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201 Aviano Airmen selected staff sergeant

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31st Fighter Wing Public Affairs

8/2/2012 - AVIANO AIR BASE, Italy -- Air Force officials announced today That 201 Team Aviano Airmen were selected for promotion to staff sergeant.

Team Aviano selectees are:

Nickolas Adkisson, 31st Civil Engineer Squadron
Brent Admire, 603rd Air Control Squadron
Dustin Admire, 31st Security Forces Squadron
Simon Alejandro, 31st Communications Squadron
Nareef Ali, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Leonel Alvares, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Jonathan Aponte, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Ian Aspen, 31st Munitions Squadron
Alexander Aviles, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Stephanie Behringer, 31st Logistics Readiness Squadron
Michael Biggs, 31st Munitions Squadron
Kyle Bingham, 603rd Air Control Squadron
Kyle Black, 31st Maintenance Squadron
Anthony Blazer, Civil Engineer Squadron
Matthew Borrelli, 603rd Air Control Squadron
James Brendemihl, 31st Maintenance Squadron
Randi Brooks, 31st Logistics Readiness Squadron
Curtis Brown, 31st Munitions Squadron
Nathaniel Brown, 31st Maintenance Squadron
Megan Burks, 31st Security Forces Squadron
Joseph Burns, 31st Security Forces Squadron
Christopher Busch, 31st Maintenance Squadron
Jordan Butler, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Joshua Campbell, 31st Munitions Squadron
Sean Campbell, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Daniel Campos, 31st Maintenance Squadron
Garylee Campos, 31st Munitions Squadron
Preston Capps, 31st Maintenance Squadron
Christopher Carbon, 31st Logistics Readiness Squadron
Preston Castillo, 31st Civil Engineer Squadron
Cassidy Cervenka, 603rd Air Control Squadron
Gregory Channer, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Terri Cook, 603rd Air Control Squadron
Christoper Covington, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Stephanie Craft, AFN Aviano
Jeffrey Cummings, 31st Security Forces Squadron
Paul Dakins, AFN Aviano
Carrie Davi, 31st Security Forces Squadron
Hope Davis, 31st Munitions Squadron
Jasmine Davis, 31st Dental Squadron
Maximillian Dawson, 31st Communications Squadron
Jacob Deltedesco, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Bryce Dick, 31st Aerospace Medicine Squadron
Dylon Dickinson, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Vincent Dixon, 31st Security Forces Squadron
Corey Doss, 31st Force Support Squadron
Nicole Dunaway, 31st Dental Squadron
Henry Eissler, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Justin Estrada, 31st Security Forces Squadron
Darryck Farmer, 31st Communications Squadron
Richard Friedrich, 603rd Air Control Squadron
Maurice Fulton, 31st Civil Engineer Squadron
Sarah Gateley, 31st Logistics Readiness Squadron
Michael Gavin, 724th Air Mobility Squadron
Grant Gibbons, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Rikki Gilbert, 31st Medical Support Squadron
Eric Gomez, 31st Security Forces Squadron
Adam Goss, 31st Security Forces Squadron
Bryan Grillo, 31st Munitions Squadron
Reynaldo Gutierrez, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Camilo Guzman, 31st Security Forces Squadron
Harris Hamburg, 31st Munitions Squadron
Curtis Hammond, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Jesse Hardy, 31st Logistics Readiness Squadron
Antonio Harrell, 603rd Air Control Squadron
Austin Harrell, 31st Maintenance group
Justin Harris, 31st Maintenance Squadron
Austin Hart, 31st Civil Engineer Squadron
Andrew Healy, 31st Security Forces Squadron
Joshua Heffley, 31st Security Forces Squadron
Sean Helm, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Dusty Henry, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Arturo Herrera, 31st Operations Support Squadron
Nicole Hoke, 31st Maintenance Squadron
Arron Holden, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Matthew Huffman, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Christopher Hull, 31st Communications Squadron
Cade Jackson, 31st Maintenance Squadron
Jennifer Jaehn, 31st Surgical Operations Squadron
Andrew Jahnke, 31st Munitions Squadron
Matthew Jamieson, 31st Security Forces Squadron
Joshua Jennings, 31st Maintenance Squadron
Matthew Jennings, 31st Logistics Readiness Squadron
Kenneth Jensen, 603rd Air Control Squadron
Robert Johnson, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Jeremy Jones, 31st Maintenance Squadron
Rayketha Jones, 31st Maintenance Squadron
Reese Jones, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Kristie Kersch, 31st Munitions Squadron
Brittany Kinney, 603rd Air Control Squadron
Crystal Klette, 31st Medical Support Squadron
Bethanicole Lawton, Mission Support
Brandon Lee, 31st Operations Support Squadron
John Letriz, 31st Force Support Squadron
Albert Lockhart, 31st Munitions Squadron
Jonathan Loew, 31st Logistics Readiness Squadron
Johnathan Loftus, 31st Communications Squadron
Steven Losada, 31st Maintenance Squadron
Amanda Maestas, 31st Communications Squadron
Austin Mallory, 31st Munitions Squadron
Derek Manchester, 31st Logistics Readiness Squadron
Nathan Manglona, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Robert Marchbanks, 31st Maintenance Squadron
Michael Markowitz, 31st Security Forces Squadron
James Marrone, 603rd Air Control Squadron
Robert Mathews, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Lauryn McCoy, 31st Security Forces Squadron
Cody Mcgee, 603rd Air Control Squadron
Dirk Mcgrane, 31st Operations Group
Billie McMorris, 31st Maintenance Squadron
Zachary Meether, 31st Security Forces Squadron
Clayton Melchioris, 603rd Air Control Squadron
Jeremiah Mesquita, 31st Contracting Squadron
Andrew Meyer, 31st Operations Support Squadron
Neil Middlecoat, 603rd Air Control Squadron
Benjamin Miller, 8th Air Support Operations Squadron
Matthew Miller, 31st Security Forces Squadron
Lyndon Mincey, 31st Security Forces Squadron
Benjamin Mockovciak, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Kyle Moore, 31st Maintenance Squadron
Sara Moreno, 31st Aerospace Medicine Squadron
Jason Morgan, 31st Maintenance Squadron
Andrew Mundy, 31st Communications Squadron
Christopher Nava, 31st Communications Squadron
Lorna Neeley, 31st Aerospace Medicine Squadron
Brett Nisson, 31st Operations Support Squadron
David Olson, 603rd Air Control Squadron
Erik Parris, 31st Security Forces Squadron
Temeka Paschal-Vassell, 31st Force Support Squadron
Christopher Pequeno, 31st Security Forces Squadron
Natalie Perez, 31st Fighter Wing
Dorothy Permetti, 31st Civil Engineer Squadron
Stephanie Petofi, 31st Communications Squadron
Rachael Phillips, 31st Force Support Squadron
Dana Polch, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Austen Pomerene, 31st Maintenance Squadron
Charles Poss-Dan, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Dana Poston, 31st Communications Squadron
Robert Rawlins, 31st Communications Squadron
Aaron Reddy, 31st Dental Squadron
Erica Redmon, 31st Comptroller Squadron
Tarell Register, 31st Logistics Readiness Squadron
Adam Rentsch, 31st Maintenance Squadron
Scott Richards, 31st Civil Engineer Squadron
Annmarie Ringer, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Nicholas Ristow, 31st Logistics Readiness Squadron
Keaton Robbins, 31st Logistics Readiness Squadron
Nathaniel Robie, 8th Air Support Operations Squadron
Anders Rosenquist, 31st Maintenance Squadron
John Routh, 31st Maintenance Squadron
Luke Roy, 603rd Air Control Squadron
Nicholas Rynott, 31st Security Forces Squadron
Jared Saavedra, 31st Civil Engineer Squadron
William Sanchez, 724th Air Mobility Squadron
Christopher Sandahl, 603rd Air Control Squadron
Alfredo Sandoval-Alvarez, 31st Communications Squadron
Eddie Santana-Nieves, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Micah Sawyer, 31st Munitions Squadron
Nicholas Schaffer, 31st Maintenance Squadron
Christopher Schultz, 31st Communications Squadron
David Seamons, 31st Munitions Squadron
Andrew Sexton, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Randolph Sheffield, 31st Maintenance Squadron
Sarah Shull, 31st Communications Squadron
Kelly Sifers, 31st Maintenance group
James Sipes, 31st Communications Squadron
Craig Smith, 31st Security Forces Squadron
Justin Smith, 31st Security Forces Squadron
Brianna Snyder, 31st Dental Squadron
Luis Soto, 31st Munitions Squadron
Samuel Spaethe, 31st Comptroller Squadron
Kory Stanfill, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
James Stanovich, 31st Maintenance Squadron
William Stodola, 31st Logistics Readiness Squadron
Mark Sutton, 31st Munitions Squadron
Elroy Tereyama, 31st Communications Squadron
Tony Thomas, 31st Maintenance Squadron
Benjamin Thompson, 31st Communications Squadron
William Timothy, 31st Maintenance Squadron
Stephen Tritten, 31st Communications Squadron
Justin Vanderwerff, 31st Logistics Readiness Squadron
Alexander Vergara, 31st Maintenance Squadron
Richard Vice, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Raynaldo Villegas, 31st Munitions Squadron
Koby Vinson, 603rd Air Control Squadron
Mark Wald, 603rd Air Control Squadron
Nicholas Waller, 31st Security Forces Squadron
Rachel Watts, 603rd Air Control Squadron
Justin Weaks, 31st Civil Engineer Squadron
Aaron Weber, 31st Security Forces Squadron
Scott Welch, 8th Air Support Operations Squadron
Beau Wickham, 603rd Air Control Squadron
Tyler Wilkins, 31st Logistics Readiness Squadron
Tiffanie Williams, 31st Security Forces Squadron
Sean Willis, 31st Munitions Squadron
Leeann Wilson, 31st Security Forces Squadron
Katherine Windish, 31st Fighter Wing
Donald Winters, 31st Munitions Squadron
Monique Wynn, 31st Security Forces Squadron
Jamal Young, 603rd Air Control Squadron
James Young, 31st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Air Force officials selected 13,448 of 33,060 eligible senior airmen for promotion to staff sergeant - a selection rate of 40.68 percent.

The average score for those selected was 283.30, with an average time in grade of 1.93 years and time in service of 4.45 years. Weighted factor point averages were 131.59 for enlisted performance reports, .98 for decorations, 70.35 for the Promotion Fitness Exam and 57.33 for the Specialty Knowledge Test.

Those selected for staff sergeant will be promoted according to their promotion sequence number beginning in September. Selections are tentative until the data verification process is complete, within 10 days of the promotion release date. Personnel officials will notify Airmen, via military personnel sections, if their selection is in question.

For more information on promotions or any other personnel related issue, visit the myPers website at http://mypers.af.mil.  

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