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  • Exercise Fighting Wyvern: Simulated flight line attack

    U.S. Army soldiers act as an opposition force during a simulated attack on the flight line. Applying operational maneuver to already forward-deployed forces has increased survivability and generated more military options for combined and joint forces.

  • 31st FW executes ACE concepts during Exercise Fighting Wyvern 23-2

    Exercise Fighting Wyvern 23-02 is the second of three exercises designed to execute ACE operations in response to and within a Contested, Degraded and Operationally Limited environment, while concurrently executing integrated and joint base defense operations with Slovenia and Italy.

  • SECAF Kendall visits Aviano

    Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall visited Aviano Air Base Dec. 5, to take a firsthand look at how Airmen at the 31st Fighter Wing employ the mission and are part of One Team focused on the One Fight.

  • Walking in a Wyvern Wonderland

    The 31st Fighter Wing Community Center hosted Wyvern Wonderland once again in the Wyvern Square at Aviano Air Base, Italy.

  • Frecce Tricolori Change of Command

    Italian air force 313th Aerobatic Group “Frecce Tricolori” welcome new commander Lt. Col. Massimilianio Salvatore and say farewell to Lt. Col. Stefano Vit during a change of command ceremony at Rivolto Air Force Base, Italy, Nov. 28, 2023. During a “Frecce Tricolori” change of command, the

  • Aviano AB OCOLA adjustment

    Airmen stationed throughout Europe will see a change in their overseas cost-of-living allowance December 1, 2023. This latest change is one of two decreases in OCOLA expected to impact Aviano Airmen with impacts varying based on individual circumstances. “The overseas cost-of-living allowance is a