Aviano consolidates events; creates Fighter Wing Friday


More than 120 community events were hosted on Aviano Air Base throughout 2016. That’s one event every three days.

Unfortunately, the frequency of these events didn’t mesh with the busy schedules Team Aviano’s 8,000 members and participation began to decline during the year. To combat this, a hand-picked team of 31st Fighter Wing Airmen developed a monthly solution to consolidate each month’s events into one or two days—Fighter Wing Friday.

“Fighter Wing Friday is a new, innovative approach to develop the Aviano Air Base community and increase event participation across the wing,” said Chief Master Sgt. Matthew Lusson, 31st Fighter Wing command chief.

Flying, exercise and training schedules are now all considered when planning each month’s FWF to allow the maximum number of participants. This also makes the planning and preparations for event hosts easier and gives more time back to host organizations allowing them to focus on their event’s content.

“It takes a lot of effort to plan events and we want those hosts to get the biggest return on investment,” said Magdeline Laws, 31st FW community support coordinator. 

Tasked with two major deployments, several flying training deployments and a high day-to-day operations tempo, Team Aviano has been running on all cylinders lately. To sustain at such a high level, it becomes all the more important for Airmen to care for their social, mental, spiritual and physical needs.

“I encourage all supervisors to get their people away from the work environment for a little while to participate in the events being held,” said Laws.


Let’s not forget, spouses, family members and friends are all welcome to attend FWF events as well.


“As Airmen, our families are our biggest support,” said Lusson. Whether you’re here unaccompanied or with a spouse and children we want to say “Thank you” for all you do. Events like Fighter Wing Friday bring Team Aviano together into one big family.”


To schedule an event for FWF, submit your request here. Please note that some events may require you to sign up or pay for admission. Contact information for each month’s FWF events can be found in the monthly 31st Force Support Squadron Snapshot magazine or in the Aviano Air Base app under the Events tab, labeled FWF.