Italian air force Maj. Gen. Andrea Argieri speaks to students in ALS

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Italian air force Maj. Gen. Andrea Argieri, operations command chief of staff, spoke to students in the TSgt Adam K. Ginett Airman Leadership School at Aviano Air Base, Italy, March 15, 2024.

Argieri graduated as an honor student from the Italian Air Force Academy. Throughout his career, he has had a focus on education. Argieri spent two years as an exchange pilot at the 174th Fighter Wing, Air National Guard, in Syracuse, New York; attended the NATO School in Germany and the UK Joint Services Command and Staff College where he earned a master’s degree in defense sciences. He shared the knowledge he has garnered with the American, Italian and Croatian Airmen in attendance.

Argieri shared his perspective as a key leader and NATO partner on understanding our cultural similarities, differences and how they could affect the mission.
“If you look or read about leaders of the past, there is a very common feature about orderliness and culture,” said Argieri. “Culture is the foundation of leadership.”
Argieri went on to quote Peter Drucker, a management consultant and writer, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Argieri explained that strategy and tactics are important, but cultural background is what makes an organization great.

“We have a privilege, and we're lucky to have the ability to fly high and fast,” said Argieri. “When you move high and fast, naturally, you will have to look much further ahead.”

Argieri explained this speaks to the culture and ethos of the U.S. Air Force and NATO partners. When things move fast, change is inevitable.

“We have to be ready for change,” said Argieri. “Because if we are not, we will fall behind, and we cannot afford to fall behind.”

Culture, behavior and communication is what brings people together, according to Argieri. He gave students the unique opportunity of learning about the effect culture and leadership has on the mission from an international perspective.

“By understanding the culture and recognizing change, you will gain context to the situation at hand,” said Argieri. “As leaders, we have to ask ourselves, ‘what is the driving force behind this, what are the human aspects of it?’”

While at Aviano AB, Argieri also visited the 56th Rescue Squadron, the 57th Rescue Squadron and the 31st Operations Support Squadron.