31st Contracting Squadron


‚ÄčThe 31st Contracting Squadron acquires and supports war fighting capabilities through responsive business solutions and contracting support to 31st Fighter Wing and 26 geographically separated units and tenant units throughout Southern Europe. It is responsible for approximately 1,200 annual contracts valued in excess of $45 million, and day-to-day operations of more than 825 contractor personnel, 450 government purchase card holders, and contingency contracting officer support for U.S. and NATO humanitarian and contingency operations.

Prior to 1991, the 31st Contracting Squadron was known as Detachment 6, 7000th Contracting Region, Italy, functionally aligned under the U.S. Air Forces Europe commander. In 1991, the unit changed from a detachment to the 401st Contracting Flight and became part of the 401st Logistics Group. In 1995, with the arrival of the 31st Fighter Wing, the unit became the 31st Contracting Squadron.

31st Contracting Squadron
Phone numbers
DSN: 314-632-7567
COMM: (39)0434-30-7567

U.S. Mailing Address:
31st Contracting Squadron
Unit 6102 Box 140
APO AE 09604-2140

International Mailing Address:
31st Contracting Squadron
Via Pordenone, Area "E" Edif. 600
Base Aerea di Aviano
33081 Aviano (PN), Italy