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Having a Baby in Italy

What to Expect

Pregnancy Guide March 2020

Post Delivery Checklist March 2020

Upon notification of positive pregnancy from the Family Health Clinic, your Primary Care Manager will enter a referral for OB care in the local network. Referral management will aid in scheduling your first appointment at your chosen facility during the initial TRICARE briefing.

No OB care will be provided at the 31st Medical Group. Primary Care Mangers will still be available to address non-obstetric related concerns which may arise during the pregnancy.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The hospital must complete the transition from an In-patient to an Outpatient facility by 1 Oct 2018.

The section is closing because the clinic will no longer provide OB services. Nothing can be done to reverse this Department of Defense decision.
The Pordenone Hospital and Policlinico San Giorgio both offer these services. The Udine Hospital, roughly 40 miles from base, can be used for high-risk pregnancies/premature births. This hospital is fully equipped with a world-class NICU.
The local hospitals are fully licensed and accredited through the Italian accreditation system, which is equivalent to the U.S. Both can be toured before delivery.
The hospital offers a free shuttle service to and from the parking lot and main entrance (about ¼ mile). The shuttle operates Monday-Friday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Patients are not routinely referred to Germany or the U.S. for labor and delivery services. Any non-referred medical decisions are non-reimbursable.
Both local hospitals permit one adult person to be with a laboring mother. There are no restrictions on who this person can be. No one is allowed in the room during Cesarean deliveries.
Yes, one support person is allowed to stay with a mother after the baby is born. If a patient is in a semi-private room; however, support personnel are only allowed to stay during normal visiting hours.
Pordenone Hospital can manage normal to mildly complicated pregnancies and deliveries, and accepts patients who are at 32 weeks gestation and later. Udine Hospital can manage all pregnancies; however, they specialize in high-risk pregnancies and maternal-fetal medicine. Udine Hospital is capable of caring for premature babies delivered as early as 25 weeks gestation, and is equipped with a highly specialized NICU and Neonatology service.

The medical interpreters at the Pordenone hospital make notifications for active duty to the appropriate chain of command. For non-active duty beneficiaries, the patient must sign HIPAA and Italian medical release notification forms before any notifications are permitted. This is mandatory to ensure compliance with patient privacy laws. If a patient is incapacitated, the 31 MDG and 31 FSS will be notified and next of kin notifications will be made in accordance with the Casualty Affairs procedures.

Circumcisions are performed at the clinic, as requested by the parents, and during the first two weeks of life. After this, the procedure must be performed elsewhere, which will require a TRICARE referral. Call the clinic appointment line at 0434-30-5000 to schedule the procedure as early as possible.
The clinic will maintain a lactation consultant to assist mothers with breastfeeding support. In addition, Family Advocacy and Women Infants Children Overseas may also offer breastfeeding education and support.

Midwives at Pordenone Hospital, Policlinico San Giorgio and Udine Hospital teach breastfeeding techniques during the immediate, post-partum hospital stay. The majority of these midwives speak English and have an 88% breastfeeding success rate.
Pordenone and Policlinico both offer private rooms during the post-partum stay. The availability of private rooms is limited at both facility. A private room stay is not a TRICARE covered benefit and will be an out-of-pocket expense; rates vary at each facility.
Each facility will provide a list of recommended items to bring; however, patients are allowed to bring any additional and desired personal items.
Epidurals are available at both facilities. At Pordenone hospital there is a requirement for a prenatal evaluation to be performed by an anesthesiologist at 36 week gestation.

At Policlinico hospital the 36 week prenatal evaluation by an anesthesiologist is not required but highly recommended. There is an OB anesthesiologist on staff dedicated to managing epidurals for labor patients at this hospital.
The clinic will maintain a Women’s Health clinic staffed by an active duty Women’s Health nurse practitioner. Services include routine, non-pregnancy related gynecology services, and well woman exams and preventive care.
Effective 4 December, 2017 31st Medical Group Interpretation services offered at Pordenone Hospital will change as follows:

Availability of on-site services: 7:00 a.m. Monday - 7:00 a.m. Saturday. For assistance call the Command Post at DSN 632-3100 or commercial +39 0434-303100.

International SOS will supplement these services during weekend hours (7:00 a.m. Saturday - 7:00 a.m. Monday) thru their real time Telephonic Language Assistance Service. Beneficiaries can call collect or ask to be called back. There are phones in the Pordenone Hospital, which can be used to make contact.

TOP Regional Call Center: +(44)-20-8762-8384 (option 1)
Toll free number from Italy: 800-915-994

Please remember this service is for TRICARE Prime beneficiaries ONLY.
Yes. Both Pordenone hospitals offer tours to 31st FW beneficiaries. The 31st MDG will arrange such tours. Information will be posted on the AFMS-Aviano-31st Medical Group Facebook page at a future date.
The 31 MDG will maintain breastfeeding/lactation support staff post transition. The MDG will have trained lactation counselors to meet the need/assist mothers with breastfeeding support. In addition, the Family Advocacy Nurses (FANs) will continue to provide breastfeeding education/support and outreach. There is also the option to utilize the Women’s’ Infants, Children’s Overseas (WICO) office where breastfeeding education/support is available and is offered on a referral basis.

Breastfeeding/lactation education and support is available at Pordenone, Policlinico and Udine hospitals. All facilities are staffed with midwives who are trained to teach breastfeeding techniques during the immediate post-partum hospital stay. The majority of the midwives speak English and are able to assist/teach breastfeeding to new moms. The Italian midwives are strong advocates for breastfeeding and have an 88% breastfeeding success rate.
This varies by facility. Each facility provides a list of recommended items to bring to the hospital. However, patients are allowed to bring any additional personal items as desired, there are no restrictions.
The 31 MDG will maintain a Women’s Health Clinic staffed by an active duty Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner. Services include routine non-pregnancy related routine gynecology services and routine annual Well Woman exams/preventive care.
Yes. Both Pordenone and Policlinico hospitals will offer tours to 31 FW beneficiaries. The 31 MDG will arrange such tours. Information will be posted on the AFMS-Aviano-31st Medical Group Facebook page at a future date.
Contact the clinic’s patient liaison at 0434-30-5408.


The 31st MDG provides same-day treatments and services for patients. Any treatments or services, which require emergency services or overnight stays, will be handled in Pordenone.

The 31st MDG Women’s Health section is now referring expectant mothers to off-base obstetricians at Pordenone Civil Hospital and Policlinico San Giorgio, both in Pordenone. Same-day women’s health treatments and services, such as annual physicals, will still be available on base.

Upon visiting referral management, patients will choose which Pordenone hospital they would like to start treatments or services through.


Briefings are held every second and fourth Tuesday @ 9 a.m. Sign up with your PCM. Schedule between 8-10 weeks of pregnancy. For additional information, call TRICARE Service Center at 0434-30-5133 or 632-5133.