31st Maintenance Group

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The 31st Maintenance Group provides peacetime and combat maintenance and munitions control, and executive support for the 31st Fighter Wing, geographically separated units under the command and control of the wing, and units gained during advanced stages of readiness. The 31st MXG also responds to humanitarian and contingency logistics support requirements as directed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff through Headquarters U.S. Air Forces Europe to locations in Europe, Africa, and Southwest Asia.

555th Fighter Generation Squadron

The 555th Fighter Generation Squadron maintains and rapidly deploys fully mission capable F-16 Fighting Falcons and Airmen. They also develop maintainers able to meet and exceed those challenges. 

510th Fighter Generation Squadron

The 510th Fighter Generation Squadron produces combat capability through sustained fleet health and effective combat sortie generation. The Buzzard Standard drives a devotion to developing, producing, maintaining and supporting the world's most combat capable Airmen, aircrew, aircraft, and families.

56th Rescue Generation Squadron

The 56th Rescue Generation Squadron plans and directs maintenance in support of five HH-60G aircraft in support of the only combat search and rescue mission supporting United States European Command.

31st Munitions Squadron

The 31st Munitions Squadron maintains and supports a combat ready stockpile, people and equipment to support U.S. and NATO taskings. They maintain and support assigned weapon storage and security systems, comply with required standards, and provide munitions and armament support for F-16C/D aircraft. They maintain facilities, a fleet of vehicles, associated support equipment valued in excess of $360 million.

The more than 250 active-duty employees filling three Air Force specialty codes are assigned to six flights: armament, production, materiel, weapons, systems and programs.

31st MUNS fact sheet


31st Maintenance Squadron

The 31st Maintenance Squadron provides accessory maintenance, avionics, periodic phase inspections, fabrication, and aerospace ground equipment for F-16C/D and HH-60 aircraft. Performs transient alert services, crash recovery and operates the regional Type IIB Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory. Complies with surety standards and provides certified ground equipment for the United States and NATO.

The more than 375 active-duty and civilian employees filling 13 Air Force specialty codes are assigned to 21 assigned maintenance sections within the unit's seven flights. The seven flights within the 31st MXS are accessories, aerospace ground equipment, avionics, programs, fabrication, maintenance, and test measurement and diagnostic equipment. 

31st MXS fact sheet

731st Munitions Squadron

The 731st Munitions Squadron endeavors to be U.S. Air Forces in Europe's premier munitions hub, capable of receiving, maintaining, and shipping munitions by rail, sea, or road to any destination globally.

The more than 128 active-duty personnel filling 13 Air Force specialty codes are assigned to 14 sections within the unit's four flights. They maintain USAFE's largest and most dispersed conventional munitions stockpile and also maintains serviceable munitions for war reserve stocks for allies. The unit has its own aerospace ground equipment and vehicle maintenance facilities and accompanying personnel.

The four flights within the 731st MUNS are the commander's support section, materiel, systems and production.  The unit is located at Camp Darby, Italy.

731st MUNS fact sheet