Our Mission: Lethal, Rapidly Ready. Deter Through Safe, Secure, Effective Operations. Win the Current Fight and Be Ready to Win the Next Fight!
Our Vision: Our Air Force's Most Combat Ready Go-To Fighter Wing, Trusted Ally, Airmen Who Run to Work and Are Proud of Who They Are and What They Do, Our Air Force's Premier Assignment for Airmen and Families.
The 31st Fighter Wing's enduring priorities are Mission, Airmen, and Family. This document is the basis of our focus as the Air Force's most combat ready go-to Fighter Wing.
This week, we highlight #LocalLegend Ms. Angela Cocconi. Angela is the 31st Mission Support Group secretary and has worked at Aviano since 2000. She lives in Gemona with her husband, daughter, and the family cat. Her recommendation for sightseeing in Italy is to visit the small towns and leave the big cities behind. "That's where you get the true Italian lifestyle and true people." Her favorite Italian food from childhood is Frico; a cheese and potato dish that is both soft and crunchy! Grazie Angela for all you do for the team!
31st Fighter Wing Mission Video
31st Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Oct. 1, 2018 | 2:02
This video highlights the Mission priorities for the 31st Fighter Wing, Aviano Air Base, Italy.