Airmen improving quality of life through action

AVIANO AIR BASE, Italy -- Being lucky enough to live in Northern Italy as a member of Team Aviano is a true blessing. This team is a wonderful mix of Active Duty, Civil Service, Local National, NAF, DODDS, AAFES, DECA, Contract, and various other tenant unit employees and their families. In our community we have many activities and programs which raise the quality of life for everyone thus enabling our workforce to execute the Mission of the 31st FW. 

True quality of life goes beyond what the organization provides for its people. Our individual actions are what truly raise our quality of life to new heights. We can take pride in our work, base and home environments. We can become active, engaged members of our communities. We can contribute to taking care of our environment through recycling and conservation efforts. We can volunteer in order to make a positive impact. 

The list goes on and on - the single common thread in each of these concepts is that they are carried out by Airmen as individuals or in groups. 

Take pride in our work, base, and home environments: each one of us needs to understand that the environment we maintain impacts those around us. At home, you need to be cognizant of how your little piece of Italy is impacting your neighbors. If you keep your yard neat and accented with flowers, your neighbors will appreciate what you have offered them to look at. If you do not cut the grass, your neighbors will not be too thrilled with what they see. Also, we all need to work hard to stop litter and pick up the trash that finds its way to the ground. 

Become active, engaged members of your community: join clubs, participate in the PTA/PTSO, find a cause you support and get involved. Engaging with our Italian hosts is a great way to enhance mutual understanding and respect. Join in one of the local Volksmarches or community pedala bike rides and have a wonderful time. 

Take care of our environment through recycling and conservation efforts: read your local recycling brochures, know what and when each community collects recycling and know where to drop off items not collected at the curb. Those old TVs and outdated computer bits can be dropped at the ecological platform. All of the info you need to be a good citizen and neighbor can be found at

Volunteer to make a positive impact: there are many opportunities where you can volunteer your time and have a positive impact on someone's life. If you need assistance finding a place to start, the folks at the Airmen and Family Readiness Center can help. 

Quality of life is more than what the organization does for the people. True quality comes from the people, our Airmen and team members, taking a proactive approach and making this a quality focused community. Please step up and ask yourself: what role can I play in raising the quality of life for everyone in our community?