The 31st Comptroller Squadron is responsible to the 31st Fighter Wing commander for the management of all appropriated funds and oversight of nonappropriated funds. In this capacity, the 31st CPTS provides decision support and advice to senior staff on all financial matters. Furthermore, the squadron provides military and travel pay support, accounting liaison and financial analysis services to all Aviano Air Base and Associated units to include geographically separated units located throughout the Mediterranean region. Being the only squadron that works directly for the wing commander, the 31t CPTS is also matrixed as the lead wing staff agency; handling administratives duties, long range planning, and oversight of 18 WSA's.

Financial Operations Flight (FMF)

Financial Operations Flight Contact Information

  • Option 1:  “Click” (Preferred method)
    • Finance Questions? Create an inquiry using the Comptroller Services Portal (CSP)
    • CSP link: usaf.dps.mil/teams/saffmCSP/portal/
  • Option 2:  “Call”
    • Main Customer Service Line:
    • DSN:  314-632-2274
    • Comm:  +39 0434 30 2274
    • Phone operations: Monday thru Friday 1300 - 1500 (closed every second and fourth Wednesday of the month)
    • No in-person/phone hours every Friday 
  • Option 3:  “Walk”
    • Walk in hours of operation: Monday - Thursday 0800-1300
    • By appointment, when questions require an elevated review and cannot be handled virtually. 

Cashier's Cage
Hours: Tuesdays and Thursday 0900-1100
Closed the last five days of each month
Payments for travel, military pay or other debts may be made via Cash/Check/Money Order.
Debit/Credit Cards are not accepted.

Members need to contact Finance if their command sponsored dependents leave the area for more than 30 days. 

PCS In-Processing
File your PCS travel voucher via eFinance at https://efinanceworkspace.wpafb.af.mil.  You can also find the most current “Aviano eFinance Guide” in the announcements section of the CSP.

Comptroller Services Portal (CSP)

The Comptroller Services Portal (CSP) is officially LIVE for 31st Comptroller Squadron (CPTS) customers at Aviano AB who have access through a Common Access Card (CAC).

The CSP is a user-friendly interface that delivers virtual CPTS customer service to Regular Air Force military and civilian Airmen where and when you need it.

This self-help tool pulls information from a customer's CAC to catalog key documents and pay information. CSP capabilities include:

  • Create and submit all Regular Air Force military pay, travel pay, and civilian pay inquiries on your schedule
  • Track your inquiry from start to finish with notifications alerting you of status changes
  • Searchable knowledge articles enabling you to find answers to your most pertinent questions without the wait for easy self-service


To get started, visit the CSP today: uhttps://csp.cce.af.mil/#/ (CAC-enabled device required).

Set up your Profile

  1. On your CAC-enabled device, go to https://csp.cce.af.mil/#/
  2. click "PROFILE" and populate the text boxes as directed (note: Left click on auto-populated fields to select)
  3. Click "UPDATE" when complete

Create an Inquiry

  1. Click "CREATE INQUIRY" on the top banner of the page; review your information in Section - A: Customer Details and provide additional details as directed
  2. Scroll down to Section - B: Inquiry Details to input your question and provide key details-similar to how you would during an in-person CPTS visit
  3. Click "SUBMIT" when complete

Check Inquiry Status

  1. Refer to the "INQUIRIES" tab to check the progress of your submission

31st Comptroller Squadron

Contact information

Located on Area F, bldg. 1403
DSN: 632-2274
COMM: 0434-30-2274