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  • Aviano DODDs

    Welcome to Aviano DODDs!Aviano Elementary SchoolOn behalf of the faculty and staff, I welcome you to Aviano Elementary School. We certainly hope that you and your child(ren) will have a satisfying and successful school year. For those of you joining our school for the first time, I would like to encourage you to become actively involved in your
  • Aircraft

    Wyvern on Aviano F-16sQ: I noticed there is very little on our aircraft here that really says it's from Aviano other then the tail flash. Many bases have a falcon painted on both sides of the aircraft right behind the cockpit, and others have their mascot, such as Osan has a Mustang. I think we should paint the Wyvern behind the cockpit of all of
  • 31st Logistics Readiness Squadron

    MISSION The 31st Logistics Readiness Squadron provides outstanding logistics support to effectively execute the 31st Fighter Wing's mission and train combat-ready Logistics Airmen. "On Spec and On Time...Every Time!" The 31st LRS delivers and sustains combat logistics readiness support through professional vehicle, supply and fuels management. The
  • Child Care

    Child care availability for newcomers Q: We're a MIL-to-MIL couple with children and we got 20 hours of free child care, but the service is offered at Area 1 and we're over here at Area F with no transportation and taxi service. Can the free child care be provided on this side of the base? A: The 20 free hours of PCS care is available at both CDCs
  • Education

    Online placement testing Q: Why doesn't the base offer computer-based College Level Examination Placement testing instead of written testing which has a 10-week turnaround? A: Both CLEP and Graduate Record Examinations/Law School Admission Testing fall into Voluntary Education Examinations which are managed by the Defense Activity for
  • 31st Maintenance Operations Squadron

    MISSION  The 31st Maintenance Operations Squadron provides maintenance management, training, programs and the resources necessary to support the 31st Maintenance Group production effort. As the "force enabler" of the 31st MXG, the 31st MOS is a diverse work force responsible for monitoring and reporting the aircraft and engine fleet health as well
  • 510th Fighter Squadron "Buzzards"

    MISSION The 510th Fighter Squadron provides combat airpower on demand to U.S. and NATO combatant commanders as well as the National Command Authority in order to meet National Security objectives. The unit performs air and space control and force application roles of counterair, strategic attack, and counterland including interdiction and close-air
  • 31st Mission Support Group

    MISSIONThe 31st Mission Support Group goal is to provide world class infrastructure and service to support a premiere combat capability and quality of life to the 31 st Fighter Wing, Aviano Air Base community and multiple geographically separated units. The group is composed of six squadrons. The 31st Security Forces Squadron provides law
  • 31st Maintenance Group

    MISSION The 31st Maintenance Group provides peacetime and combat maintenance and munitions control, and executive support for the 31st Fighter Wing, geographically separated units under the command and control of the wing, and units gained during advanced stages of readiness. The 31st MXG also responds to humanitarian and contingency logistics