Visiting Aviano AB during COVID-19



SUBJECT:  Requirements for Personnel Arriving/Returning to Aviano Air Base from Abroad

In accordance with Italian Air Force Policy for base access under the current COVID conditions (Atch 1), and local agreements with the Italian Base Commander, the following procedures are to be implemented effective immediately:

  1. Personnel traveling from countries included in Atch 2, lists B and C (includes EU/Schengen) will:
    1. Complete a self-declaration form (Atch 3) and
    2. Certify that a negative COVID test was conducted 72 hrs prior to entering Italy or
    3. Be quarantined on base until receiving a negative COVID test
  2. Personnel traveling from countries included in Atch 2, lists D, E (includes U.S.) and F will:
    1. Complete a self-declaration form (Atch 3) and
    2. Certify that a negative COVID test was conducted 72 hrs prior to entering Italy or be quarantined and tested as soon as possible and
    3. Conduct a 14-day Restriction of Movement (ROM).  Please see Atch 4 for additional guidance on the Aviano Air Base ROM policy.  At the end of the 14-day period, provided no symptoms of COVID have occurred and approved by Public Health, personnel will be granted base access.
  3. Exceptions
    1. The above requirements only apply to personnel employed on the base. Non-working family members are only required to adhere to national policies.
    2. Delivery personnel are exempt from the negative test and quarantine requirements however they are only allowed to enter the base to complete their deliveries and immediately depart without interacting with the base populace.
    3. Transient aircrew/personnel whose mission does not require them to remain overnight are exempt from the negative test and quarantine requirements, however they must remain on the aircraft or in an isolated space in the air terminal for the duration of their stay.  If forced to remain overnight due to unexpected circumstances, transient aircrew/personnel must quarantine in base lodging and avoid interacting with base populace.
    4. Transient aircrew/personnel from countries B, C, D, E (includes EU, Schengen, U.S.) whose mission does require them to remain overnight, but less than 120 hours, are exempt from the 14-day quarantine, but upon arrival must provide proof of a negative test completed 72 hours prior to arrival.
    5. Diplomatic and mission critical exceptions will be worked on a case-by-case basis approved by HQ ITAF.
  4. Transportation:
    1. To the fullest extent possible, all new arrivals should utilize a commercial shuttle or taxi service for transport from the airport to Aviano AB. The FSS ITT Patriot Shuttle has indicted they have capacity to transport all incoming members. The can be contacted at DSN: 632-3107, Comm: 0434-30-3107, or online at
    2. If new arrivals are transported by base personnel, the driver will have to ROM until the traveler(s) receive a negative test result.  If the traveler(s) receive a positive test result, the driver must then be tested.
  5. COVID Testing
    1. Sponsors and unit POCs (for TDY personnel) should strongly encourage travelers requiring a COVID test to test 72 hours prior to entering the national territory, or at Marco Polo Airport (if available), and carry certification of their negative test on their person.
    2. If unable to test prior to arrival, sponsors, First Sergeants, or unit POCs (for TDY personnel), must schedule inbound personnel for a COVID test NLT 3 days prior to the projected arrival date by submitting an entry for each traveler on the 31 FW ROM Tracker SharePoint. A confirmation email will be sent once the test is scheduled.  Reply to the confirmation email if there are deviations to the planned arrival or mode of transportation.  
    3. Contact the Medical Control Center (MCC) at 0434-30-5455 for questions regarding PCS/TDY testing. Symptomatic members should contact the 31 MDG Appointment Line at 0434-30-5000, Option 1 to schedule testing.
    4. Scheduled personnel should report to the following locations at their specified appointment time.  Face coverings and physical distancing must be maintained at all times:
      • Members in TLF bldg. 1484 and dorms: Outside between bldg. 1484 and dorms
      • Members in all other on-base lodging buildings: Outside between bldgs. 1481 and 1482
      • Members residing in off-base lodging: Mon-Fri, 0900, Area 1 MDG COVID Sample Collection Station (follow posted signs) 
  6. For questions regarding this policy, please contact Capt Kimberly Smith, DSN: 314-632-5236, Comm: 0434-30-5236.



31 FW Memo (PDF)

Atch 1. ITAF Policy for Base Access

Atch 2. Italian Decree Annex 20 

Atch 3. Self-Declaration Form  

Atch 4. Aviano AB ROM Policy

Visiting Aviano Air Base

Aviano AB is an Italian Military Base with its own access rules and procedures.


All DoD Active Duty and Civilians unless PCSing to Aviano Air Base or stationed in the Italian Territory MUST submit an Installation Access Request (IAR) 30 Days prior to the visit start date.  The IAR can be found here under access request or under the attachment section below.


Aviano AB assigned personnel wishing to escort a US citizen visitor onto base MUST submit an Installation Access Request (IAR) 30 Days prior to the visit start date with the appropriate justification.  The IAR can be found here under access request.


All other Aviano AB visitors, personnel not assigned to Aviano who do not have an escort/sponsor, MUST complete an Installation Access Request form (IAR) 3 to 4 weeks prior to visit. Email or to request and submit the IAR.


The Visitor Control Center (VCC) is open Monday – Friday from 7 a.m. - 4 p.m. and is located at LVIS Gate Bldg. 1235.  It is closed on weekends, US Holidays, Italian Holidays, and Family Days.  When the VCC is closed, the Area F South Gate will be the port of entry and you can only pick-up pre-approved passes that have been made from an approved Installation Access Request. 


Please direct any questions to the 31st Fighter Wing VCC office at 0434-30-4114 or 0434-30-6173 during business hours.



Installation Access Request Form

Installation Access Request Checklist



Visitor Pass, AF Form 75 - Identity Proofing Requirement

When retrieving an AF Form 75 (Visitor’s Pass) both escort and escortee must be present.  Visitor Control Center clerks are required to validate the Escortee’s Passport to the escortee, ensuring a 100% match and authenticity and to ensure there are no signs of counterfeiting.  Additionally, VCC clerks will confirm the Passport is not expired for the duration of the Form 75 utilization.  These actions are conducted IAW AFMAN 31-113 and DODD 5200.08 Vol 3.  Please direct all questions or concerns to the NCOIC via email or phone at 0434-30-7896 or 0434-30-3075. 


Mountain View Lodge Reservations

Aviano AB is an Italian Military Base with its own access rules and procedures. 


Personnel not assigned to Aviano AB who wish to make reservations at Mountain View Lodge must contact Security Forces at to complete an Installation Access Request (IAR) form. Once the IAR is approved, the MVL staff will grant reservations. MVL reservations alone will not grant access onto Aviano AB. An Escorted/Unescorted Visitor’s pass will be issued based off the completed IAR. The IAR can take 3-4 weeks for approval.

Please direct any questions to the 31st Fighter Wing VCC office at 0434-30-4114 or 0434-30-6173 during business hours.


Base Tours


Tours are conducted in coordination with the Italian Air Force. Base tours are offered to local civic organizations, schools and groups to educate people about the US Air Force and Aviano Air Base missions. Tours are free of charge and can be subject to last-minute cancellations due to mission requirements and resource availability. Public tours are available to groups of 10 to 40 people. We do not accommodate tour requests to combine different groups. Tours are given Thursdays only during the summer and fall months on a first-requested, first-served basis. All tours are approximately four hours in length.

Tour requests must be submitted no later than 60 days prior to the date of the tour. Requests must be submitted through the 31st Fighter Wing Public Affairs Office or with the Aviano Italian Air Force Public Affairs Office.

Groups are responsible for transportation large enough to carry the entire group in one vehicle. All buses/vans must arrive at the Area F South Gate for security processing. Buses will be met at the South Gate by a member from the Public Affairs Office who will accompany the group onboard the bus and will remain with them for the duration of the tour.

All people on the tour must submit a copy of their Official Passport for background investigation by the Italian Air Force 30 days prior to the date of the tour. All tour participants must have a completed background check to gain access.

Cameras are allowed on the tour; however, there are some restrictions. Your tour guide will inform you of these restrictions.

To submit a request for base tour, email or call commercial 0434-30-7555.