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Aviano Community Resiliency

Aviano Community Resiliency

Helping agencies from across Aviano Air Base have come together to bring Wyverns a one-stop shop for resiliency. Visit their Facebook page for events each week dealing with topics such as stress, anxiety, parenting tips, and even cooking classes. @avianocommunityresilience

Air Force Resiliency

Leadership tools for Crisis Prevention, Intervention, and Postvention.


Call Center Resources

Be There Peer Assistance Line
Peer support call and outreach center at (844) 357-7337 or (480)-360-6188 (text).

Psychological Health Resource Center
24/7 center providing information/referrals about psychological health at (877)995-5247.

DOD Safe Helpline
24/7 sexual assault support at (877) 995-5274.

Military OneSource
24/7 comprehensive information on every aspect of military life at (800) 342-9647

Community Action Team WORKSHOPS AND EVENTS

Monthly Deployed Family Dinner
Every Tuesday is “Wee Ones Playgroup”; Family Advocacy Program
Every Wednesday is “Spouse Hour” for all newly arrived Aviano spouses; Airman & Family Readiness Center
Every First and Second Monday is “Healthy Heart/Cholesterol Reduction”; Health Promotions Office
Every Second and Fourth Monday is “Diabetes Nutrition”; Health Promotions Office
Every Second Wednesday is “Tobacco Cessation”
Every Third Wednesday is “Sleep Hygiene Education”; Health Promotions Office
Every First and Second Friday is “Nutrition 101”
Every Monday is “BEWELL Nutrition”, “BodPod Assessment”; Health Promotions Office
Every Tuesday is “Wee Ones Playgroup”; Family Advocacy Program
Every Wednesday is “Spouse Hour” for all newly arrived Aviano spouses; Airman & Family Readiness Center
Every Friday is “BodPod Assessment”; Health Promotion Office

Wyvern Facebook Resources

Mission Support Group

Airman & Family Readiness Center 

Aviano EFMP-FS (AFRC sponsored)

Community Center

Home Fuels


31 FSS

NAF Human Resources

Post Office


Medical Group

Medical Group


Wing Staff Agencies

Aviano Chapel
Vicini Americani

This to do

Animal Owners
Find the Treat game: Hide healthy treats throughout your house and encourage your pet to find them
Hidden Treat game: Using three cups, hide a healthy treat under one cup and shuffle them around. Let your pet find the treat.
Teach them a new trick
Work on behavior training
Groom your pet
Create an indoor obstacle course
Make them a new toy
Make them unique (safe) treats

Youth and Family
Stream an incredible collection of children’s audiobook for free through Audible Stories
Check in on how animals at the San Diego Zoo are passing their time with live cams
Spring Clean and Get Ready for PCS
Clean your refrigerator and freezer
Clean out your closet, donate clothes that don't fit
Remove cobwebs
Rearrange your furniture
Go through old bills and paperwork
Keep Your Mind Engaged
Learn a new language.  There are free language-learning sites online.
Watch a live stream from the International Space Station
Take a virtual tour of the Smithsonian
Get your library card and access thousands of digital library times through Aviano’s digital library 

Reconnect with friends and family back home. Schedule online meet-ups to stay engaged
Telephone your grandma, great uncle, grade school teacher, college roommate, second cousin twice removed
Organize all those photos on your phone -
Learn to meditate. There are plenty of apps and resources online to help practice mindfulness.
Try a new recipe, choose a few random ingredients and see what you can come up with
Start a baking competition for your family
Start a new journal or blog
Try to do everything with your non-dominant hand for a day

Community Support Agencies

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment (ADAPT)
DSN: 632-5321 
Commercial:  0434-30-5321
After Hours: 0434-30-3100
Command Post for emergency situations

Military & Family Readiness Center (M&FRC)
DSN: 632-5407 
Commercial:  0434-30-5407

Aviano Chaplain Office
DSN: 632-5211 
Commercial:  0434-30-5211
After hours: 0434-30-3100
Command Post will patch you to off duty chaplain.

Community Support Coordinator (CSC)
DSN: 632-4389 
Commercial:  0434-30-4389

Drug Demand and Reduction Program (DDRP)
DSN: 632-4847 
Commercial:  0434-30-4847

Domestic Abuse and Victim Advocate (DAVA)
DSN: 632-5667 
Commercial:  0434-30-5667
24hr Cell Phone:  335-801-4927

Educational and Developmental Intervention Services (EDIS)
DSN: 632-5459 
Commercial:  0434-30-5459

Equal Opportunity (EO)
DSN: 632-5934 
Commercial:  0434-30-5934

Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)
DSN: 632-5674 
Commercial:  0434-30-5674

Family Advocacy Program (FAP)
DSN: 632-5667 
Commercial:  0434-30-5667

Health Promotions Office (HPO)
DSN: 632-4583 
Commercial:  0434-30-4583

Mental Health
DSN: 632-5321 
Commercial:  0434-30-5321
After hours: 0434-30-3100
Command Post for emergency situations

Military Family Life Counselor
Duty Hours: 349-566-6285
After Hours: 0434-30-3100
Command Post will patch you to on duty assistance

Military One Source

National Suicide Hotline

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR)
DSN: 632-7272 
Commercial:  0434-30-72723

Suicide-Violence Prevention Office
DSN: 632-8744 
Commercial:  0434-30-8744

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