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Air Force Climate Survey information

From Brig. Gen Scott Zobrist, 31st Fighter Wing commander:

On March 11, the 31st Fighter Wing began a climate assessment that I directed to help us better understand the human relations environment within our wing. The assessment will be open to our entire military and civilian workforce (both US civilians and local nationals). The survey will be available until March 22, and it provides an excellent opportunity to express your thoughts, opinions, and feelings regarding Aviano and the 31st  Fighter Wing.

Feedback like this survey is absolutely critical in helping us improve things around Aviano Air Base. Your input through our other feedback mechanisms has been responsible for the majority of improvements that have been made around Aviano over the last two years. For example, expanded/standardized customer service hours, opening the LVIS Gate for POV traffic, the new playground in Area 1, and improved sponsorship and Right Start programs are just a few examples of improvements made because of YOUR feedback. Don't miss this opportunity to give your vital feedback and help make Aviano a better place by taking this 15-20 minute survey. Managed by the Equal Opportunity Office, this climate assessment will address morale; communication; attitudes and perceptions of assigned personnel of different ranks, races, ethnic backgrounds, and genders; and overall organizational health.

Wherever possible, I plan to use the results of this survey to improve the human relations climate and the working environment within our wing. As a part of the process, I will share the results of the assessment with you, the members of our organization, so you will get feedback from the survey that you took. In fact, we've recently received Aviano-specific results from the Air Force-wide 2012 climate assessment, and I plan to provide details on those results, and the corrective actions we plan to take, in the coming weeks.

The details on how to participate in this climate assessment will be provided to you by your respective unit commander via email. I know you are busy, but I would personally appreciate it if you would take the time to give us your feedback via this survey. Aviano is a better place today because of you and others that took the time to provide feedback. We want to take the base to the next level, but can only do it with your help.

If you have questions concerning this assessment, please contact 1st Lt. Shannan Hansen at 632-5934 or 

Thank you in advance for your help in making Aviano a better place.

The online survey takes about 15-20 minutes and will be available until March 22 at the following link:

To complete the survey,  members will need to enter their randomly generated unit code.  If you do not have this code, contact your unit representative or first sergeant before starting the survey.