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31st Security Forces Squadron

7/2/2010 - Aviano Air Base, Italy -- On June 2, a dependent spouse contacted the Emergency Communications Center to report stolen property and vehicle damage. The dependent stated that an unknown individual gained access into their vehicle by using a tool to break the lock on the driver's side door. A debit card, AFI driver license, stateside driver license, social security card, Codice Fiscale, set of dog tags, and additional items were stolen. Always park vehicles in well lit areas and avoid parking near shrubbery, walls and unpopulated areas. Do not to leave items of value in the vehicle. If you cannot take valuables with you, place them in the trunk. Items such as social security cards, Codice Fiscale, and dog tags should not be kept in a vehicle because they hold high value to identity thieves.
On June 10, the assistant principal of Aviano Elementary School called the ECC to report that one of his students discovered damage to building 168. The student who reported the incident was outside the building working on a class project when they heard noises coming from the inside. The student walked around to the side of the building and discovered three broken windows with a metal pipe lying on the ground and an insecure door. The student proceeded directly to the principal's office to report the findings. Damaging government property is serious crime. For civilians, it is considered a felony. Military members who destroy government property are in violation of the UCMJ Article 108. Maximum punishment for destruction of government property under the UCMJ is a bad-conduct discharge, forfeiture of all pay, and confinement for one year.

On June 25, an active-duty servicemember entered the Police Services Desk to report their AFI cover plate stolen. The member left the vehicle with the cover plate attached in the Security Forces Armory parking lot in December of 2009. After returning several months later to retrieve the cover plate for salvaging purposes, the plate was discovered missing. Unattended vehicles are vulnerable to theft, damage, and impoundment. Aviano Air Base Instruction 31-204 states that "vehicles illegally parked for an unreasonable period, which interfere with traffic operations, which create a safety hazard, are disabled in an accident or incident, have been left unattended in, or adjacent to, a restricted, controlled, or off-limits area and/or abandoned will be impounded." The instruction defines an unreasonable period as "longer than 72 hours in an area other than the Auto Hobby Shop. Vehicles parked in this designated lot must have proper authorization and credentials." If vehicles must be left unattended for long periods of time, ensure a trustworthy person is able to monitor your vehicle to prevent any incidents or accidents.

Crime Prevention Tip of The Week:
Identity theft is the largest growing crime. Some of the most common ways that offenders gain access to our personal information is by dumpster diving, phishing, skimming and Internet monitoring. However, several tactics can be employed to significantly reduced chances of becoming a victim. First, shred any unneeded documents that contain phone numbers, account numbers, addresses, social security numbers, and even full names. Second, protect social security number by reporting lost or stolen ID cards immediately to security forces. Third, avoid giving out any personal information over the phone, through the mail or over the internet as much as possible. Finally, minimize the number of items that you carry, which contain personal information.

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