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New code speeds mail delivery process

Posted 3/29/2007   Updated 3/29/2007 Email story   Print story


from 31st Communications Squadron

3/29/2007 - Aviano Air Base, Italy  -- Beginning Monday, Aviano members need to add four more digits after their zip code to receive mail faster. 

Adding four digits to the zip code can get Letter Class Mail from the United States to Aviano faster and speed mail delivery locally by several hours. 

Additionally, this initiative will take stress off local mail clerks. The Aviano post office receives and processes about 4,000 letters daily, which takes more than three hours to sort. 

Box numbers are sorted by 100s at the mail processing center in New York. A United States Postal Service automation Optical Character Reader reads delivery addresses from the bottom up. If it recognizes the zip code and four numbers, the letter goes to the designated tray to its final destination. If the OCR doesn't recognize the zip code, the automation system spits the letter into a bin for unrecognizable zip codes and four-digit codes, and is sent to get processed for manual sorting. 

Without the additional four digits, box numbers ranging from one to 5000 are mingled in the same LCM tray. 

The zip code plus four digits isn't something new. The Postal Service has been using automated sorting since the early 1990s. This system was implemented in the Pacific Air Forces theater in early 2001 and the system has been working well for all Military Post Offices. 

The overall benefit of the new code to the patron is faster incoming mail service, automation requirements are met, and the service saves money spent on hourly wages for manual sorting. The money saved by the Postal Service from the military benefits 
Aviano customers with continued free shipping supplies for all military locations. 

See below for Aviano specific four-digit codes. Failure to use the code may result in mail delivery delays due to additional manual handling. 

In addition to the new four-digit initiative, Aviano is migrating the PSC 54 and the zip code 09601 to PSC 103 and the zip code 09603. 

Years ago Aviano had two separate post offices on the flight line and Area Two, making two PSCs and zip codes necessary. Now that the post office is consolidated, the extra zip code and PSC number are no longer needed. 

All post office patrons will keep their existing box numbers, but should begin using PSC 103 APO AE 09603 immediately. For those who already use that as their PSC address, the only new change is to add the four digit number at the end of the zip code. 

Change of address cards are available at the parcel pick-up window, if needed.
For any questions, call Tech. Sgt. Jeffery Williamson or Tech. Sgt. Arthur McDowell at Ext. 4086.

If you box number is between the following, then use the cooresponding four digit code after your zip code: 

1 - 99               0001 
101-199          0002 
201-299          0003
301-399          0004
401-499          0005
501-599          0006
601-699          0007
701-799          0008
801-899          0009
901-1099        0010
1001-1099      0011
1101-1199      0012
1201-1299      0013
1301-1399      0014
1401-1499      0015
1501-1599      0016
1601-1699      0017
1701-1799      0018
1801-1899      0019
1901-1999      0020
2001-2099      0021
2101-2199      0022
2201-2299      0023
2301-2399      0024
2401-2499      0025
2501-2599      0026
2601-2699      0027
2701-2799      0028
2801-2899      0029
2901-2999      0030
3001-3099      0031
3101-3199      0032
3201-3299      0033
3301-3399      0034
3401-3499      0035
3501-3599      0036
3601-3699      0037
3701-3799      0038
3801-3899      0039
3901-3999      0040
4001-4099      0041
4101-4199      0042
4201-4299      0043
4301-4399      0044
4401-4499      0045
4501-4599      0046
4601-4699      0047
4701-4799      0048
4801-4899      0049
4901-4999      0050
5001-5099      0051
5101-5199      0052
5201-5299      0053
5301-5399      0054
5401-5499      0055

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