Recycling--Do your part

In Italy, recycling is required by law and not complying may result in fines. Additionally, bringing waste on base for disposal is against the law.

Every community in the local area has an ecological platform or community dump. The rules vary by community, but they exist to help dispose of bulk items. These ecological platforms won't allow unsorted trash to be dropped off. Plan ahead to get rid of smaller items in an incremental and systematic manner.

For more information or questions, contact the Community Recycling Liaison, Giovanna Coppola, at DSN 632-2511.


PCSing? Need to dispose of bulky items?

Contact the Community Liaision at 632-2511 for assistance.

Updates to the calendars below will occur as the Italian Communities update their websites. A 2019 is marked beside each city as the link is updated.

Click the town to view specific recycling guidelines.
If you cannot find your town, press ctrl+F and search the page as some towns fall under a parent community.

Arba (Calendar)
Inluding Colle

Aviano (Calendar)
Including Castello, Villotta, Piante, Pedemonte, San Martino Di Campagna, Giais, Marsure, Costa

Azzano Decimo (Calendar)
Including Fagnigola, Tiezzo, Corvo

Budoia (Calendar)
Including Dardago, Santa Lucia

Brugnera (Calendar)
Includes Maron, Tamai, Villa Varda

Caneva (Calendar)

Including Fiaschetti, Fratta di Caneva, Sarone, Stevenà

Casarsa della Delizia (Calendar) Including San Giovanni di Casarsa
Castelnova del Friuli (Calendar)

Including Braida-Vidunza, Costa - Cruz, Graves, Oltrerugo

Cavasso Nuovo (Calendar)
Including Orgnese

Chions (Calendar)
Including Basedo, Taiedo, Villotta di Chions

Cordenons (Calendar) (2019)
Including Villa d'Arco

Cordignano (Calendar)
Including Villa di Villa, Pinidello, Ponte della Muda

Fanna (Calendar)

Fiume Veneto (Calendar)
Includes Bannia, Cimpello, Pescincanna, Praturlone

Fontanafredda (Calendar)
Including Casut, Talmassons, Nave, Ranzano, Romano, Ceolini, Vigonovo, Villadolt

Gaiarine (Calendar)
Including Francenigo, Albina, Campolino, Calderano

Maniago (Calendar)
Including Maniago Libero, Campagna, Dandolo, Fratta di Maniago, Manlago di Mezzo

Montereale Valcellina (Calendar) (2019)
Including Grizzo, Malnisio, Partidor, San Leonardo

Orsago (Calendar)
Including Bavaroi, Bosco 

Pasiano di Pordenone (Calendar)
Including Cecchini, Visinale, Rivarotta, Azzanello, Sant'Andrea

Polcenigo (Calendar)
Including Coltura, Fontaniva, Mezzomonte, Masat, San Giovanni, Gorgazzo, Range, Santissima, Sottocolle

Porcia (Calendar)
Including Palse, Pieve, Rondover, Roraipiccolo, Sant'Antonio, Talponedo

Pordenone (2019)
      City center and Historical center (Calendar)
      Area outside city center (Calendar)
      North and South areas (Calendar)

Portobuffole (Calendar)
Including Settimo, Mansue, Ronche di Portobuffole, Fae'

Portogruaro (Calendar)
Including Portovecchio, Giussago, Lugugnana, Pradizoppo, Summaga, Lison, Mazzolada

Prata di Pordenone (Calendar) (2019)
Including Ghirano, Villanova di Prata di PN, Puja, Prata di Sopra, Borgo Passo, Le Monde, Peressine

Roveredo (2019)
      Including Borgonuova, Cevolini I, Cevolini II (Calendar)
      Industrial (Calendar)

Sacile (Calendar)
Including Cavolano, San Giovanni del Tempio, San Giovanni di Livenza, San Michele, Sant'Odorico, Schiavoi, Topaligo, Villorba, Vistorta

San Giorgio della Richinvelda (Calendar)
Including Aurava, Cosa, Pozzo, Provesano, Domanis, Rauscedo

San Quirino (Calendar) (2019)
Including San Foca, Sedrano, Villotte

San Vito al Tagliamento (Calendar)
Including Carbona, Gleris, Ligugnana, Rosa, San Vito e Prodolone, Savorgnano

Sarmede (Calendar)
Including Rugolo, Montaner

Spilimbergo (Calendar)
Including Barbeano, Baseglia, Gaio, Gradisca, Istrago, Tauriano, Vacile

Vajont (Calendar)

Vittorio Veneto - (Calendar for Yellow & Orange areas)
Including Carpesica, Confin, Fadalto, Formeniga, Manzana, Nove-San Floriano, San Giacomo di Veglia

Vivaro (Calendar)

Zoppola (Calendar)
Including Castions, Cusano, Murlis, Orcenico Inferiore, Orcenico Superiore, Ovoledo, Poincicco, Cevraia, San Valentino

For more information about off-base recycling, call Giovanna Coppola at DSN 632-2511.

Base Recycling

The base recycling center is open from 1 to 4 p.m. Monday thru Friday. It is located adjacent to building 10462 on Area F. Customers can call DSN 632-5770 or 0434-30-5770 for more information.

Accepted items are:
Green waste
Bulk trash/furniture
Electrical items/TV's

Only on-base generated items are accepted. No household or off-base waste will be taken.

DLA Disposition Services
Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Property Turn In: Tuesday - Thursday 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., by appointment
Call DSN 632-6233/6067/5082 for assistance.