31st Fighter Wing Inspector General

Inspector General ShieldMission
Provide an unbiased and accurate assessment of wing readiness, compliance, and discipline to the 31 FW/CC by facilitating external inspections, leading risk-based internal inspections and exercises, and managing the Complaints Resolution and Fraud, Waste, and Abuse programs.

A culture of full disclosure regarding non-compliance, accepting or mitigating risk at the appropriate level, and every Airman a sensor working to continuously improve unit processes to more effectively execute the 31 FW mission.

Complaints Resolution Program

The 31st Fighter Wing Inspector General Complaints Resolution Program is a leadership tool that indicates where commander involvement is needed to correct systemic, programmatic, or procedural weaknesses and ensures resources are used effectively and efficiently. The CRP resolves issues affecting Airmen and the mission promptly and objectively by creating an atmosphere of trust in which issues can be objectively and fully resolved without retaliation or the fear of reprisal. Inspectors General are the "eyes and ears" of the commander and function as ombudsmen, fact finders and honest brokers in the resolution of complaints.

Contact Information:
Email Address: 31fw.igq@us.af.mil
Phone Numbers
DSN: 632-5639 or 5662
Comm: 0434-30-5639 or 5662
USAFE/IG: DSN 314-480-6647
SAF/IG: 1-800-538-8429
DOD IG / Fraud, Waste or Abuse Hotline: 1-800-424-9098

Frequently Asked Questions

Who may file an IG Complaint?
Anybody may file an IG Complaint. If you have a concern and are unsure if you should file a complaint, contact your local IG office for guidance.

What types of complaints are appropriate?
Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FWA) or gross mismanagement; a violation of law, policy, procedures, instructions, or regulations; an injustice; abuse of authority, inappropriate conduct, or misconduct (as defined in Air Force Instruction 90-301); and a deficiency or like condition. The IG CRP should not be used for matters normally addressed through other established grievance or appeal channels, unless there is evidence those channels mishandled the matter or process. If a policy directive or instruction provides a specific means of redress or appeal of a grievance, complainants must exhaust those procedures before filing an IG complaint. Complainants must provide relevant evidence that the process was mishandled or handled prejudicially before the IG will process a complaint of mishandling. Mere dissatisfaction or disagreement with the outcome or findings of an alternative grievance or appeal process is not a sufficient basis to warrant an IG investigation. If you are unsure of whether your concern warrants filing an IG complaint, please contact your local IG office for guidance.

How can I submit a complaint?
Submit an AF Form 102 to the IG office.

What is Restriction?
Preventing or attempting to prevent members of the Armed Forces from making or preparing to make lawful communications to Members of Congress and/or an IG.

What is Reprisal?
Taking or threatening to take an unfavorable personnel action or withholding or threatening to withhold a favorable personnel action on a military member for making or preparing to make a protected communication.

What is Protected Communication?
A communication in which a member of the Armed Forces communicates information that the member reasonably believes evidences a violation of law or regulation, including a law or regulation prohibiting sexual harassment or unlawful discrimination, gross mismanagement, a gross waste of funds or other resources, an abuse of authority, or a substantial and specific danger to public health or safety, when such communication is made to any of the following (this list is not all inclusive): Members of Congress and/or an IG, Personnel assigned to DoD audit, inspection, investigation, law enforcement, equal opportunity (EO), safety, or family advocacy organizations, any person in the member's chain of command, The CMSgt of the AF, CCM's, Gp/Sq Superintendents or First Sergeants

Wing Inspections

The 31st Fighter Wing Inspector General (IG) Wing Inspectors are responsible for inspections which are an inherent function of command exercised at every level to evaluate readiness, economy, efficiency, and state of discipline. Inspection preparation is inherently wasteful if not directly aligned with mission readiness. Units will be inspection ready when commanders focus on mission readiness and on building a culture of disciplined compliance in which every Airman does his/her job right the first time and when no one is looking. The intent of the IG is to continuously improve the Air Force Inspection System (AFIS) so there is an ever-shrinking difference--both real and perceived--between mission readiness and inspection readiness.

Contact Information
Email Address: 31FW.CVI@us.af.mil
Phone Numbers
DSN: 632-4205 or 6089
Comm: 0434-30-4205 or 6089