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123 Aviano Airmen selected for technical sergeant

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31st Fighter Wing Public Affairs

6/21/2012 - AVIANO AIR BASE, Italy -- Air Force officials announced today that 123 Team Aviano non-commissioned officers were selected for promotion to technical sergeant.

Team Aviano selectees are:

Moises V. Alhambra, 31st Force Support Squadron
Paterik A. Alsup, 31st Security Forces Squadron
Edward J. Auty, 603rd Air Control Squadron
James T. Baroni Jr., 31st Communications Squadron
Sara J. Barrett, 31st Munitions Squadron
Jarrod Beck, 31st Communications Squadron
David W. Berry, 31st Fighter Wing
Derek L. Bethea Jr., 704th Munitions Support Squadron
Robert L. Blevins, 603rd Air Control Squadron
Reg D. Boling, 31st Maintenance Squadron
Angela M. Brown, 31st Force Support Squadron
Jon T. Brown, 31st Maintenance Group
Ricardo S. Caldwell, 31st Mission Support Group
Kory A. Cardona, 704th Munitions Support Squadron
Robert E Carr, 731st Munitions Squadron
Michael L. Carrillo, 31st Munitions Squadron
Paul R. Charo, 31st Medical Support Squadron
Jeremiah L. Clark, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Leroy Clemons, 31st Civil Engineer Squadron
Kenneth D. Clinton, 31st Security Forces Squadron
Jason L. Cobb, 731st Munitions Squadron
Kenneth D. Coleman, 31st Maintenance Operations Squadron
Zeb L. Crawford, 31st Maintenance Squadron
Jonathan Cunningham, 31st Comptroller Squadron
Ryan C. Davis, 31st Maintenance Operations Squadron
Juliery D. Cruz, 31st Communications Squadron
Christopher Dente, 31st Maintenance Squadron
Joelina C. Diaz, 31st Force Support Squadron
Caleb J. Dysert, 31st Security Forces Squadron
Thomas D. Elsworth, NATO Heavy Airlift Wing
Karrington C. Emery, 704th Munitions Support Squadron
Kristin Farabaugh, 603rd Air Control Squadron
Jonathan Fernandez, 31st Fighter Wing
Lani A. Fernandez, 31st Force Support Squadron
Nathan R. Flitcraft, 31st Maintenance Squadron
Anthony J. Foerster, 704th Munitions Support Squadron
Elmer P. Francisco, 31st Aerospace Medical Squadron
Jonathan D. French, 31st Maintenance Squadron
Andrew J. Frenzel, 31st Maintenance Squadron
Joseph C. Fullard, 31st Maintenance Squadron
Ryan Gerstenberger, 31st Maintenance Squadron
CJ A. Goins, 704th Munitions Support Squadron
Joshua A. Graham, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Brenda L. Gray, 31st Communications Squadron
Jared N. Green, 31st Maintenance Operations Squadron
Matthew T. Green, 603rd Air Control Squadron
Michael J. Haas, 9th Operations Group
Michael A. Hayes, 31st Maintenance Operations Squadron
Laura A. Henderson, 31st Communications Squadron
Matthew Hernandez, 31st Security Forces Squadron
Tanner L. Ike, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Caleb A. Jackson, 31st Maintenance Squadron
Wesley G. Jackson, 31st Logistics Readiness Squadron
Jered B. Jones, 31st Security Forces Squadron
James J. Kahler, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Erik K. Kalanquin, 603rd Air Control Squadron
Raymond P. Kennard, 31st Logistics Readiness Squadron
Domonique D. Kimble, 31st Maintenance Operations Squadron
Kenneth L J Koonce, 31st Logistics Readiness Squadron
Christopher Koper, 31st Civil Engineer Squadron
Christina Lietzow, 31st Maintenance Operations Squadron
Eric D. Lovelace, 31st Maintenance Squadron
Anthony Malbrough, 31st Civil Engineer Squadron
Jason Maldonado, 31st Munitions Squadron
Douglas M. Maleski, 31st Maintenance Squadron
Joshua M. McCathern, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Jermaine A. McCrea, 731stst Munitions Squadron
Cipriano Mena Jr., 731stst Munitions Squadron
Robert L. Mhoon Jr., 603rd Air Control Squadron
Daniel M. Mignosa, 9th Operations Group
Patrick F. Neal Jr., 31st Communications Squadron
Isaac C. Orona, 731st Munitions Squadron
Kyle R. Overby, 704th Munitions Squadrons
Christopher Patten, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Joe J. Perez, 9th Operations Group
Anthony A. Peterson, 31st Communications Squadron
Jeremiah I. Pratt, 31st Fighter Wing
Christopher A. Pugh, 31st Maintenance Squadron
Morgan L. Quinn, 31st Maintenance Squadron
Susan Ramnarine, 31st Contracting Squadron
Ian B. Randall, 21st Operations Group
Jeremy R. Rarang, 8th Air Support Operations Squadron
Nathan K. Risner, 603rd Air Control Squadron
Lloyd G. Roberts, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Melissa Robertson, 31st Munitions Squadron
Liseth P. Rodriguez, 704th Munitions Squadrons
Daniel L. Romero, 31st Security Forces Squadron
Jonathan M. Sampson, 31st Security Forces Squadron
Brandon Sanderson, 31st Civil Engineer Squadron
Sheri L. Santiago, 724th Air Mobility Squadron
Jeffrey S. Santos, 31st Civil Engineer Squadron
Stephen B. Sapp, 31st Security Forces Squadron
Jordan T. Scheller, 31st Logistics Readiness Squadron
Erich D. Schmidt, 31st Civil Engineer Squadron
David J. Schmitt, 31st Maintenance Squadron
Allen T. Schultz,704th Munitions Squadrons
Angela J. Schultz, 704th Munitions Squadrons
Joshua L. Shafer, 31st Security Forces Squadron
Matthew J. Shields, NATO Heavy Airlift Wing
Clifford M. Sisk, 31st Operations Support Squadron
Julia M. Slifko, 31st Munitions Squadron
Carmen L. Smith, 31st Maintenance Group
Duane R. Smith, 31st Maintenance Squadron
Jerry J. Stokes Jr., 704th Munitions Squadrons
Joshua K. Sykes, 31st Security Forces Squadron
Eric C. Tabb, 704th Munitions Squadrons
Steven E. Tate, 21st Operations Group
Casey D. Taylor, 31st Surgical Operations
Michael L. Taylor, 603rd Air Control Squadron
Kajorn Thongsrisuk, 603rd Air Control Squadron
Jessie V. Torres, 372nd Training Squadron
Joshua J. Walters, 31st Maintenance Squadron
Ernest L. Watson, 603rd Air Control Squadron
David W. Weaver, 31st Comptroller Squadron
David L. West, 31st Civil Engineer Squadron
Maria T. Whitworth, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Alexander Wieczorek, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Jonathan Williams, 31st Security Forces Squadron
Steven C. Winiarski, 31st Maintenance Squadron
Maurice S. Wong, 9th Operations Group
Brandon D. Woodruff, 31st Logistics Readiness Squadron
Demetress L. Wright, 31st Dental Squadron
Adrian J. Zellefrow, 31st Maintenance Squadron

Air Force officials selected 8,518 of 37,402 eligible staff sergeants for promotion to technical sergeant for a selection rate of 22.77 percent.

The average score for those selected was 321.94, with an average time in grade of 5.39 years and time in service of 10.58 years respectively. Weighted factor averages included the following: 132.69 for enlisted performance reports, 5.59 for decorations, 75.37 for the promotion fitness exam and 55.39 for the specialty knowledge test.
Those selected for technical sergeant will be promoted beginning in August according to their promotion sequence number. As a reminder, the selections are tentative until the data verification process is complete, which is no later than 10 days after the promotion release date. Personnel officials will notify Airmen, via military personnel sections, if their selection is in question.

For more information on promotions or any other personnel related issue, visit the myPers website at https://mypers.af.mil.

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