Aviano Air Base Voter Assistance Office

Your Installation Voter Assistance Office is here to help you exercise the very right you protect--your right to vote! The Federal Voting Assistance Program ensures service members, their eligible family members and overseas citizens are aware of their right to vote and have the tools and resources to do so - from anywhere in the world.

The IVAO can help you register to vote, request an absentee ballot and notify your local election officials of a change of address. The information below is provided for you as you get ready to transition and are thinking of what you must do before and after you make that change in assignment, deploy or separate/retire:

The FPCA can be used to register to vote while simultaneously requesting an absentee ballot. It can also be used to submit a change of address to your local election officials. You can now go online and use the FPCA Wizard to help you register, request your absentee ballot and/or change your address while providing you with all of your state-specific information and requirements to vote.

The FWAB can be used as a back-up in case you already registered to vote or sent an FPCA to both register and request your absentee ballot, but you have not yet received your absentee ballot from your State. Similar to the FPCA, you can complete your FWAB online using the FWAB Wizard to help you vote in Federal elections, even filling in your candidate choices based on your State of residence.

* Both the FPCA and FWAB Wizards will provide you the completed forms. All you have to do is print, sign and date it, and return it to your election official via the directions provided (some states allow you to fax, or e-mail your signed form if you scan it as a PDF to your computer).

If you are separating or retiring, you will need to advise your local election official that you will no longer be considered a military voter. The NVRF notifies your LEO of your address change. Further information on separation or retirement from active duty can be found here through FVAP.gov.

Please contact us at vote.aviano@us.af.mil, or by phone at DSN 632-5407 or +39-0434-30-5407. You can also contact your Unit Voting Assistance Officer in your squadron for any assistance. Further information on how separation or retirement from active duty affects voting can be found here through FVAP.gov.