As you prepare for your PCS, if you are active duty military bringing dependents or are a DoD civilian (with or without dependents), it is absolutely essential that prior to leaving your current assignment each member have the mandatory required no-fee or official passport that contains an Italian Missione Visa. A tourist passport cannot be used in place of the no-fee passport.

  • If the required documents are not in-hand prior to departure and subsequent arrival in Italy, members will not be permitted to enter Italy or will be subject to deportation should they somehow arrive without them. U.S. Passport Agents in Italy cannot process Italian mission visa applications. NOTE: EU citizens do not require a visa.
  • Blue no-fee passports are issued to dependents of military members, maroon official passports are issued to DoD civilians and their dependents. To distinguish a blue no-fee passport from a blue tourist passport, the no-fee has the following statement in the back: "This passport is valid only for use in connection with the bearer's residence abroad as a dependent of a member of the American military or naval forces on active duty outside the United States." No-Fee Passports are used for official travel of dependents, while Tourist Passports are used for all leave-type and leisure travel.
  • All DoD civilians and their dependents must apply for their visas through the Passport Matters Office in Crystal City, Va., and receive the Missione Visa from the Italian Embassy in Washington D.C. Work with the passport agent at the losing base to apply for the visa.
  • Military dependents and DoD civilians and their dependents should delay their arrival in Italy until the Italian Missione Visas are obtained.
  • If the Active Duty Member is on an unaccompanied tour and has Italy as a follow-on assignment, the dependents still must have their visas for their no-fee passports prior to their arrival in Italy. Work with the passport agent at your unaccompanied location for the specific requirements for how and where your dependents should apply for the visas at their designated location in the U.S.
  • Members and dependents should not go directly to Italian Embassies and Consulates to apply for visas.

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