• The 31st Fighter Group and Operation DRAGOON

    Operation DRAGOON was conducted Aug. 15 to Sept. 14, 1944, during World War II (1939-1945) to open another front in southern France. The goal of the operation was to secure the vital ports on the French Mediterranean coast and increase pressure on the German forces by opening another front. This was an important invasion of southern France that liberated a huge portion of the country in only four weeks with comparatively light casualties.
  • 31 SFS retires MWD Cigan

    July 19 marked Military Working Dog Cigan’s last day as a crucial part of the 31st Security Forces Squadron K-9 team. He has worked at Aviano Air Base since September 2015.
  • Aviano Youth of the Year- Genavieve Osuna

    In the freezing cold winter, 15-year-old Chester Greenwood of Maine had enough of her ears being cold. So she decided to make a wire loop and asked her grandmother to sew fur onto the ends. She invented what we now know as earmuffs.
  • 57th Rescue Squadron stays rapidly ready

    Two boats idled together in the Adriatic Sea just off the coast of Northern Italy, battered mercilessly by the waves as eight pairs of eyes searched the sky. The silence stretched for long moments, a hint of anticipation on the cool sea breeze before a radio crackled to life.
  • Aviano Hosts Community Health Care Services Forum

    The 31st Medical Group held a Community Health Care Services Forum on July 8 at the Community Center on Area 1. Similar to a town hall the purpose of the event is to come together to understand concerns and develop potential solutions as a community. The medical group also informed those in attendance on improvements they have made and the plans they have for the future.
  • Aviano AB Innovation: Electromagnetic Visual Recording System

    This month, Aviano Air Base will be the first in U.S. Air Forces in Europe (USAFE) to try out an innovative new frequency monitoring system.
  • Leadership at a Geographically Separated Unit

    Air Force bases are designed to be self-contained communities with everything Airmen need to live and raise their families. Especially overseas, base amenities such as shopping centers, libraries, chapels, education centers, automotive centers and vet clinics help improve the quality of life for Airmen.
  • Innovation at its finest: MJ-1 STEP

    Munitions Airmen often use the MJ-1 series bomb lift truck to help transport, load and unload a wide variety of munitions and other supplies. Typically, a ladder is used to make small adjustments for precise positioning of supplies during loading. But now, members from the 31st Maintenance Squadron are innovating a locally manufactured platform called the MJ-1 STEP. It’ll be attached to the front wheel area of the MJ-1, where the weapon troops can step up on, eliminating the need for a ladder.
  • Seamless 31st Medical Group and patient partnership

    Every month the Patient and Family Partnership or PFPC comes together to discuss one unique topic that is brought to the Patient Advocate on Aviano Air Base, Italy.
  • Exceptional Leader Spotlight: Senior Master Sgt. Jeremy Schoneboom

    Life isn’t always about starting off perfect, sometimes it’s the challenges that build our character, or maybe it’s about finding out what our purpose is that inspires us.