check if your destination requires a green pass or other proof of COVID-19 vaccination/testing. Also, see the Updated Travel Guidance section below for Italy’s current entry requirements.

Restriction on Movement (ROM)

31 FW updated guidelines regarding ROM following exposure to a COVID-19 positive person.

Military members who live with a COVID-19 positive person must ROM for 5 days from the date of the first contact with the positive person following the date the positive person tested positive or the date the person began to exhibit symptoms (whichever came first). These members may exit ROM with a negative COVID test administered by the MDG. Individuals will self-monitor for symptoms and continue to wear an FFP2 mask until Day 10. If symptoms begin, the member will call 31 MDG to schedule a test.

All other close contacts of a COVID-19 positive person must self-monitor for symptoms and wear an FFP2 mask until 10 days after their last contact with the positive individual. If close contacts experience COVID-like symptoms, they need stay home and call the MDG to schedule a COVID test.

Positive COVID Cases:  Contact 31 MDG COMM: 0434-30-5000 or DSN: 632-5000.

MDG Symptomatic Appointments Beginning 4 April

Beginning 4 April, 31 MDG will change their appointment procedures for patients with COVID-like symptoms. Individuals who have NOT been a close contact of a COVID-19 positive person in the last 10 days, may be seen in the MDG for an appointment.  They must show proof of a negative at-home COVID-19 test performed on the same day as the scheduled appointment.

Patients with COVID-like symptoms who are a close contact of a positive person must schedule a test through the MDG before they can be seen.

Patients who would like to be tested by the MDG and are not a close contact, may still schedule a test through the appointment line.

Schools -- Through the End of School Year

  • Face coverings required for anyone over 6 years old (individuals with medical conditions or disabilities are exempt).
  • Only COVID positive students move to virtual education.
  • Close-Contact at School – Even if there are 4+ COVID positive cases, in-person schooling continues.  Everyone required to wear FFP2 masks for 10 days from date of close-contact.
  • Close-Contact Showing Symptoms – Close-contacts showing symptoms must take a COVID test and can continue to attend school if the test is negative.  If test is negative and person still shows symptoms, person must take another COVID test 5 days after close-contact. 
  • Social Distancing – 1 meter is recommended but not required. 
  • Fieldtrips permitted.

Vaccination Definition:

When am I considered fully vaccinated?               

 In Italy, you are considered fully vaccinated if you meet any of the following criteria:                        

  1. If you take a vaccination that requires two shots (such as Pfizer or Moderna), then you are considered to be fully vaccinated 14 days after you receive the second shot.
  2. If you take a vaccination that requires only one shot (such as Johnson & Johnson), then you are considered to be fully vaccinated 14 days after you receive that shot.
  3. If you received a booster following your original vaccination, then you are considered fully vaccinated.

Does my vaccination expire?          

First, please note boosters do not expire.  Once you receive a booster, it is considered valid within Italy without time limitation.

If you have not received a booster, then to enter Italy without quarantine you must have been fully vaccinated within the last 9 months OR have proof of recovery within the last 6 months OR have a negative COVID test.

Other countries may have different requirements for entry and access to facilities and services. 

Please see the Update Travel Guidance tab below for further detail.



The COVID-19 self-testing center closed on 13 January 2022. As a reminder, your respective units are now the PRIMARY location for official & leisure RAPID/ANTIGEN testing needs. The COVID-19 Cell team has trained over 110 personnel throughout the 31 FW and has provided COVID Antigen kits  for official testing only. For leisure travel, it is still the member’s responsibility to provide a test kit for self-testing. The capabilities and rules remain the same. Your unit representatives have been briefed and will inform you of the Rules of Engagement within your unit. If you need a test, please contact your First Sergeant to find out who has been trained to test within your unit.



Re-Open EU


  1. Reopen Europe Highly recommend checking destination country for travel requirements before departure.

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