Crime prevention

AVIANO AIR BASE, Italy -- Fortunately, we had an uneventful week, so we'll keep the Blotter Bonehead Award in its special place until next week. Since we had a quiet week, we'll use this space to offer a few tips to help you avoid qualifying for the much-sought-after Award.

Did you know Italian law requires every vehicle on public property, which includes all of Aviano Air Base, to be insured and have a valid insurance certificate displayed in the windshield? So, if you are selling a car or have a car in need of repair parked somewhere on base like the "for sale lot" or outside the Auto Skills Center, you must still continue to properly insure it and display the certificate. Without the certificate, you are subject to a 36 euro fine and the Carabinieri have authority to tow and impound your vehicle at your expense!

Speaking of expenses, did you know a light bulb in Italy costs over 72 euros?! It does if you get stopped for driving with a light burnt out on your car. For every bulb not working (turn signal, headlight, even license plate light), you are subject to a strict fine. Can you say, "That light must have just burnt out!" in Italian? If not, we recommend you do a quick check of your lights during hours of darkness before you drive off in your car.