Garden Waste Collection

Community Waste Collection

Off-base waste collection centers are fully operational. Visit

To schedule an appointment for bulky items home pick-up service, schedule an appointment via email to: Giovanna Coppola (community recycling liaison 31 CES/CEI) 

Email must include:

  • Full name and address of the requester
  • Landlord/landlady info and contact information

Items for Disposal

Wet waste and dry waste will not be picked up. Bulky items are: furniture, outdoor furniture (like plastic and wood), electrical and electronic household appliances, toys, mirrors, and etc. A full list of items that can be brought to the waste collection centers are posted on the Aviano recycling webpage and they can be read on the refuse calendars of the communities.

Plastic/aluminum, paper/cardboard, glass can be disposed in the appropriate trash containers as per refuse calendars procedures. If you wish to take your waste to your community ecological platform, you must maintain social distances, wear mask and gloves, and avoid gathering.

Information about ecological platforms/waste collection centers:

  • Waste must be separated (no mixed)
  • Every community in the local area has an ecological platform or community dump.
  • The rules vary by community, but they exist to help dispose of bulk items.
  • No ecological platform will allow unsorted trash to be dropped off. Plan ahead to get rid of smaller items in an incremental and systematic manner.

For more information or questions, contact the Community Recycling Liaison, Giovanna Coppola, at 0434-30-2511.

Documents for Travel

Self Declaration (Italian/English) updated 5/5/2020

Self-Declaration is needed only when traveling outside your REGION.

Steps to Fill Out in Self-Declaration Form:

  • Top section: Name, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Italian City Residing, Province Residing (i.e. PN or VT), Street Address, Photo ID Type* and Number, Issuing Authority (i.e. US Government), Date ID Issued, and Phone Number.
  • Second Section: Address of place you are departing from and address of where you are going.
  • Section to Declare: Why are you traveling (i.e. work, doctor appointment, etc.)

*Type of ID to enter and carry on your person:

  • Italian Residence Card
  • Military Photo ID
  • Soggiorno (dependents)
  • Passport