Patient Advocates

What is a Patient Advocate?

We are here to serve patients by being their main focal point to assist in promptly resolving any conflicts or concerns. Our goal is to work with the patients and medical staff to advocate for their rights and address any questions or concerns promptly.

31st MDG Patient Advocates
Aviano AB, Area 1 DSN: 632-5002
Capt Theresa "Tara" Hall
0434-30-5002 / DSN 632-5002
MSgt Frederik White
0434-30-6978 / DSN: 632-6978

Referral Management Center

The Referral Management Center (RMC) is a one-stop-shop for all specialty care referrals entered by your Primary Care Manager (PCM).
Once you have seen your PCM and a referral has been entered for you, you are required to activate your referral by reporting to the Referral Management Center (TRICARE) or by calling 632 5792 (0434305792). The RMC staff will review your referral and approve it accordingly.

In-house specialty care referrals:
RMC staff can provide you with an appointment upon referral activation or have your referral reviewed by the specialty clinic staff.

Off-base specialty care referrals:
Upon activation, you are required to provide availability, valid contact numbers and an email address. The referral will be sent to International SOS (TRICARE contractor) for authorization. Once authorization has been received, RMC staff will coordinate your appointment, notify you of your appointment and send you an email with appointment instructions and directions.

Reports from off-base care:
Please drop them off at TRICARE (Medical Report Drop Off Box) for translation/transcription/ continuation of care, or scan them and send them to their organization account:
Office Hours: Mon– Fri: 0800– 1600
Phone numbers: 632-5792/5782

TRICARE Overseas Program

TRICARE Overseas Program Beneficiary Service Representatives

Ms. Caressa Reyes & Ms. Dakota Keegan
Office Hours: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday to Friday
Phone Number: DSN 632-5133;
Comm: 0434-30-5133

  •  Process TRICARE Europe Enrollments (to complete this process the Sponsor must provide a copy of his/her orders)
  •  Assign primary care managers (PCM) to TRICARE beneficiaries
  •  Register beneficiaries within the Composite Health Care System (CHCS) for access to care
  •  Provide educational and enrollment information to beneficiaries

Contact Information

Useful Numbers: Commercial +(39)-0434-30-xxxx 

  • Appointment line: DSN: 632-5000
  • Referral Management: DSN: 632-5792/5782
  • HBA/BCAC/DCAO: DSN: 632-5067
  • TRICARE Service Center: DSN: 632-5133
  • Patient Liaisons: DSN: 632-5408
  • Patient Advocate: DSN: 632-5002
  • International SOS: +(44)-20-8762-8384 (option 1)
  • International SOS Toll Free (from Italy): 800-915-994

Social Media:

Useful Websites:

  • TRICARE Overseas Program
  • TRICARE Europe
  • TRICARE Online
  • Wisconsin Physician Services (WPS) Claims Processor

Recommended Apps:

  • Aviano App: Aviano AB information and directory for medical service numbers and directions to local hospital
  • International SOS: TRICARE translation services
  • 112: GPS capability/provides emergency patient locations to call center agents
  • Emergenze FVG: displays local ER room wait times