Field Training Detachment 24, 372d Training Squadron



Deliver State-of-the-Art Maintenance and Instructional Training to DoD Warfighters and International Partners -- Anytime, Any place



To be the obvious choice for efficient and effective maintenance training… Anytime, Anywhere.



Maintenance Community's Training Source of Choice...Today and Tomorrow



Aviano Air Base, Italy



14 Enlisted Active Duty



Detachment 24 of the 372d Training Squadron is assigned to Aviano Air Base, Italy home of the 31st Fighter Wing and provides maintenance training on the F-16 “Fighting Falcon.”  Training aircraft maintainers who support a vital mission with global impact, their instructors work tirelessly to ensure that they’re “the obvious choice for efficient maintenance, anytime, anywhere…” Composed of just 12 instructors across 6 AFSC’s, Detachment 24 makes up one of the squadron’s smaller detachments, but they take the challenge in stride, going beyond the base perimeter, even as far as Naval Air Station Sigonella, to keep airmen ready for whatever tasking may come next. The Detachment Chief, MSgt Richard Jones stated, “It’s amazing when you think about the impact of our instructors. The 31st FW is the tip of the spear, constantly being tasked with deterrence, rescue, and combat missions throughout the Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Preparing their maintainers to perform with precision is something that we take seriously, so we give them the quality instruction they need to get the job done.”  


Det 24’s cadre stays hard at work, both in and out of the classroom, often heading out to provide specialized training for Airmen to advance what’s already been learned in their respective curriculums. As a team they produce roughly 7.5K hours of instruction and 350 graduates annually. On top of servicing Aviano and satellite installations, instructors assigned to Detachment 24 work to take their training responsibilities a step further and provide assistance to NATO allies and other international partners.


Recently, TSgt Jessie Torres, Det 24’s NCOIC, Instructor Element, hosted and briefed 18 Romanian Air Force personnel on their mission and training operations.   The Romanian Air Force has recently purchased 12 F-16s from Lockheed-Martin and was touring Aviano’s maintenance and training facilities to gain insight on operations. TSgt Torres said, “Romania is our newest NATO partner to acquire F-16’s and they are curious on how we train our maintainers.  It is a pleasure to show our allies first hand on how we contribute to the 31st Fighter Wing’s overall mission statement to deter aggression, defend US and NATO interests and develop Aviano.  They were particularly impressed with our state-of-the-art training equipment and that we entrust our young enlisted Airmen to perform maintenance with little to no supervision.  Showcasing our training operations truly shows Det 24’s impact on how Aviano’s maintainers are able to perform maintenance with confidence because of the instruction we provide.”


Taking their commitment a step further, Det 24’s influence and efforts can be felt across Aviano as their staff integrates into the host unit’s community and drive to support it through organizations such as the local Air Force Sergeant’s Association chapter, where two of their members sit on the executive council. An additional three instructors offer their skills as Motorcycle Rider Course instructors for the Wing Safety Office while others are involved in youth programs as sports team coaches. Other instructors work to organize and coordinate for major social and fundraising events such as Aviano’s Primavera Bazaar, where local and visiting merchants are brought on base for Airmen and their families to shop and explore a taste of European culture.