Pacing the Force: Fostering Fitness and Fellowship

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Raya Feltner
  • 31st Fighter Wing

“If you build it, they will come,” said U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Spencer Sciarrone, 31st Force Support Squadron fitness center journeyman.

What began as a personal quest for furthered connection and increased physicality has evolved into a vibrant community initiative. Bodhi Bean’s Run Club, named after Sciarrone’s one-year-old son, is an emerging new group at Aviano offering the opportunity to embrace the joy of movement and run with intention.

“I have always loved being part of a community,” said Sciarrone.

Yet, like so many others can relate, the now avid runner recalls having a love-hate relationship with the sport.

“As a kid I would quit everything and despised running,” said Sciarrone. “It was ‘hard,’ and I simply wasn’t good at it.”

With age, however, he realized embracing challenges such as running was paramount to personal growth. Over time, running naturally became part of Sciarrone’s routine, providing an outlet to process his thoughts, feelings and ideas.

“Running has been instrumental in helping me overcome various challenges in my life,” said Sciarrone.

Bodhi Bean’s Run Club is Sciarrone’s way of sharing this perspective with others, offering a fresh new way to meet people and socialize in a non-intimidating setting. With the intent of connecting and building friendships that go beyond the pavement, the runs are more than just physical exercise, they are a practice in mindfulness and purpose.

“Let’s bring intentionality to every mile and every moment,” said Sciarrone. “Fostering a life filled with meaning and focus.”