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Morale, Welfare and Recreation

ITT tour alternate pickup location
Is it possible for the Information, Ticket and Travel office to offer an additional stop/pickup in Area F for tours?

A: The main departure location for ITT tours is by the community center in Area 1. However, arrangements can be made for special pickups in Area F to accommodate both incoming personnel staying in the temporary lodging facility as well as Area F dorm residents who do not have transportation to Area 1. In order to arrange an Area F pickup, customers simply make their need known at the time of sign-up. As required, the ITT tour bus will travel to the Airman and Family Readiness Center to pick up these specially arranged customers. Customers should also ensure they provide a contact phone or method with ITT at sign-up in case transportation arrangements are adjusted. Area F pickups will only be for those customers without transportation to Area 1 and will not occur without prior arrangement.

Wireless hot spots on base
I would like a list of the of hot spots on base published on our public Web site and information on plans for any additional hot spots should we have a few more.

A: Current public WiFi hot spots on base include the library, bowling center and community center in Area 1 as well as the Airman and Family Readiness Center, La Bella Vista Club and golf course in Area F. More information on these locations, can be found on the 31st Force Support Squadron Web site, located at In addition, we have cyber cafes (non-wireless available computers for use) located in the library, community center, and A&FRC. The WiFi hot spot located in lodging is only for lodging occupants.

Adult/mature TV programming in lodging
While staying in lodging, there were adult/mature programs on TV that were not appropriate for children. Is there something to be done to
block channels? For my information, what channels/programming is available in lodging, just AFN or additional local programming? Is there a way to apply parental controls or at least notify parents of the channels that show programming not appropriate for children?

A: Lodging receives programming through a SKYY satellite contract, not
via AFN. This package provides a number of U.S.-based channels along with several international European channels (CNN International, European MTV, BBC). Three of the European channels on SKYY switch to European broadcasting during late night hours to include nudity and mature programs. We do not currently have the ability to selectively eliminate channels from the available package. We either get the entire SKYY package or nothing. We intend to address this fully when we renew the contract. In the mean time, we are looking into programming the TVs to turn off during these hours along with a message that explains the presence of the channels. With this provision, guests would need to consciously turn the TV back on during late night hours.

Shoppette hours
Q: Is it possible to get the Shoppette back on a 24hr schedule, we who get off at 3 or 4 in the morning and just need something quick like milk would appreciate that.

A: Unfortunately customer traffic (usage) and sales do not warrant a 24-hour shoppette at Aviano. Our experts continue to monitor sales trends, traffic and first and last hour sales and make appropriate adjustments to the shoppette hours if conditions dictate. 

Lack of 220V applicances at BX
I just arrived and noticed the lack of 220V appliances and the 3-prong Italian plugs in the BX? Is there way to make more appliances and Italian adapters available?

A: We apologize for our temporary out of stock situation and want to let you know that the Italian adapters are back in stock. Our 220 volt small appliance assortment consists of 40 different items including coffee pots, cookers, microwaves, irons, vacuums and more. At present, five of these items are out of stock with orders due in soon. We've placed orange 220 volt stickers adjacent to the price label of the merchandise for quicker identification of 220 volt items. We will also always be happy to shuttle merchandise from other stores in Europe if the customers want an item we do not carry. 

Base Exchange merchandise in stock
How does the Aviano Base Exchange determine what items it keeps in stock?

A: The majority of the Aviano BX's merchandise comes from the warehouse in Newport News, Va., with a small amount ordered from its warehouse located in Germany. The BX has the capability to order anything that is in the AAFES stock assortment. Merchandise, such as clothing for example, varies from exchange to exchange and is based on customer demand and available space. Sometimes certain styles and sizes become less available at the end of a season. The BX can always check with another store, and if they have what a customer is looking for, can have it sent to the Aviano BX.

Items stocked in the BX are based on the previous year's sales. The selling season in a retail store is not the same as the season-out side. For instance, spring and summer clothes are discontinued the first week of August.

The BX's goal is to offer the goods its customers want to buy. Central to the decision of what merchandise to stock, is the fact that it must find that stock assortment to prove profitable. In general, it is the customers who decide what the BX will and will not stock. If items have to be marked down to sell, then they may be deleted in the future or the order may be cut back. 

Expired Commissary merchandise
I was wondering if anyone was aware that there are a lot of frozen products at the Commissary that have expired?

A: We understand the concern and are aware that some items in the Commissary freezers have past expiration dates. By the U.S. Food Code, there is no expiration for frozen goods. However, since some of the items the Commissary sells are sold in the U.S. as "chilled" items, expirations dates are shown on the packages. When those items are shipped overseas, they are shipped frozen and acquire a one year extended life from the date shown on the box. These items are safe for consumption. 

Library access for minors
Why did the base library increase the age requirement from 12 to 14 years old, for minors being allowed to access the facility without adult supervision?

A: The Base Library is a place where all individuals (young and old) are welcome to visit and find resources to meet their professional, educational and leisure reading, listening and research needs. It is a quiet place that allows for reading, studying, or doing homework away from noises and disruption from outside activities.

The library does have a specific day and time of the week that it offers programs that allow for some activities and noise such as Story Time, which patrons are aware of as it is publicized. This program runs once a week in the mornings for 30 to 45 minutes.

Late in the afternoons, the library has several adults (Airmen, civilians and dependents) who come in to study and do homework before their classes at the Education and Training Center or to work on research papers for other classes. About that same time, school lets out and there is a large amount of children who come in to study, read or do homework. Unfortunately, the library also faced groups of children who used the library solely as a place to socialize. These groups were loud and disruptive to other patrons. The new age requirement was implemented to help alleviate the ongoing problem. 

Base movie theater ticket presale
Can the AAFES movie theater pre-sell tickets? 

A: Customers can purchase advanced tickets from Anthony's Pizza in the food court beginning at 10:30 a.m. Fridays for first-run movies that weekend. 

AAFES customer policy
Why can't non-immediate family members purchase AAFES products? 

A: AAFES is a tax-free business. Only authorized ID cardholders can buy items in the store. AAFES receives no subsidization from congress. This is a world-wide AAFES policy. 

Base Exchange vendor charging in euro
Why do BX vendors charge euro and not U.S. dollars? 

A: According to the AAFES worldwide policy, vendors are required to price their items in the local currency. Customers may pay in U.S. dollars or in the local currency.