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Vehicular Concerns

Shuttle Bus Schedule
I waited for an extended period of time for the base shuttle bus. What is the shuttle bus schedule?

Click here to view the Gold and Blue Shuttle Schedule. If riders have
any questions about the shuttle service, they may call the 31st Logistics
Readiness Squadron VOCC at 0434-30-7666 or DSN 632-7666.

Car racing events
I heard about car racing events at Aviano to promote driving safety, is there any possibility that the program will return?

In 2001, a racing club was formed at Aviano to provide a venue where Aviano drivers could safely race their cars. Though the program was developed by the 31sy Fighter Wing chief of safety, it was a private club and not a wing program to promote driving safety. This club used flight line areas to race against the clock vice against each other. The last known race occurred in 2002. Even when executed in the past, there were many safety and liability concerns. Although this club was supported in the past, it will not be reestablished at Aviano.

Amount of gas coupons allotted
Q: I wanted to know the reasoning behind the amount of gas coupons allotted to base members. Each member gets a specific number of liters of gas coupons based on the size of their gas tank. This doesn't take into consideration the distance they have to drive. People who live in Maniago or further get the same amount as someone living in Aviano who has the same size engine even though the distance that they have to drive is much greater. So in reality, people living further away, aren't being offered a reasonable amount of gas because the people who live in Aviano get coupons that well exceed what they need. Meanwhile, those in more remote locations get to drive to work and nothing else. Some people are forced to live in the more remote locations if they accept military housing and are getting punished for doing so. This program really needs to be looked at for fairness across the board.

A: The POL coupon program is established for home to work and back only. The POL regulations are issued and controlled by the Navy for all of Italy. According to NAVSUPPACT INST 10340.1H, basic rations are based on the size of the car engine. Any vehicle with 2,884 cm3 or above is allowed 400 liters of gas a month. The POL ration program is part of a diplomatic agreement; the agreement ensures military readiness by allowing members of U.S./NATO forces to get to work affordably. On a case by case basis, U.S./NATO base commanders or delegated representatives my approve an additional gas or diesel coupon allowance to those individuals from whom the established home-to-work travel monthly ration can be proven to be inadequate. At no time, will the total coupons purchased exceed 400 liters per month. 

Fuel coupon prices
Q: I have a question concerning the fuel coupon prices. Why are we paying higher prices than those in the U.S. and is anything being done to fix this?

A: The fuel coupon program in Italy is controlled and administered by the Navy Exchange for all of Italy. In Italy, the criteria and parameters used to calculate the gas prices are completely different and the stateside price is not considered in any way whatsoever. The factors that are considered in Italy in calculating the gas price are the industrial cost of the fuel minus the discount that the oil company offered at the time the contract was awarded and the euro conversion rate with the dollar at the time that the euro is purchased to pay the oil companies invoices, which are paid every fifteen days. Any profit or loss which is accumulated due to this factor is integrated into the gas price as they evolve. This is due to the fact that the tax-free gas coupons are a non-profit program and we ensure that this is strictly adhered to when calculating the gas prices as we are subject to inspection and verification by the Italian Ministry of Defense and Italian Ministry of Finance. 

50 CC bicycle registration
Can we get 50 CC bikes registered on base? 

A: Italian law states you have to have it licensed downtown. Once it is licensed by the Italians, you then have to get it registered on base. No AFI license is required for a 50 CC bike, Just base registration and official Italian licensing.

Speed bumps on the off-limits road
Q: Can we put speed bumps on the off-limits road between the flightline and Areas 1 and 2?

A: The road is not under our jurisdiction, but part of the community of Aviano. We need to take responsibility for ourselves and others to ensure we are maintaining the standard. If we all drive the speed limit on those roads, things should be fine.

Experienced Motorcycle Riders Course waiver
Q: As an experienced motorcycle rider, I was wondering if it would be possible to get a one-time waiver to ride from my residence to the base in order to take the required Experienced Motorcycle Riders Course, so I wouldn't have to ask a stranger to ride my motorcycle for me? 

A: In order to get the motorcycle endorsement on your AFI license, you are required by Italian law and by the 31st FW motorcycle policy letter to take the Experienced Riders Course and have a mentor ride. Driving the motorcycle from your house to the base without the proper endorsement on your license would be a big problem if you are pulled over by the Carabinieri. To get your motorcycle to the base, you can either trailer it or ask a qualified rider who has the AFI motorcycle endorsement to ride your motorcycle to the base for you. Wing safety can provide a listing of approved motorcyclists.