31st Munitions Squadron

31st Munitions Squadron patch

31st Munitions Squadron patch

The 31st Munitions Squadron maintains and supports a combat ready stockpile, people and equipment to support U.S. and NATO taskings. Maintain and support assigned weapon storage and security systems and comply with required standards. Provide munitions and armament support for 50 assigned F-16C/D aircraft.

Precision execution of all assigned missions.

The more than 250 active-duty employees filling three Air Force specialty codes are assigned to six flights. They support munitions and armament requirements for 50 assigned F-16C/D aircraft, maintain four separate stockpiles valued at $790 million. Maintains 69 facilities, a fleet of 61 vehicles, associated support equipment and alternate support equipment valued in excess of $360 million.

The six flights within the 31st MUNS are armament, production, materiel, weapons, systems and programs. The unit falls under the 31st Maintenance Group, 31st Fighter Wing, and is located at Aviano Air Base, Italy.

Since its establishment as the 1st Material Squadron at Moffett Field, Calif., on Sept. 1, 1940, the unit has been through multiple re-designations, mission changes, and location moves. During World War II, the unit was bounced around the country--California, then Washington State, finally finding a home in Texas changing names and missions along the way.

After the Korean War, the unit made its way to Plattsburg Air Force Base, N.Y. with yet more changes. It was during its stay in New York that the unit received its ammunition roots and was re-designated as the 40th Munitions Maintenance Squadron. In September 1972, the unit was deactivated only to find new life combining missions with the 40th Ammunitions Supply Squadron. The 40th was then activated one month later and moved to its current home at Camp Darby, Italy under the 40th Tactical Group, Aviano AB.

Following the consolidation, the 40th remained at Camp Darby and continued to store conventional munitions as theater assets. As times changed, the name changed but the mission remained the same. Finally, in September 1996, the unit was re-designated as the 31st MUNS under the 31st Logistics Group, Aviano AB. But, holding true to its history, the unit was once again re-designated--this time as the 712th MUNS in March 2004 and realigned under the 38th Combat Support Wing, Ramstein AB, Germany. It wasn't until Sept. 11, 2007, that the unit was once again re-designated as the 31st MUNS and returned to the 31st FW.
On July 31, 2009, the 31st MUNS deactivated at Camp Darby. It was re-activated as the 31st MUNS at Aviano AB on Aug. 21, 2009.

31st Fighter Wing Public Affairs Office
Unit 6140, Box 100
Aviano AB, Italy
APO AE 09604