1) Contact your sponsor
Inbound personnel should contact their sponsor as soon as possible. Sponsors are helpful with any questions regarding, for most dorm residents, your first duty assignment. If you need a sponsor, e-mail 31fss.fsfr.1@aviano.af.mil.

2) Have uniforms in carry-on luggage
When traveling, pack one uniform complete with ac-cessories in your carry-on luggage, just in case your luggage gets lost. This way you can en-sure you report into your gaining unit in uniform.

3) Directions to Aviano
Not everyone arrives to Aviano Air Base directly on a rotator. For those flying commercially into Venice, your sponsor or another designated member in your unit should pick you up; however, it is important to know how to get to Aviano just in case.

4) Cell phones
The U.S. government cannot endorse specific companies or plans, but there are several available to military members stationed at Aviano. Many newcomers elect pay-as-you go plans until they have finished researching options compatible with their new homes. The Aviano Facebook Group discusses these options regularly. Some smart phones from the U.S., such as iPhones and Androids, won't work unless they are "jail broken."

5) Drivers license
Prior to coming to Aviano, Airmen are highly encouraged to obtain a U.S. driver's license. This is required in order to receive an Armed Forces in Italy Driver's license. If you are driving a motorcycle, you need to have a stateside motorcycle driver's license.

6) Start saving for vehicle
Transportation is key during your assignment at Aviano. The instal-lation has a base shuttle service, which runs throughout the day; however, if your budget allows and you are interested in driving, start saving for a vehicle now. All drivers must be insured.

7) Passport
Being stationed at Aviano affords members the opportunity to travel. In most instances, travelers need a passport. If you don't have one, you must have the necessary documents, including a birth certificate, ready to apply.

8) Financial matters
Make sure to inform your bank that you will be living in Italy for more than two years to ensure they don't close your account. Also, ensure you are aware of the dollar-euro exchange rate.

9) Pet restrictions
Pets are not allowed in the dormitory except for fish.

10) Limited space in the dormitory
Your room in the dormitory includes a bedroom, closet, bathroom and a shared kitchen. Be aware that space is limited, so all your belongings prior to joining the military may not fit in your room.

(Information courtesy of Aviano Air Base dormitory residents.)