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Chapel Information

Our Aviano Chaplain Corp Offices are located on Area F, 3 doors left of the MENSA Italian Cafeteria.

You can reach us, Mon-Fri, 0800-1700, DSN: 632-5211, COMM: +39-0434-30-5211.

For After-Duty Hour Emergencies, reach the Duty Chaplain via the Command Post +39-0434-30-3100.


Find all our most current information and activities at Aviano Chapel:


Helping people is our highest priority.  Every unit at Aviano Air Base has an assigned chaplain who is available to you. As an Active Duty Member or Dependent, you maintain the right of "Privileged Communication" when speaking with a chaplain. This means that any discussions and matters of conscience are 100% confidential and protected by AFI 52-101, 4.1, 16 Apr 2004.


Chapel Times

Unless otherwise noted, all services are held at the Area 1 Chapel (behind AAFES):



Catholic Confession: 4:00-5:15p.m. 

Catholic Mass: 5:30p.m. Chapel, Area 1



Catholic Confession: 8:00-8:45a.m. 

Catholic Mass: 9:00a.m.  Chapel, Area 1

Catholic Religious Education: 10:15-11:30a.m. Chapel Annex, Area 1

Protestant Worship Service: 11:00a.m. Chapel, Area 1

Protestant Religious Education – 11:00a.m. Chapel Annex, Area 1



Catholic Confessions: Monday-Thursday, 11:00-11:15 a.m. or by appointment 

Catholic Mass: Monday-Thursday, 11:30a.m. Chapel, Area 1 


Our Aviano Chaplain Corps offers...

100% confidential counseling for military members & dependents: singles, couples, families, parents and children

Confidential Counseling by Unit Chaplains:

31st FW – Ch.  Amaliri & Ch. Flynn

WSA – Ch. Flynn

31st OG: 31 OSS, 55 FS, 510 FS, 606 ACS, 56 RQS, 57 RQS – Ch. Ansah

31st MXG: 31 MO, 31 MXS, 555 FGF, 510 FGF, 56 RGS, 31 MUNS, 372 TRS Det 24, 724 AMS – Ch. St. Pierre

31st MSG: AFOSI & GSU’s: 31 CES, 31 CS, 31 CONS, 31 FSS, 31 LRS, 31 MSG-Det 1, 31 SFS, 704 MUNS – Ghedi, 731 MUNS – Darby, Poggio Renatico, HAW – Papa AB, 371 EABS – Larissa – Ch. Flynn

31st MDG - Ch Michael Tenorio

Catholic Services / Fellowship Groups:

Knights of Columbus

Baptism Classes

Marriage Preparation

The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA)

Catholic  Women of the Chapel (CWOC)

Theology on Tap

Young Adults

Teen Ministries

Additional Volunteer Opportunities:


Protestant Fellowship Groups:

PWOC (Prot. Women of the Chapel)

PMOC (Prot. Men of the Chapel)

Children's Church

Music Ministries

Additional Volunteer Opportunities, email


Advising Leadership:

The Aviano Chapel Staff is available to assist commanders regarding religious accommodation, spiritual, moral, ethical and morale issues affecting their unit.


CHAPEL OFFICES: Area F, Bldg 1467, Ground floor near the Italian Mensa

DSN: 632-5211

Comm: 0434-30-5211