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Recycling--Do your part

In Italy, recycling is required by law and not complying may result in fines. Additionally, bringing waste on base for disposal is against the law.

Every community in the local area has an ecological platform or community dump. The rules vary by community, but they exist to help dispose of bulk items. These ecological platforms won't allow unsorted trash to be dropped off. Plan ahead to get rid of smaller items in an incremental and systematic manner.

For more information or questions, contact the Community Recycling Liaison, Giovanna Coppola, at DSN 632-2511.

Leaving Aviano? Need to dispose of big or bulky items?

Contact the Community Liaision at 632-2511 for assistance.



Community Recycling Calendars

Thank you to Clan Enapay - gruppo AGESCI Porcia 1, a local Scout group that designed a Community Recycling website in English. Each year the group must complete a community project and in 2020 they choose to help their American neighbors by consolidating the recycling calendars for the local area into an easy to use website.

Community Collection Center Bulky Waste Pickup

Off-base waste collection centers are fully operational. To schedule an appointment for bulky items home pick-up service, schedule an appointment via email to: Giovanna Coppola (community recycling liaison 31 CES/CEI) 

*Important Notice: Service must be requested only by email and at least three weeks in advance, precisely because the service is addressed to all users in the municipality and not only for American users. It is not the Aviano AB  that decides the service, but the companies that manage the waste collection service for the different municipalities. We remind you that the service is on payment and that the costs of the service vary from Municipality to Municipality and from the waste management companies. Costs of the service can vary according to the quantity of bulky items to be picked up (from a minimum of 60 euros to a maximum and more than 200 euros). Therefore, we invite users to personally bring waste at the ecological platforms of residence (it is free of charge).

We would also like to remind you that in order to have access to the ecological platforms, it is necessary to have an identity card and a copy of the first page of the rental contract (this is proof that the user resides in that municipality).

Access to the ecological platforms of Cordenons, Roveredo in Piano, Pordenone and San Quirino is allowed only with the badge issued by GEA (information are well explained on the refuse calendars), while for Budoia, user must go to the environmental office of the municipality of Budoia (always bringing the rental contract). For assistance call or send an email to Giovanna

For what above indicated, it is mandatory to contact the own landlord/landlady and ask him/her to provide the tenant with the badge.

Badge needs to be requested at the above indicated offices. Badge, once issued, will be delivered to the tenants by the landlord/landlady. It is understood that for any inconvenience, support and assistance users should contact via email to Giovanna Coppola

It is important to know that in accordance with Italian Environmental Law and Municipal Regulations, it is strictly forbidden to dispose of waste to the various municipalities where the user is not a resident, as this would be an administrative violation.  It is also strictly forbidden to dispose of waste generated at own home on Base.

Email must include:

  • Full name and address of the requester, including the cell phone number
  • Landlord/landlady info and contact information, including the cell phone number
  • Detailed list of items that needs to rid of
  • Service does not include the pickup of non-recyclable dry waste and used clothes

Bulky Items

Bulky items are: furniture, outdoor furniture (like plastic and wood), electrical and electronic household appliances, toys, mirrors, and etc. A full list of items that can be brought to the waste collection centers are posted below and they can be read on the refuse calendars of the communities. Wet waste and dry waste will not be picked up.

Plastic/aluminum, paper/cardboard, glass can be disposed in the appropriate trash containers as per refuse calendars procedures. If you wish to take your waste to your community ecological platform, you must maintain social distances, wear mask and gloves, and avoid gathering.

Information about ecological platforms/waste collection centers:

  • Waste must be separated (no mixed)
  • Every community in the local area has an ecological platform or community dump.
  • The rules vary by community, but they exist to help dispose of bulk items.
  • No ecological platform will allow unsorted trash to be dropped off. Plan ahead to get rid of smaller items in an incremental and systematic manner.

For more information or questions, contact the Community Recycling Liaison, Giovanna Coppola, at 0434-30-2511.

PCS Recycling Guidance

There are many things to do on your PCS out of Aviano. Discarding unwanted items during the “PCS Purge” can be a simple process if done early and correctly. During your time in Italy you collect new things, but you also outgrown others. Some things can be sold or donated, but everything that needs to be thrown out must be done correctly. Every community in the local area has an Ecological Platform, the Italian equivalent of the city dump.  The rules for use vary by community, but they do exist and you need to use them for bulky items.  They don’t allow you to drop off bags of unsorted trash. You can get rid of smaller excess items in an incremental/systematic manner through your normal “mixed waste” trash can.  If you have a lot to get rid of this may take months. If you wait until the last week, you can expect to have to pay for excess waste removal.  Remember, you cannot bring your waste to base. Likewise, if you dump your trash off base you are breaking the law and will be fined. Plan ahead for a smooth PCS.  Don’t wait until you have orders to do the “PCS Purge” - make it a seasonal habit.

Community Guides to Recycling

Click the town name to view specific recycling guidelines. Click the "2022 Calendar" link beside your community name to download the 2022 community recycling calendar. A "2022 Calendar" link will appear as new calendars are added for each community. Calendars include January and February of the next year; so, be sure to scroll to the end of the pdf to check its end month.

If you cannot find your town, press ctrl+F and search the page as some towns fall under a parent community.

Note* - In the calendars of Pordenone, Roveredo, Cordenons, San Quirino, Montereale Valcellina and Prata di Pordenone the phrase, "Bags/containers must be placed inside your residence." It should read instead, “Bags/containers must be placed outside your residence”

Arba (2022 Calendar) (Glass Notice)
Inluding Colle

Aviano (2022 Calendar)
Including Castello, Villotta, Piante, Pedemonte, San Martino Di Campagna, Giais, Marsure, Costa

Azzano Decimo (2022 Calendar) (Glass Notice)
Including Fagnigola, Tiezzo, Corvo

Budoia (2022 Calendar)
Including Dardago, Santa Lucia

Brugnera (2022 Calendar) (Glass Notice)
Includes Maron, Tamai, Villa Varda

Caneva (2022 Calendar)
Including Fiaschetti, Fratta di Caneva, Sarone, StevenĂ 

Casarsa della Delizia (2022 Calendar) (Glass Notice)
Including San Giovanni di Casarsa

Castelnova del Friuli (2022 Calendar) (Glass Notice)
Including Braida-Vidunza, Costa - Cruz, Graves, Oltrerugo

Cavasso Nuovo (2022 Calendar)
Including Orgnese

Chions (2022 Calendar) (Glass Notice)
Including Basedo, Taiedo, Villotta di Chions

Cordenons (2022 Calendar) 
Including Villa d'Arco

Cordignano (2019 Calendar)
Including Villa di Villa, Pinidello, Ponte della Muda

Fanna (2022 Calendar)

Fiume Veneto (2022 Calendar) (Glass Notice)
Includes Bannia, Cimpello, Pescincanna, Praturlone

Fontanafredda (2022 Calendar) (Glass Notice)
Including Casut, Talmassons, Nave, Ranzano, Romano, Ceolini, Vigonovo, Villadolt

Gaiarine (2019 Calendar)
Including Francenigo, Albina, Campolino, Calderano

Maniago (2022 Calendar)
Including Maniago Libero, Campagna, Dandolo, Fratta di Maniago, Manlago di Mezzo

Montereale Valcellina (2022 Calendar)
Including Grizzo, Malnisio, Partidor, San Leonardo

Orsago (2019 Calendar)
Including Bavaroi, Bosco 

Pasiano di Pordenone (2022 Calendar) (Glass Notice)
Including Cecchini, Visinale, Rivarotta, Azzanello, Sant'Andrea

Polcenigo (2022 Calendar) (Glass Notice)
Including Coltura, Fontaniva, Mezzomonte, Masat, San Giovanni, Gorgazzo, Range, Santissima, Sottocolle

Porcia (2022 Calendar) (Glass Notice)
Including Palse, Pieve, Rondover, Roraipiccolo, Sant'Antonio, Talponedo

      Recycling Brochure (Red, Blue, Green)
      City center and Historical center (2022 Calendar)
      Area outside city center (2022 Calendar)
      North and South Green areas (Map) (2022 Calendar)

      Blue Area (Map) (2022 Calendar)
      Red Area (Map) (2022 Calendar)
      Yellow Area (Map) (2022 Calendar)

Portobuffole (2019 Calendar)
Including Settimo, Mansue, Ronche di Portobuffole, Fae'

Prata di Pordenone (2022 Calendar)
Including Ghirano, Villanova di Prata di PN, Puja, Prata di Sopra, Borgo Passo, Le Monde, Peressine

(2022 Calendar)
Including Borgonuova, Ceolini I, Ceolini II 

Sacile (2022 Calendar) (Glass Notice)
Including Cavolano, San Giovanni del Tempio, San Giovanni di Livenza, San Michele, Sant'Odorico, Schiavoi, Topaligo, Villorba, Vistorta

San Giorgio della Richinvelda (2022 Calendar) (Glass Notice)
Including Aurava, Cosa, Pozzo, Provesano, Domanis, Rauscedo

San Quirino (2022 Calendar) 
Including San Foca, Sedrano, Villotte

Items Approved for Ecological Disposal
Garden waste disposal at the Municipal Ecological Platform changes here

San Vito al Tagliamento (2022 Calendar) (Glass Notice)
Including Carbona, Gleris, Ligugnana, Rosa, San Vito e Prodolone, Savorgnano

Sarmede (2019 Calendar)
Including Rugolo, Montaner

Spilimbergo (2022 Calendar) (Glass Notice)
Including Barbeano, Baseglia, Gaio, Gradisca, Istrago, Tauriano, Vacile

Vajont (2022 Calendar)

Vivaro (2022 Calendar)

Zoppola (2022 Calendar) (Glass Notice)
Including Castions, Cusano, Murlis, Orcenico Inferiore, Orcenico Superiore, Ovoledo, Poincicco, Cevraia, San Valentino

For more information about off-base recycling, call Giovanna Coppola at 0434-30-2511.

On Base Recycling

Base Recycling

The base recycling center is open from 1 to 4 p.m. Monday thru Friday. It is located adjacent to building 10462 on Area F. Customers can call DSN 632-5770 or 0434-30-5770 for more information.

Accepted items are:
Green waste
Bulk trash/furniture
Electrical items/TV's

Only on-base generated items are accepted. No household or off-base waste will be taken.

DLA Disposition Services
Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Property Turn In: Tuesday - Thursday 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., by appointment
Call DSN 632-6233/6067/5082 for assistance.