31st Fighter Wing Playbook

Fact Sheets

  • 31st Fighter Wing

    MISSIONThe mission of the 31st Fighter Wing, Aviano Air Base, Italy, is to Deter through safe,
  • 31st Comptroller Squadron

    MISSION The 31st Comptroller Squadron is responsible to the 31st Fighter Wing commander for the
  • 31st Operations Group

    MISSIONThe 31st Operations Group ensures the combat readiness of two F-16CG squadrons, one air
  • 510th Fighter Squadron "Buzzards"

    MISSION The 510th Fighter Squadron provides combat airpower on demand to U.S. and NATO combatant
  • 555th Fighter Squadron "Triple Nickel"

    MISSION The 555th Fighter Squadron provides combat airpower on demand to U.S. and NATO Combatant
  • 606th Air Control Squadron

    The 606th Air Control Squadron, callsign “Primo,” is a mobile Command and Control combat unit “Ready Now” to meet our Nation’s call for exceptional tactical command and control. This elite unit is comprised of over 380 Airmen from 25 diverse Air Force specialty codes and $173M of rapidly deployable equipment including two TPS-75 radars, long-haul communications equipment, generators, 82 tactical vehicles, and a computer-based information system providing a real-time battlespace picture. 606th ACS is the only Control and Reporting Center outside of the continental United States, providing EUCOM operational flexibility.
  • 31st Operations Support Squadron

    MISSION The 31st Operations Support Squadron supports the wing's combat-ready air control squadron
  • 31st Maintenance Group

    MISSION The 31st Maintenance Group provides peacetime and combat maintenance and munitions control,
  • 31st Maintenance Operations Squadron

    MISSION  The 31st Maintenance Operations Squadron provides maintenance management, training,
  • 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

    MISSIONThe 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron plans and directs expeditionary aircraft generation
  • 31st Maintenance Squadron

    MISSION The 31st Maintenance Squadron provides accessory maintenance, avionics, periodic phase
  • 31st Munitions Squadron

    MISSION The 31st Munitions Squadron maintains and supports a combat ready stockpile, people and
  • 731st Munitions Squadron

    MISSION The 731st Munitions Squadron endeavors to be U.S. Air Forces in Europe's premier munitions
  • 31st Mission Support Group

    MISSIONThe 31st Mission Support Group goal is to provide world class infrastructure and service to
  • 31st Civil Engineer Squadron

    MISSION The 31st Civil Engineer Squadron enables the 31st Fighter Wing mission by providing world
  • 31st Communications Squadron

    MISSION The 31st Communications Squadron is the U.S. Air Forces in Europe's only communications
  • 31st Contracting Squadron

    MISSION The 31st Contracting Squadron acquires and supports war fighting capabilities through
  • 31st Force Support Squadron

    MISSION The 31st Force Support Squadron is the 31st Fighter Wing's largest and most diverse
  • 31st Logistics Readiness Squadron

    MISSION The 31st Logistics Readiness Squadron provides outstanding logistics support to effectively
  • 31st Security Forces Squadron

    MISSION The 31st Security Forces Squadron maintains installation force protection during peacetime
  • 31st Medical Group

    MISSION The 31st Medical Group supports the readiness of 31st Fighter Wing and associated units
  • 31st Aerospace Medicine Squadron

    MISSIONThe 31st Aerospace Medicine Squadron optimizes human performance, ensuring seamless
  • 31st Dental Squadron

    MISSION The 31st Dental Squadron supports the readiness of the 31st Fighter Wing and associated
  • 31st Medical Operations Squadron

    MISSION The 31st Medical Operations Squadron supports the readiness of the 31st Fighter Wing and
  • 31st Medical Support Squadron

    MISSION The 31st Medical Support Squadron provides resource management (financial and manpower),
  • 31st Surgical Operations Squadron

    MISSION The 31st Surgical Operational Squadron optimizes medical readiness for 31st Fighter Wing and