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Case Management Services

31 MDG Shield31st Medical Group Case Manager

Regina Mini, RN, BSN, CLC
Aviano AB, Area 1 
Phone: (+39) 0434-30-5360 / DSN: (314) 632-5360
Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday from 0730 - 1630

What is Medical Case Management?

Case management helps you gain control of your illness, injury, or situation. The Case Manager oversees and ensures that your care plan continues to meet your healthcare needs.

Your Primary Care Provider, Nurse, and the Case Manager are part of the team that help you make plans and decisions about your health goals. you will plan with the Case Manager to ensure that you get the right help that you need to improve.

Why Would I need Case Management?

  • Multiple medical problems
  • Complicated illness or injury
  • Multiple referrals
  • Repeated admissions
  • Adjustment to illness
  • Multiple providers
  • Ordering medical equipment
  • Chronic or terminal illness
  • Crisis intervention

Contact Information

Aviano DSNs:

  • Medical Appointments: 632-5000
  • Dental Appointments: 632-5060
  • Referral Mgmt: 632-5792/5782
  • HBA/BCAC/DCAO: 632-5067
  • TRICARE Service Cntr: 632-5133
  • Patient Liaisons: 632-5408
  • Patient Advocate: 632-5002
Other Numbers:
  • International SOS: +(44) 20-8762-8384 (option 1)
  • International SOS Toll Free (from Italy): 800-915-994
  • 24hr Nurse Advice Line (from Italy): 800-877-660
  • 24hr Translation Service (from Italy): 800-915-994

Social Media:

Useful Websites:

  • TRICARE Overseas Program
  • TRICARE Europe
  • TRICARE Online
  • Wisconsin Physician Services (WPS) Claims Processor

Recommended Apps:

  • Aviano App: Aviano AB information and directory for medical service numbers and directions to local hospital
  • International SOS: TRICARE translation services
  • 112: GPS capability/provides emergency patient locations to call center agents
  • Emergenze FVG: displays local ER room wait times